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Can’t Stop The Signal

I love this stuff.

Cody Wilson at Defense Distributed is doing sacred work here. While the ATF is scrambling around trying to enact analog “solutions”, the smart people in the 2A community are creating ways to sidestep their clumsy fumbling.

Milling your own pistol chassis is a lot of work, it is easier to just buy firearms used for cash, but it is still pretty based and you know it pisses off Them.


  1. Olguy teachin

    Gonna have to do a form 4 soon to buy machining. Equipment and show your DL when you buy Metal.

    Ya cant take my Knowledge or my Skills.
    I willingly teach to those I vet and trust.
    No Charge, just as I was taught.


  2. anon

    Printing a glock (and other) frames has been available for years now thanks to 3dp designers like Ivan and Freeman (who did the FMDA frames many designs are built on) for a while. There are a lot more, just two examples. They sometimes talk on twitter (the only use I have for it) but uploads are on odysee (for now).
    Grab a spare flash drive and dump the zips onto it.
    crtl.pew (good info for beginners too)
    awcy? (Try awcy with and without ?)
    Black Lotus Coalition
    A bunch of single designers and remixes (blc has a list to download of a bunch to check out)

    Save everything you can while you can.
    I know the host is a LGS, but it’s very important people can still make things themselves, and a few builds require as little as possible hardware.
    Some of the mega packs are rather large so if you do start downloading and sorting them, have a couple hundred of gigs to do so for all of it.
    Also, the FOSSCAD megapack, that’s old and much of that not printable, but it’s a good historical document for what people tossed around to each other and used to work on and make new designs; obviously some printed parts had to be a lot more chunky to take some forces than metal, even aluminum.

  3. Gryphon

    In occupied Palestine, it is Prohibited for a non-jew to own Machine Tools and Welding Equipment without a ‘permit’. We will eventually see that kind of thing Here, along with the Prohibition on buying “Gun Parts” (even Pins and Springs) without a “Permit”.

    That still does not solve the ‘Problem’ of 400 Million (give or take a Dozen Million) Firearms that are already “behind Blades of Grass”. Bans and ‘permits’ do nothing about this, and even If they are desperate/stupid enough to start Harassing and Arresting Gun Owners that there is a Purchase Record for, that won’t account for Half of what is out there, as well as being the ‘Trigger’ (pun intended) for Kinetic Resistance.

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