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Conservative Inc Are Your Enemies

In case you needed a reminder, this came out last night on Breitbart….

Pedro Gonzalez, a rising conservative influencer and politics editor of Chronicles magazine, regularly in 2019 and 2020 sent racist and antisemitic messages, Breitbart News can reveal after reviewing months’ worth of his private messages.

More recently, Gonzalez has become perhaps most well-known as one of the most active and strident pro-Florida Gov. Ron Desantis influencers on Twitter.

“Yeah like not every Jew is problematic, but the sad fact is that most are,” Gonzalez wrote in one group chat in 2019, for instance…..

….“I am at the point where I can respect Jews as individuals and like them as individuals, but as a group I see them as problematic,” Gonzalez said in another….

….“Minorities like me see America for what it is—a country built by whites, that can only survive if whites survive,” Gonzalez wrote in another message. “And it is my job to make whites wake up. Because if they don’t we are all fucked. Especially people like me.”

I follow Pedro on Twitter and his substack, and granted his DeSantis cheerleading and crapping on Trump are kind of tiresome, but Breitbart clearly released this hitpiece to discredit him. The comments on the Breitbart article were, from the few I saw, mostly supportive of him and critical of this kind of crap from Breitbart.

This is classic “punching right” gatekeeping. Trump’s proxies are doing whatever they can to shut down his opposition, even though he is way ahead in all of the polls and more so since the “indictment”. It seems more like Trump and/or his hatchetmen, are seeking to punish Pedro for turning on Trump but in doing so are alienating many of the people they need to show up to vote for Trump. As is always the case with him, Trump is more concerned with his own ego and collecting scalps than he is about winning and governing.

Oh by the way, this is Matthew Boyle of Breitbart who wrote this hit piece.

Nice comb-over you fat faggot. It is definitely fooling the ladies (fellas?).

Notice that this fat balding fuck doesn’t refute anything Pedro said, he simply assets he is “racist” and “antisemitic”, using the anti-White hate group calling itself the “Anti-Defamation League” as his authority, quoting them twice:

“The Anti-Defamation League notes that antisemites will regularly include triple parentheses—called an “echo”—around a Jewish person’s name in communications….

…..Biden, as Breitbart News’ John Nolte reported at the time, referred to Jews as “Shylocks,” something the Anti-Defamation League considers an antisemitic slur.”

When he uses the anti-White ADL as his source, it speaks volumes about Matthew Boyle, more so than Pedro Gonzalez. Gonzalez posted this on twitter last night:

I am glad he is getting a lot of support and doesn’t appear to be backing down or worse, apologizing.

Instead of focusing on the Left, Breitbart chooses to run a piece slandering Pedro Gonzalez by leaking private messages. Even by Normiecon standards that is pretty loathsome and it is another reminder that your “private messages” are not ever really private so don’t say anything to people you don’t know and trust that you don’t want on the internet for all to see. There is no real anonymity on the internet.

Your daily reminder, the gatekeepers of Conservative Inc hate you at least as much as they hate “liberals”. Fuck them, the sooner Conservative Inc and the establishment GOP dies the better.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Not that this is even remotely news, but Breitbart is no longer a worthwhile or trustworthy source. It has been converged, and will only.get more so over time. In the absence of it’s founder, there is no one to maintain his vision, and so it has been whored out. See Project Veritas for more of the same.

    As to the ADL and their “revelation” of the dreaded triple parenthetical treatment; FFS, that was spun up at Chateau Heartiste back about 2016, if not earlier, as the consensus replacement for the previously prevalent jewphemisms of “YKW” (you know who) and “Eskimos” which was also a popular code word for a hot minute. Side note: man, I miss those days. Anyway, that’s some truly timely reporting from the small hat international tribalists (or SHIT, as a convenient acronym). Oy vey, why is there so much hate speech?

  2. saoirse

    Double echo ((((((Breitbart)))))).
    Peedro is somewhat on course but he’ll be kicked to the curb by the jew smegma chewing DeSantisberg campaign – for offending the same criminal scum that Trumpenstein bows down to.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Regarding DeSantis, I kind of thought “Super Jeb” was a perfect nickname for him. Have seen that thrown around online already by a number of people, and it is aptly descriptive of the sort of politician he will be once elevated to the federal level (if he actually gets there).

      Whatever we want to call him, he is not be be trusted. We need a Pinochet, and he definitely ain’t it.

  3. Hiding_Out

    I don’t know anything about this guy, and couldn’t care less. Normie-cons are so cucked on race and the Jews it’s beyond belief. It’s gonna take a lot more reality smacking them in the face to break them out of the programming.

    As for this guy not apologizing; yeah, sure, so far. But note that he refers to “that dumb season of my life” as a way of deflecting. I smell groveling, excuses and apology coming from him when he does “address the smear at length.”

  4. Influence Yourself

    Who are these people?
    Breitbart was over when he shuffled off this mortal coil.
    Only the dullest of the dull don’t know that the Washington General Grand Old Politburo are controlled opposition and Con Inc. grifters will fold on everything first in order to set the example.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

    Vladimir Lenin

  5. pyrrhus

    Every single time….When did Jews get so hypersensitive? When I was a kid, many of my friends were Jewish, and they were the ones telling the Jewish jokes…I was talking to a Jewish guy yesterday who was about my age, and he was baffled by it…We agreed, there were ethnic jokes about every ethnicity, and nobody took it seriously…

  6. Scot Irish

    The ladies would notice the face first. I think…you never can tell.

    Would Pedro be considered “brown” ?
    When loud mouth “kangz and kweens”
    talk about black and brown peoples do they mean brown people like Pedro?

    I’ve never met a hispanic that liked blacks.
    So there’s a disconnect there.

    I think if they are going to keep using “black and brown” they should include the term “blue gums”.

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