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But Muh Med School Die-versity!

The kvetching and hand-wringing is in full swing after the Supreme Court ruled “affirmative action”, aka anti-White racial discrimination, is unconstitutional. In medical schools this means that the SCOTUS is LITERALLY KILLING DEY BLACK BODIES!!!!

The Supreme Court’s affirmative action ruling will have far-reaching consequences for Black [sic] and Latino students hoping to attend medical school and, in turn, only worsen the health disparities among people of color across the country, experts said.

After the high court’s ruling Thursday struck down affirmative action programs at the University of North Carolina and Harvard, many fear that medical and nursing schools and other professional institutions will no longer be able to foster diversity by considering race in their admissions processes. The decision will result in fewer Black [sic] physicians and more racial bias in the medical field, said Dr. Uché Blackstock, a physician who is the founder of Advancing Health Equity.

“Fewer Black [sic] health professionals means less culturally responsive and equitable care for Black patients,” she said. “Also, the lack of Black [sic] representation among Black [sic] health professionals is a problem for younger generations since ‘you can’t be what you can’t see.’”

Blackstock laid it out in stark terms in a string of tweets. “This is about life & death for us. Today, we are only 5% of physicians,” she wrote. “This decision will hasten the deaths of Black [sic] people in this country and we already die prematurely.” emphasis mine

What Dr. Uché Blackstock is coming right out and saying is that White doctors kill black patients because they don’t care about them and apparently are less competent than black physicians when it comes to treating disease and injury in those black patients. Of course all colleges will find ways to work race into the admissions process by using code words in applicant essays about how terrible racism has been in their lives but at least it will be a little more difficult to discriminate against White and Asian applicants.

The usual cucks came out in support of the suggestion that White doctors don’t treat black and brown patients as well as less qualified black doctors like the fag President of the American Medical Association, Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld:

Dr. Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, the president of the American Medical Association, echoed Becerra.

“Diversity is vital to health care, and this court ruling deals a serious blow to our goal of increasing medical career opportunities for historically marginalized and minoritized people,” he said in a statement. “This ruling is bad for health care, bad for medicine, and undermines the health of our nation.”

Dr. Sodomy is a big advocate for trannies in the military and is more concerned with advocating for ghey buttzex and men flapping their genitals at children than he is with being a doctor.

Without a shred of shame, the news story then shares this horrifying proof of racism….

Black [sic] and Latino admittance to medical schools has improved in recent years, with Black [sic][students making up 10% of matriculants in the 2022-23 school years and Latino, Hispanic or Spanish-origin students making up 12% of total matriculants, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Although that is an improvement, Black [sic] and Latino students still represent a small proportion of the overwhelmingly white medical school student bodies.

As of 2019, 54.6% of all medical students in the country’s medical schools were white, and Black [sic] and Latino students accounted for 11.5%, according to the most recent overall data from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Around 54% of medical students are White. That is awful! What does wikipedia have to say about this:

As of 2021, White Americans are the racial majority, with non-Hispanic whites representing 59.3% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising 18.9% of the population, while Black [sic] Americans are the largest racial and the second largest ethnic minority, making up 12.6%.

Whites are 59.3% of the population but are 54.6% of the medical students in America. I am not great at math but I believe that means….Whites are under-represented in the medical schools that we founded and built. It seems that according to Char Adams who wrote this steaming pile of donkey dung it is a sign of racism if Whites are underrepresented in medical schools but not by a margin she considers sufficient.

If Whites are 54.6% of the medical students and black and mestizo are 11.5%, doing a little back of the napkin math here, that leaves almost 34% of medical students as something other than White, black or mestizo. What are the rest of the students? I assume Char got her data from the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) like this chart:

Ah those sneaky little Asian bastards! First Pearl Harbor and now this!

Asians are only about 6% of the U.S. population but are 21.6% of the medical school student population. What I found odd is that Char Adams doesn’t mention this, nor does she mention Asians at all in her little rhetorical tantrum. This is especially odd given that the court case in question, Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard, was brought by a group of Asian students, not Whites. What an odd oversight that she doesn’t mention this nor does she seem concerned that the real reason that blacks and mestizos are underrepresented in medical school is that Asians are so dramatically overrepresented.

Char seems like a super smart chick who “is a reporter for NBC BLK who writes about race” so I am sure that was just an oversight and not an attempt to make this about “White supremacy” when in fact Whites are underrepresented in medical schools already. I suspect that most of the black and brown matriculants to medical school are taking the spot of a White who was rejected, more often than an Asian given that Whites are a much larger percentage of the population but pitting the oppressed minority groups against one another reminds them that they hate each other and Char prefers they all focus on what is truly important: hating on Whites.

