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This Might Be Interesting

We will see if Tucker Carlson’s new gig means him saying things that he has withheld for a long time…

Tucker cucked too often on Fox but now without the mass media censors? We will see. I have some very tepid hope based on things like this:

That is the sort of race-based observation that many of us make. My racial group, Whites, don’t fight like that. Left unsaid but very clearly understood? That is how blacks and mestizos fight. This is not just anecdotal based on the hundreds of videos of blacks jumping solitary people. Steve Sailer looked at this…Is There a Difference in How White Men and Black Men Fight? One stat offered suggest there is.

As you would expect Whites are under-represented in “Multiple-offender incidents” while blacks are over 43% of these incidents, despite being 13% of the population. On the other hand, blacks are overrepresented by only a small percentage in “Single-offender incidents”, and I suspect many of those are domestic violence. In other words, White people are more likely to fight fair, blacks prefer to gang up on people. Nothing shocking there. Even Elon Musk is asking the correct questions…

Now Musk is not /ourguy/ and is into all sorts of weird transhumanism stuff but like Trump is stirs the pot and Jack Dorsey never would have interacted with that sort of statement when he ran Twitter.

So we will see if Tucker lets his inner based personality out but if nothing else it will be entertaining.


  1. Xzebek

    I certainly hope so. If he is actually closer to our camp than the mainstream, we can certainly use his voice. The more people and forums that put out actual, objective truth, the more minds that will hear them and persuade them to act on that truth.
    We will continue to hold the line but we need reinforcements and if Tucker can recruit some I welcome him.

  2. jrg

    Basically, Tucker was just saying white people melees are far and few between. But I think he isn’t really looking along the horizons.

    Tucker apparently is not aware ‘low cost trailer park resident’s’ are an exception to that rule. Man, they know how to party ! Florida Man too is often seen committing some rather extreme Life Choices.

    I do wish him success at his new base of operations. Now that corporate censors are left behind, he can really give the unvarnished truth.

  3. rto-jerry

    Ya, let’s see where this goes with Tucker Carlson. Like y’all not a fan boy of Faux News like majority of Boomer Fudds who shoot at the local range. In the mean time we have us a n-i-g-g-e-r problem that will need to be addressed at some point in time. That fact is not going away.

  4. saoirse

    In order to maintain his angry white Republicunt base Carlson may become a bit more aggressive with his customary targets, but he’ll never name the jew/israel or even the christ-insane zionists!
    Prove me wrong Cucker.

  5. Gryphon

    “..christ-insane zionists!” You got That Right, Saoirse. Those deluded, brainwashed, dead-jew-on-a-stick worshipers are the most Extreme cases of Cognitive Dissonance that one can find- more and more of them seem to be ‘Red-Pilled’, knowing that “Things are really F-d Up” but incapable (and unwilling if pressed) of even Trying to look for a ‘Root Cause’ of the problems that they are confronted by. I think they are “Violet-Pilled” at this point; until that mob of mestizos Attacks them outright, they are functionally unable to comprehend that “White Genocide” is even a Thing.

    I no longer hesitate to ‘name the jew’ when it is Appropriate and Truthful- and it’s the cucked christards who Reeee the loudest. F’n White Men from Europe who ‘worship’ an African ‘god’ are Disgusting. IMO, a fair number of them are going to have to be Expelled along with the rest of the Invaders and (((parasites))) in order to Make Order of the Nation (or some part thereof…)

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