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Blo Canada…

Thanks to our neighbors in the north being unable to control their wildfires, we are under an air quality alert in Indiana, most of the state in fact. It is no joke. This is the view toward our neighbors pig farm, normally you can see it clearly but at around 1 PM today (6/27/23), there is a haze in the air and being outside even for a few moments is causing major throat irritation.

The picture doesn’t really do it justice but that is not fog in the air, it is a L.A. type smog/fog.

The entire region is under an air quality alert…

It is annoying for me but for old people or those with respiratory problems it can be quite serious. That is what happens when you have wildfires that have burned acreage equivalent to almost half the state of Indiana.

Me being me, the wife and I pondered the likelihood that Trudeau and company would set these intentionally just to use them as a pretext for more regulations and decided the odds were quite good. So we are staying indoors as much as possible, no walking outside today like we planned. Thanks a lot Canucks!


  1. Anonymous White Male

    On another site I saw this:

    “Media blames ‘climate change’ for Canadian wildfires despite arrests of multiple arsonists”.

    Isn’t it amazing how much a religion can do! “Yeah, the McKenzie brothers admitted to starting the wildfires, but it doesn’t exclude climate change as the cause!”

  2. Vegan Meatball

    Politicians love these events. The mediots thrive on events like this, and its very hard not to wonder if its deliberate done.

    We had a very similar series of bushfire events some years back in NSW, Australia. Uncontrollable bushfires in our National Parks caused by complete bans on any controlled burns in our largest National Parks, which caused catastrophic fuel levels to accumulate. Burned from one end of the state to the other. You can still see the fire scars from space today.

    The media bleated constant warmings about air quality for vulnerable people and “Climate Change” for months afterwards. The fires were later all proven to be virtually all deliberately lit. (A few were allegedly from lightning).

    Imagine if you were a young child, who still trusts everything the media and your TV-brain washed boomer grandparents say about climate change and that the media would never lie. Chances are pretty good you’re asthmatic and have allergies. You’d likely remember for life, just how bad this sort of thing got in 2023 and how the “far right extremists” nearly killed you because they didn’t listen to Child-Saint Greta who can see CO2.

    See – climate change is very real.

    When you have smoke like this hanging around for weeks, the people who never leave the city start getting really pissed off about stinging eyes and all the crap they are inhaling. Bring out a few heart wrenching stories of the bravery of “our” female volunteer fire fighters (no shit – that happened, and there were about two chicks who boldly went to the fireground for a few hours with a camera crew – all the rest were men), tragic stories of people losing their houses and a few poor cuddly koalas been given water by “our” brave volunteers. The public start demanding Something Must Be Done !

    Afterwards the wise aboriginal elder consultants came out of the woodwork to teach us “whitefellas” how to look after their land, and do “traditional” burns. For a hefty fee. Which basically amounts to patchworks of slow, controlled burns in winter to reduce fuel loads.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is the beauty of “climate change”, since it is vague and the climate is always changing you can use it for literally anything. Wildfires? Climate change. blacks looting CVS? Climate change. Stubbed your toe? Climate change.

  3. Exile1981

    I cant speak to the quebec fires, but i can speak to the Alberta fires from last month. Work was in the mandatory evac zone, talking to the fire marshall he said 2% of the 116 uncontained fires burning at that time came from lightning the rest were man caused with the majority appearing to be arson.

    The rcmp were given the license plate # of a vehicle caught on security camera. Two guys in that vehicle recorded getting out and pouring a jerry can out then lighting it up before driving off.

    Several others were arrested after being caught starting fires and claiming it was to influence the provincial election.

    • Arthur Sido

      I was guessing that most were arson and politically motivated. Speaking of Canada, one of these days I need to get up there somewhere other than southern Ontario.

  4. saoirse

    Same AQI warning here (distant NW of you) til midnight Thursday.
    Shitlib Canucks can lock down their entire population but can’t control forest fires – bullshit!
    Like you, convinced that these fires were started deliberately (probably by antifag types) to push an agenda.

    • mike

      I’m sure you have seen the satellite video of Central Quebec where 8 or so fires burst out is the deep wilderness at almost the same time in clear weather. According to the Canada drought monitor, the conditions there were only “abnormally dry” at the time. This is a far cry from moderate or severe drought levels and is at best just marginal for wildfires. The same conditions existed over in Southern Nova Scotia where several fires “broke out” at the same time this month. Unlike the Quebec fires, these were closer to settled areas and destroyed a lot of homes. The fires went on for days despite frequent heavy rains. The Drought Monitor has updated the conditions back to normal or almost all of Southern Quebec and Atlantic Canada, which is to say that there is likely wetter than normal in most of the region. My point is that the extraordinarily early and widespread outbreak of wildfires in Eastern Canada took place in conditions that were far below the normal threshold of what would be considered high fire risk.

  5. Lord of the Fleas

    And here’s me in central Alberta, and it’s been clear skies all day (until now with the evening T-storms rolling in). Go figure…

  6. Big Ruckus D

    Quite the noticeable smoky haze (and even smell) here this evening in my Midwestern locale. Quite noticeable around any artificial light source (street lamps, billboards, headlights, etc.)

    It was actually quite discernable during the day, too. Driving a westbound interstate here this afternoon, towards an area that is a natural valley, the haze was reminiscent of the pictures we used to see in grade school (in the 80’s) of smog in LA. Supplied, of course, by proto-climate alarmists. I’ll concede that LA smog back then was legitimately bad and needed to be addressed. But looking back, I can now recognize the early attempts at indoctrination by fear with that, and acid rain also.

    We had this smoky effect a couple of weeks ago too, for a few days. But tonight is distinctly heavier than our last bout of imported Canuck smoke.

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