Hopefully the percentage of black and brown medical school students will go down but even the White and Asian students that are in school already are being endlessly hammered with woke anti-White bullshit. The message is the same: don’t get sick and if you do, find a White doctor and preferably one that is middle aged.


  1. Filthie

    I just gave it to the Z Man with both barrels, Arthur. This is HUGE. Consider:

    Education is EVERYTHING to chinks and pakies. To blacks…it’s largely a joke and it’s value beyond a status symbol, or virtue signal…is nil. Right now today, the entire might of the oriental/East Indian legal machines are drawing up their lawsuits for September. The white legal machine will also assume an attack posture.

    This is going to carry over everywhere else too. Today the supremes tossed out a lawsuit – a couple queers were suing a web page designer who refused to create a page for their gay wedding. This could literally turn the victim groups on each other as they try to raid each other’s spoils of culture war. Who knows where this could go?

    Take the win Arthur! You earned it! 😊👍

    • Arthur Sido

      It was a rough weeks for “progressives”, in Indiana the Supreme Court of the state overturned a lower court injunction on our abortion ban. Whores in the Hoosier state be very mad.

  2. pyrrhus

    It is big, and Harvard’s attempt to weasel out of it will fail because the Roberts warned in his opinion that attempts to reconstitute the current illegal regime will not be tolerated…

    • Big Ruckus D

      That’s great and all, but are we really going to count on the guy who cemented obammycare as a permanent shitstain on this country to do anything in the face of belligerence towards this ruling? And as for enforcement actions against any university that fails to fall in line, where is that coming from? Pedo joey’s DOJ? Do come on now. As I commented on the post here yesterday, the ruling is a win in principal. Maybe a win in limited ways in practice, as well (to wit; the website designer who was granted relief from a couple of meddlesome and antagonistic faggots).

      But, I’m not going to pop a chubby, break out the champagne and start celebrating over this decision just yet. Leftist are experts at one thing: denying and attempting to remake reality. Let’s see how they twist it yet again to comport with their fucked up beliefs. Because you know they are scheming to do so, even as I type this. And if there is no effective enforcement against ongoing violations, it won’t much matter anyway since the “or else” clause requires backing by force.

      • pyrrhus

        The decision was 6-3, so even without Roberts, there’s a majority…But Roberts wrote a very strong and decisive opinion, so he isn’t going to back up on it…

        • Anon

          He has no principles.
          You should be able to see this after years of him flipping to fuck over people. He couldn’t flip to make it a 5-4 in favor of dems so he poses as a “conservative”. Same shit as “conservatives” in congress.

  3. Mike_C

    I refer you (y’all) to the classic work by Ron Unz about “meritocracy” at Elite Colleges. It ain’t med school, but similar principles apply. Long but damned important reading. Read it.

    TL; DR (my summary)
    Using an objective, standardized test (PSAT) as an estimate of academic merit, non-Jewish whites are under-accepted by about threefold (the student body has only 30-35% of the NJWs that ought to be admitted to elite schools). East Asians are indeed under-admitted, but less so than whites (about 2 to 2.5x under admitted). Blacks and Hispanics are “infinitely over-admitted) because about zero make the grade. Shockingly, Jews are several times OVER-admitted to elite schools.

    Really short summary: whites screwed the hardest, Jews privileged.

    @Filthie: it’s not education per se. It’s a combination of prestige (bragging rights), credentialism, and finally a touch of true education. East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans), South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis; and the Bangladeshis — if anyone gives a crap about them, which no one does) and Jews, all three are all about the Prestige of a Harvard (or to a lesser amount other elite school) degree. Both actual hard work as well as underhanded shenanigans are not infrequently pulled to get into Harvard.

    Jews and SAs fully understand the importance of networking and opening of doors to political and corporate power conferred by an elite degree. East Asians are practically autistic by comparison and don’t understand this in practice (which is weird because China is all about guanxi which is an alternate form of networking through influence and who you know). Jews and EAs often actually care about real knowledge as well, but SAs much less so.

    And if you think Jews are bad, wait until the Indians get real power in the US. For one thing, there’s a lot more of them. East Asians are either culturally or inherently psychologically too different to be the same kind of threat those two groups are.

    • Arthur Sido

      People that think the Ivy League schools are full of elites have never met anyone that went to an Ivy League. The only person from my high school class that went to an Ivy went to Yale and he was above average intelligent but nowhere near the smartest kid in my school. What he was is White, smart enough to score OK on the tests and could play football so he got a “non-athletic” scholarship to play there and did great.

