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Cyclists, blacks, trannies and fags are all annoying as hell.

The replies to the tweet are as delightful as you would expect. Every now and then Twitter comes through for me.


  1. Readers

    Had a really bad car vs bicycle group recently where I live. We have nice foothills and terrain in our community. The builder kept the natural landscape (far outside the Phoenix metro area). This made for nice offroad biking trails.

    A large group of road bicyclists would ride from Phoenix to our community to have a Tour de France like event EVERY weekend outside of the hot months. Everyone who lives here would be impacted one way or another…either having to wait for their bike group to pass an intersection (one stops in the intersection to hold up traffic) or had a near-miss from idiots on their bikes not following the rules of the road.

    Some laborer ended up plowing into their group that was heading in the same direction. Early morning (5:30am-ish) and the sun was low on the horizon in the drivers face. These assholes take up the full 2 lanes for “their safety” and paid dearly for it. Felt bad for both, but the driver was treated like a monster when he likely wasn’t. He pulled over and rendered first aid and stayed for the EMTs and fuzz to arrive.

    We all knew this would happen some day, the bicyclists treat our community like they own the roads and we vehicular drivers are the assholes. Fuckers think they can just ride and shutdown a community and not have any risk or consequence to their unsafe and illegal behavior.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    I always associated bicyclists with leftists. Same sense of entitlement. Smug as hell, utterly convinced of their own virtue.

    “Kiss my hemp bike-shorted arse, you polluting, deplorable Trump redneck. I’m saving the planet!”

    • mike fink

      Yes, they are another cult. I have a road/tail hybrid bike. ( I Hate! trail riding, the type done on hiking trails where things on wheels do not belong) I will ride my bike on dirt roads and such that are closed to cars or on the road edge where I feel it is safe. It is mostly just a means of alternative cardio for me as my older knees cannot seem to take running anymore. I generally stay out of the road when cars are present and will ride on the sidewalk if necessary. In such cases I give pedestrians the right of way and will get back on the road margin when I feel my safety allows. I also do not wear one of the dork helmets these people wear. Given all of that, cyclists very clearly hate me when we cross paths. They can tell at a glance that I do not wear the uniform or behave in the standard obnoxious manner toward motorists by pretending that I am just another automobile. They usually give me the death glance for having the nerve to undermine their legitimacy in front of the motoring public.
      As a motorist, what I resent about them the most is the hypocrisy. They are all about the rules of the road until they get to a red light, and more often then not they ignore it if they can safely go through. Same thing with stop signs. I have never seen a cyclist stop for a person in a crosswalk, never in 45 years of driving. They don’t even slow down for that. When they want to cut across a roadway on a crosswalk though, they expect you to suddenly treat them like a pedestrian and let them cross. I won’t stop for people like that unless they dismount from the bike They see no contradiction at all in this peculiar and very convenient switching in and out of pedestrian status, which is why they are widely hated.

  3. Oldude

    Stay out of the damn road!

    And if ya need to be in it…..

    2000lbs vs 200lbs.

    The LAW doesnt protect you…
    It only allows for the Persecution of the driver because of your damn arrogance and stupidity.

    Pay GD Attention.
    Yeah i hate modern bicyclists like everything else today …your dumber than a box of rocks.
    And ride as such.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      On the interstate sometimes you’ll see a sign that says Minimum Speed 40. Because it’s unsafe to go slower than that on the freeway. Going 30 mph slower than everyone else is just as unsafe as going 30 mph faster than everyone else.

      Yet evidently some folks would have us believe that it’s safe and normal for bicyclists to be going 15 mph in a 45 zone. The perpetuation of this message takes in stupid people (see below) who get themselves maimed and killed.

    • Some Guy

      It’s a wheeled vehicle that has the same right to non-interstate roads as your SUV and your fat ass does. The law provides the same protections to a cyclist as to a motorist, and requires the same responsibilities, as well.

      I’m also a motorist, and fuel taxes the same as you. I have EVERY right and responsibility on the road as you when I cycle.

