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Checking Back In On Our Brave Mortarman

When last we left Jay Kirell he was fantasizing on Twitter about blowing up American civilians: Oathbreaking Psychopath POS. A diligent reader pointed out a now defunct older Twitter account that seems to be the same guy.

He goes by Jason Kirell here but the username is @jaykirell whereas on the new account he goes by Jay Kirell and his user name is @jasonkirell. Both accounts brag about Afghanistan in 2010-2011 so unless this is the greatest cohencidence in human history it is the same guy. The physiognomy checks out.

Weird that his current Twitter account doesn’t mention that he is a flaming liberal and Jewish. I wonder why he left that out?

Anyway, he got all tearful on his Twitter feed because people were reacting poorly to him wanting to blow up women and children…..

What odd things to say. Call me gay, call me a Jew? I am starting to suspect ol’ Jay here went for mortars because of the obvious phallic imagery they invoke….

Jay Kirell went from a ruthless tough guy raining death and destruction to blubbering like a little girl in record time.

Anyway, it isn’t insulting the people that fought in Afghanistan to point out that despite 20 years of trying to pacify the country, we left and as soon as we did the Taliban took back over just like nothing happened. I am sure most of the soldiers who served in Afghanistan did so honorably and nobly, but they were in a situation where they couldn’t win. The same with Vietnam. We might have won individual battles but we were never going to win the war. What is worse is that people like pole smoking Jay don’t understand why we lost.

In World War II, our goal was clear and definable: crush the German and Japanese and force those nation-states to unconditionally surrender. In Germany we did so by invading the country, destroying their ability to make war and then dividing the country into two pieces to be occupied in the West by the U.S. and in the East by the Soviets. In Japan we forced unconditional surrender by nuking two cities and threatening to nuke more. We never needed to land in Japan and fight tooth and nail toward Tokyo, we could simply drop an atom bomb and annihilate the city.

In Afghanistan there wasn’t much resistance to occupying the country. Without an air force or a functional conventional military to fight, we just walked in. The stated reason was to root out Al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden but what we mostly did was play Whack-A-Mole with insurgents for 20 years, long enough for children born in the first years of the occupation to become next generation militants. Along the way we tried to install a government and “reforms”, but I suspect most of that wasn’t something the actual Afghan people even wanted. The problem? No one could articulate what the point was, what our goal was. It was just an open ended occupation draining resources with no end in sight.

You can’t achieve a goal if you don’t know what the goal is.

It is a wonder someone can serve in the military and yet not understand the very basics of warfighting outside of dropping a round into a mortar tube. Then again I am not sure why a guy like Jay Kirell, a homosexual Jew that clearly hates most of the American people, would want to join the military in the first place.


  1. Elvis Hister

    CCP has the recruiting video where they are teaching children mortar firing with fireworks.
    It was featured in a compare and contrast with the Heather has two mommies and rainbow rumprangers of Amerikwa.
    PLA won’t face any real resistance until the Heartland and after they take Taiwan we are next.

    • favill

      Why would the Chicoms expend any of their troops and equipment trying to take over the USA? When all they have to do is spend a few million dollars on politicians, lobbyists and bankers, who will gladly sell-out the country? They’ll agree to buy Chicom made products, fritter away our industrial capacity (what’s left of it), rig our elections on behalf of pro-Chicom politicians, etc–all for billions/trillions less than what it would actually cost China to go to war with the USA.

      • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

        Yep. All without firing a single shot. And maybe 90 percent of people in the FUSA don’t realize we’ve already effectively been taken over.

  2. Milton

    *Footnote* World War II was created by Congress when they declared the reasons for the war. Americans were generally opposed to participation, but once war was declared they volunteered to go win, as soon as possible.

    Every “police effort” since then has been a plot of the stinkin’ United Nations/NATO. Not an American war, but a plot to *help* someone by screwing with someone else. God bless all those who joined and served. God damn all the U.N. communist money grubbing tyrants.


  3. anon

    “Then again I am not sure why a guy like Jay Kirell, a homosexual Jew that clearly hates most of the American people, would want to join the military in the first place.”
    You already stated it. He gets off on blowing up goyim from a relatively safer position. He would love to do so again. None of these jews ever consider themselves a part of the country they reside in, but instead a part of the jewish diaspora (which for some reason they just can’t go to israel but just have to infect other countries decades after it was formed. Weird, ain’t it? Like they are parasites who can’t bear to detach from the host but instead infect its body and mind until they kill it off).

  4. The River Hister

    @ Favill,

    Comrade Chi Haotian laid it all back in 2003-2005 when he asked at a PLA meeting if they would be willing to liquidate millions of Americans and he also spoke of a bioweapon that targeted specific demographics.
    The workers utopia needs land for food and their Trojan Horse is already here thanks to Uniparty quisling traitors who don’t work for us.
    I’m sure you’ve heard of Michael Yon and Matt Bracken if you read pages like this, they are detailing the invasion army that is slowly infiltrating better than any other sources on line.

    • KDOG

      Yon and Bracken are doing Yeomans work. They are bravely reporting what the mainstream media never will. Problem is, most people buy the lies the lamestream media is spouting, and won’t seek alternative sources, or put the puzzle pieces together with logic and critical thinking

  5. joe tentpeg

    ‘Yin and Yang’.

    ‘Hot and Cold’.

    ‘Good and Evil’.

    ‘Homophobe’? ‘Antisemite/Islamophobe’?

    Ever notice how marxists can’t get their ‘dichotomy’ on and say…


    …or ‘Christophobe’?

  6. mike fink

    120MM mortar? That’s a heavy tube. Something that heavy, like the old four deuce used to be a battalion level fire support. Even the 81mm we used to have at company level was heavy. Real infantry mortars are the 60mm that went away for a while after Vietnam and came back as true packable variants. I hope the Rainbow supermen bring a lot of them out to the sticks so the Fuds can start a collection like the Taliban has.
    You gotta ask yourself though, why does he think needing a few dozen rounds of 120mm to engage a lone rifleman is something to brag about? For that matter, why do all the statists talking loudly about insurmountable government firepower think that the team Liberty battle plan is to line up in ranks like it is still 1863? It is almost like they are stupid enough to make the false association between someone suggesting a “new American Revolution” and some kind of implication that tricorn hats and knee breeches are required to participate.

  7. pyrrhus

    Jay forgot the maxim that it’s better to keep your mouth close and be thought perhaps a fool than to open it and remove all doubt….

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