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Another Fallen Soldier Back From The Dead

Tactical Hermit was nuked recently but is back up and swinging. Update your book marks: The Tactical Hermit

I’m really glad I moved my blog before They got me, if you are still on Blogger or WordPress, be warned.


  1. cause for alarm

    I’m glad tactical hermit is back. Your blog and his are my go to sites besides American partisan. I appreciate what you do .

  2. anon

    Good fellow. Not too many openly pro-White and pro-Southerner so will be a shame when he disappears. Same with others. Just anticipate a wider crackdown as this shit gets worse since you all have heard the DHS and other govt organizations say Whites are the biggest domestic threat. Sometimes, a guy can’t take just sitting around and pops off like the few in the US, and that’s not counting the muslims and others they call Whites (the majority of cases, frankly). Even if they didn’t, some lefty shooting can be used to push gun control like The nonbinary in colorado or even the tranny while they still act as if they are victims. It’s going to get worse and I hope it does to get more people to realize the situation we are in. Either that or the population continues to sleepwalk to being a minority and oppressed and killed like south africa and Rhodesia; it won’t be peaceful with how they inflame nonWhites against Whites.

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