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They Want You And Your Family Dead

Minnesota, land of the brawling Somalis, just passed “sweeping” White people gun control legislation…

The provision is part of a broad public safety budget bill that also contains expanded background checks for gun transfers, with opponents arguing it violates a person’s due process and the Second Amendment of the constitution.
The extension on background check requires background for private transfers, which excludes family and law enforcement, of pistols and “semi-automatic military-style assault weapons.”

Now normal law abiding folks in Minnesota will technically have to get a background check to sell their buddy a pistol. Meanwhile Mohammad will still be able to buy a stolen Glock from JaMarcus out of the trunk of his car, no background check required.

That is all very standard stuff but leave it to Fox News to bury the most outrageous part…

Oh, “an Office of Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls”. Minnesota is around 8% black, almost entirely in the Twin Cities I would assume. There are 5.7 million people in Minnesota, and half of those are women so let’s call it 2.8 million women. That means that there are around 224,000 black women in Minnesota. These black women get a special “Office of Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls” to investigate if one of them turns up dead or missing, at the hands of a black man without doubt. The other 2,576,000 women in Minnesota, White or Asian or mestizo?

Their lives just don’t matter, at least not enough to warrant “an Office of Missing and Murdered Asian Women and Girls” or “an Office of Missing and Murdered Hispanic Women and Girls”. Nope, just black women and girls get that special treatment. It sort of makes sense as black women and girls are usually stuck with the most violent minority group in America, black men and boys, but those black men and boys are happy to spread their violence and mayhem to women and girls of all races without discrimination.

The Minnesota Office of Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls is clear pandering to the vocal and oft violent black community of Minnesota, especially in the city of Mogadishu-On-The-Mississippi aka Minneapolis. It won’t make a dent in the rampant violence in that community as it is entirely self-inflicted and no one is supposed to point that out or even notice. What it does accomplish is to signal once more than black lives are valued above all other races in America, at least for now. It also ought to tell you that the lives of your wife, mom, sister and daughter are meaningless to Them and in fact They would prefer if you would do them the courtesy of just offing yourselves and saving them the trouble.

As I have asked before, since White lives don’t matter to blacks, why should black lives matter to Whites?


  1. pyrrhus

    Minnesota is DOA…not my problem…Wait until all the white people leave, and the Federal money is cut off…Congo in the US…

  2. Scot Irish

    All great points. The reality is they don’t matter. Not even to their own kind.
    This is pushed by White liberals and the Eskimo tribe in the middle east. Well, that’s their home base. Those Eskimos get around you know.

  3. Olguy

    “background check to sell their buddy a pistol. ”

    Hahaha, means NOTHING.

    Giuess they don’t understand, the Doctored Gas Reciept ala pre-digital god age.

  4. mike

    I maintained an arsenal in Massachusetts for 30 years that was illegal according to the unconstitutional whims of the State legislature. I have since relocated to a constitutional carry state. There is no good reason to comply with any of
    these states that ignore the 2nd Amendment and the Supreme Court decisions that uphold it. Keep your weapons at all costs and make that the hill you will not be moved off of.

  5. Anonymous

    So what, exactly, does an “Office of Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls” do? It certainly will not be tasked with identifying who it is that murders them or causes them to go missing. It is not about to try to bring responsible parties to justice, for everyone knows damned well who that means.

    Will they be responsible for updating photos on milk cartons? Issuing “ebony alerts” every time some teenaged baby mama stops coming by for her gibs at the social services office? Returning weaves gathered up after yet another intra-racial brawl at McDonalds or the Waffle House to their rightful owners?

    And riddle me this, Batman – how can a black woman or girl be ‘missing’ if literally no one at all is looking for her?

  6. MN Steel

    This will be hilarious. Now it’ll be all “Marbury v. Madison” from the retard side, and “Kill the Bad Whitey” from the crazy side that doesn’t realize that includes them.

    This is so stupid it won’t last. According to the state’s accountants, Minnesota had a $17 Billion surplus going into this next fiscal year that begins July 1.

    I hope I don’t run put of popcorn as the dollar dies, EBT goes offline, crazy cities burn and retard suburbs take the brunt of the chaos, probably before the fiscal year by The Quickening.

    Yes, The Quickening like in the movie. Everyone not programmed, eating seed-oil and processed shit, and lurking in places like this can feel it.

    There Can Be Only One Race in One Place. It’s getting to be very late in the game and one race has been pushed back into a corner by holding only them to the rules, policed by “their own”…

    Anybody that follows crazy or retarded laws will deserve what they get.

      • MN Steel

        PhD supervisor I worked with took a promotion and moved to Saint Paul from GR. Newly hired PhD supervisor is choosing to work in Saint Paul, coming from Seattle.

        I have no remorse for anything anyone is going to experience, good or bad. I don’t wish them ill, but they chose what they get, as we all have made choices.

        There’s 400K people in Dakota county, and it is a metro county. I’m in the county that is over 11 times bigger than yours, has less than half as many people, and has lines of communication (roads, trails, rail) that are so bottlenecked and limited they can be shut down with small groups if necessary.

        I’d suggest you move, but it’s a bit late for that.

  7. Exile1981

    Canada a few years back had a royal commission to investigate murdered and missing aboriginal women and girls. Millions of dollars later they issued a report that said exactly what we all knew. 10% of them were not missing or murderedjust in hiding from abusive families. 80% of those murdered were killed by native men usually partners or relatives.
    The truth caused suck a hissy fit anong natives that during the next election the liberals promised to redo the report. They won and redid it. The new report says80% victims of racism.

    So a native guy gets liquired up and stabs his partner. Thats racism because its not his fault but the fault of the white mans fire water. Of course if you suggest maybe banning the sale of alcohol to 1st nations that is racism.

  8. Even Meaner

    CPUSA true believers get what they deserve.
    IF and when they look like a WWII German city after a 1000 bomber raid…tough shit.
    Enjoy the Fundamental Transformation, comrades.

  9. rto-jerry

    Marxist snuck that anti 2a bill into a packed omnibus bill after continuous defeats january-april. The blame can be placed at the senate majority republican (previous the midterm communist coup) who were too goddamned gutless to pass strong pro 2A legislation. Time for the TAD Americans to vote with their feet and leave that Marxist shit hole of a state!

  10. Gryphon

    Non-Compliance with non-Constitutional “laws” should be the National Pastime. I think if it were possible to know with any certainty how “Gun laws” like this are actually “complied with”, I suspect that the vast majority of Gun Owners simply Ignore them, as there has been no real effort to preemptively ‘Enforce’ any of them (so far). These ‘laws’ Exist solely to provide “Additional Charges” when people who are Enemies of the State get arrested for something irrelevant.

    Every ‘CW2’ Fantasy Writer has ‘Gun Confiscation’ as a part of the Story; some are quite Entertaining, like Bracken’s ‘Highway Checkpoint’ examples, but the Fact that even simple, non-confrontational methods such as “You cannot renew your “driver’s license” unless you Turn in these Guns that we have ATF Forms for” shows that the commies KNOW that anything like that starts the Boogaloo…

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