      Speaking of responsibilities, in Georgia, cyclists are to keep as close as is safe to the white line. If there is a group of them, they are to make a line along the white line. The packs of spandex-spangled bugmen on bikes taking up the road are a problem for law enforcement. Cops won’t do their jobs, because they: 1 – haven’t been trained on how to write a ticket to someone on a vehicle without a license, and 2 – Don’t know most traffic laws very well themselves, and 3: The bugmen don’t have licenses on them. This is no different than any other traffic enforcement, except that the pigs haven’t figured how to monetize it.

    • SIze 23 Clown Shoes

      Ooh, that’s offensive…the spandex wearing bicyclists absolutely hate pickup trucks that ‘roll coal’ at them, ha ha ha

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Some of this is just about plain old stupidity. Regardless of how you feel about the rules of the road or bike lanes or whatever, or how you feel about “the way things out to be,” it takes a certain degree of stupidity to go ride a bicycle in heavy traffic on a regular basis. expecting that nothing will happen to you, and crying about injustice if and when it does. My mom told me way back when not to play in traffic.

  5. Crazy Earl

    Remember D’Alesandro Pelosi at various commencements calling on the future CPUSA voters to be disruptors?
    Or Marxine Waters telling people to get in the face of those with MAGA gear out in public.
    They fact that they flip out over MAGA tells you everything you need to know.
    Useless idiots think that mommygov will be there for them out on the streets.
    Let them keep this delusion going.

  6. Michael Hunt

    A good cure I found is to get several boxes of the large, round-headed thumbtacks. Lay them out on cardboard on their sides and spray paint them flat black all over. Sprinkled ahead of a swarm of two-wheeled road-hogs spells game over for the day. Nice part is that they aren’t long enough to flatten car tires if you get the ones with shorter barbs. Jes sayin’.

  7. FormerFatman

    Hey lard arses, you could all stand to lose few. Can’t run anymore eh fat bois ? I know, just go to the pool for a few laps. No pool? Too fat to take off your shirts in public? Better not take up bike riding for fitness. One of your commenters here might run you down out of spite. Don’t you DARE slow them down in their cars for a few moments. Because you’ll automatically transform into a fag leftist trannie jogger (hawwwwk-spit) dontcha know? Guess what bigbois – I carry too, and if you try to kill me, make sure you don’t miss.

    • Sand in crack

      Hahaha man I hope you stay around to post more out of that dick hole in your face. When you get it like you want, I hope it’s on video for us all to watch

  8. Bob

    If you spend any time on the water you’ve surely cussed a jet skier. I reckon their bike ridders when not on the water

  9. favill

    Here in Canada (the part that gets heavy snow and really cold temperatures) we have bicyclists who ride even in winter storms (ie. high winds, minimal visibility because snow or sleet is coming down sideways). Early morning (before 7AM) it’s dark (imagine 10PM dark), the weather is the aforementioned “winter storm”…I’m going into work and travelling on an overpass, as the roads were fairly slick (with ice and freshly fallen snow for those who don’t live in wintery climes) and the winds were gusting to 50km/h (~30mph), I spied a movement from the right side just as a huge gust of wind blew a bicyclist down about two car lengths in front of my vehicle. He was lucky that I was only travelling 40km/h (25mph) because of the weather and didn’t have the momentum and speed that would have driven over him had I been travelling the speed limit of 60 km/h (~40 mph). To top it off, he was wearing typical winter clothing (dark ski jacket, dark wind pants, dark touque, he had his hood up which cut down his peripheral vision and probably dampened his hearing)–so he was almost invisible in that weather. After asking him if he was injured (and receiving a negative answer) I yelled at him to get off the road and walk his bike to wherever he was going. I don’t have any sympathy for idiots who ride their bicycle in a winter storm. Normal people would walk, cross-country ski or even snow shoe–but this idiot decided to ride his bicycle.

  10. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    Short length of brake line to direct the stream of pepper spray onto the hot exhaust (not the catalytic converter) as one passes the asshats of the moment… Priceless.

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