  4. Gryphon

    Let me be Conspiratorial here, and propose that the (((left))) is perfectly happy with this Decision, because it allows them to Increase the Anti-White Hate among the proto-humans. In any event, the leftist-controlled ‘universities’ will certainly just Ignore this, and continue to Discriminate, knowing that any White Victim of their Policies has to be able to ‘sue’ using that Court Decision; No ‘university administrator’ is going to be held in Contempt of Court or Jailed for doing so. And the ‘universities’ have Billions of (((shekels))) to fight any action against them.

    Slightly O.T. but,
    Looks like Extensive, coordinated, “mostly Peaceful Protests” all over France… Where’s Charlie Martel when he is needed?

  5. saoirse

    The jewdicial system – whether it be the Soopremes or the lower court shysters – is not going to save white people or turn ‘muh cuntry’ around! No institution in this country can be trusted.
    Just keep repeating: “We’re on our own and must act accordingly”.
    Spend less time watching and keeping score of this one team game and prepare for hard times!

    • 3g4me

      Solid advice, but few will heed it. They’re too busy counting coup – the courts will save us! No more AA! Meanwhile, official AA quotas have been ‘illegal’ (it is to laugh) for years in CA – how’s that worked out for you? I cannot comprehend people celebrating this official opinion as if it’s actually going to change things in meat space – even people who, when pressed, will admit voting is a charade. They are desperate to believe the system will somehow save them, and self heal. They’re still watching court opinions and discussing the upcoming election. They like to say it doesn’t matter, but to them it still does. They still hope someone else will do the heavy lifting and they won’t have to change their lifestyles at all. Somehow it will all work out. The triumph of hope versus experience.

      Purported dissidents have their own version of cognitive dissonance going on.

      • saoirse

        Correct! Said dissidents will again become indistinguishable from the civnats, normies and cucks. Once challenged, their mettle goes limp, like their rhetoric!

        • Anon

          But it’s hard work, and the game is on, and the beer is still cold.
          Maybe tomorrrrow. Or the day after that. Or years after that. Maybe some voting will fix this so don’t have to leave the couch. You know how comfy that couch is.

  6. pyrrhus

    Grad schools less diverse after the Harvard decision…Oh, the horror of it! Being forced to actually accept smart people, what could be worse?

    • Mike_C

      “Grad schools less diverse”

      Grutter vs Bollinger, IIRC, boiled down to: Schools may not explicitly discriminate by race to favor individual students, but a policy of increasing the diversity (of “lived experience” and thought and perspectives) across the aggregate student body is a laudable and legal goal. Therefore the program or school as a whole can discriminate in favor of Blacks (or Indians or whatever). Functionally this means anti-white (and to a lesser degree anti-Asian) admissions.

      So here’s my question. If they truly want diversity of thought, then why aren’t they recruiting Holocaust deniers? Or Creationists? Heck, for that matter flat Earthers? THAT would increase the actual intellectual diversity.

  7. Anonymous White Male

    I am reminded of Andrew Jackson’s supposed comment: “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it”. Whenever a federal judge makes a decision that seems good for White people, or at least common sense, I wait for the other shoe to drop. Some universities have already made it clear they are going to find work arounds so that they can continue to inflict Shi’tavious and Shaniquia on the nation. The Executive Branch will never enforce doing away with Negroes Are Inferior, I mean, Affirmative Action.

  8. Moe Gibbs

    Timely article, Arthur, as I just returned home two days ago from major surgery for heart valve replacement. My cardiologist, as well as the cardiothoracic surgeon who carved me up and sewed me back together are reassuringly White, male and over 45. As for the nursing and therapy crews, I had a mix of everything from Filipino to Mestizo to White, black and yellow. Mostly female, a few males and at least one obvious trans.

    Although I received such tender, loving care from the overwhelming number of hospital staff that it has actually shaken my beliefs about the universality of certain traits among specific demographic groups (even blacks!) your points are very well taken.

    FWIW, I suffered only two genuinely nasty, unpleasant and indifferent caregivers during my 8 days in the hospital. Both female, both middle-aged, both working the graveyard shift. One White and one black. The black one left me with a nasty purple bruise after a blood draw and, in my opinion, drove the needle in and moved it around more than necessary.

    • Arthur Sido

      There are certainly black individuals that have learned to behave decently and professionally in White settings like hospitals but I suspect many of them are one bad day away from an epic chimp-out.

  9. John Wilder

    In one sense, the AMA does its job very well – for doctors – in limiting the supply of Americans who can become doctors despite there being far more capable people than open slots. Can’t have too many doctors, billing might go down!

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