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There Is No Justice In America

Stay Awhile and Listen frens.

Once upon a time, a young man named James Fields made a fatal but understandable error. He went to Charlottesville for a political rally, naively believing that as an American citizen he had the right to do so because of the First Amendment guaranteeing “the right of the people peaceably to assemble”. During the political rally, the police and state government allowed “counter-protestors” to attack the Unite The Right demonstrators and the entire event devolved into chaos. This young man attempted to leave the area in his car when he was set upon by anti-White neo-Bolsheviks and in a panic drove into a group of people. A corpulent woman named Heather Heyer was struck by his vehicle and died of her injuries.

James Fields was sentenced to life in prison PLUS 419 years, this is in addition to already being sentenced to life in prison for Federal “hate crimes” charges. He received such a lengthy sentence because his crimes were considered to be politically motivated as well as “hate crimes”. The additional 419 years he was sentenced to break down like this:

On December 11, the jury recommended life in prison for the killing of Heather Heyer along with an additional 419 years for the other crimes committed: 70 years for each of five malicious wounding charges, 20 for each of three malicious wounding charges, and nine years on one charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

70 years each for non-fatal traffic injuries. You can quibble about the life sentence but 70 years times five for “malicious wounding” plus another 20 years each for three other charges of “malicious wounding” and nine years for leaving the scene of an accident? It doesn’t take a legal scholar to see these as politically motivated and intended to be a warning to others.

Today James Fields is a political prisoner in the U.S. penal/gulag system along with Derek Chauvin, Greg and Travis McMichael, William “Roddie” Bryan, the January 6th protestors and so many others. He will never get out of prison, no Republican President would ever commute his sentence unlike a black man named Alton Mills, a crack dealing black man who was released from prison by Barack Obama and has led an exemplary life ever since:

Meanwhile, just last year a liberal guy named Shannon Brandt was harassing an 18 year teen named Cayler Ellingson. Brandt claimed to be scared and drove away, much like James Fields, and while doing so “unintentionally” hit and then ran over Cayler Ellingson, coincidentally the same person he had been arguing with. Brandt claimed that Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist group”. Cayler Ellingson was killed after being struck by Brandt’s vehicle and Brandt was subsequently arrested.

An autopsy report said that Ellingson’s fatal “injuries weren’t caused from being struck by Shannon Brandt’s vehicle and were caused by being run over” once he was on the ground.

Police said that Brandt appeared to be intoxicated when they showed up at his home after the accident.

When sentenced, he could face 10 years in prison. An additional charge of leaving the scene of the accident was also dropped before Brandt was set to be tried on May 30.

“Shannon has never denied responsibility for his part in this tragic accident,” Friese told The Forum. “A plea of guilty permits him to accept responsibility while limiting the stress and emotional toll for all involved.”

Brandt had been initially charged with vehicular homicide but those charges were later downgraded by the prosecutor, and everyone involved from the media to Kara Brinster, the North Dakota State’s Attorney, has decided to make this all go away as much as possible. Jack Posobiec named her on Twitter:

The State’s Attorney and she (?) looks like the photo was taken the morning after a vodka and Twinkies bender. She couldn’t wash or at least comb her hair? We are doomed as a nation when people like Kara Brinster are making charging decisions in political cases. If I were the father of Cayler Ellingson, Shannon Brandt would know that the walls of his prison aren’t keeping him in, they are keeping me out and he would dread the day he was released.

Certainly the circumstances are different but they are also very similar while the response of the state is quite different.

Two men fleeing the scene of a political rally leading to an accident. One person killed in each case. One man get imprisoned for life twice plus 419 years. One will get a maximum sentence of 10 years for manslaughter and likely will serve only a fraction of that time. One man was on the political Right, one on the political Left. James Fields was given more time in prison for “malicious wounding” than Shannon Brandt received for hitting and then running over an 18 year old, murdering him with his vehicle. James Fields was sentenced to 9 years for simply leaving the scene of an accident, Shannon Brandt will get no more than 10 years for running over and murdering a teen.

The difference is political. They want to see people like you and like me silenced so they throw everything at any person that crosses Them. But run down a kid because you thought he was a Republican? They will try to quietly let that person off with minimal or no jail time.

The United States is governed by an illegitimate, banana republic regime that will bend and break every rule of jurisprudence to enact their will on us. You cannot expect fair treatment under the law, and even if your local authorities are still OK, the state or Federal government will still swoop in with “hate crimes” or overturning a local prosecutor’s decision to not charge you.

If you allow yourself to be arrested, there is a good chance that you will be imprisoned for life on bullshit charges. We do not enjoy anything approaching equal protection under the law, not anymore. Sear that into your mind, make peace with it. I am afraid it will be more than just a theoretical conversation for many of us very soon.


  1. Don Curton

    And that’s why we avoid crowds, stay out of cities, and never ever intervene except for immediate family. I’ll go to jail for protecting my family, a complete stranger not so much.

    And last but not least, after the first one the rest are free. In for a penny, in for a pound. Once it goes down, make it worthwhile.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is a good point, if I was going to ram into a crowd to kill commies I would keep running over people until the car stopped or the cops stopped me.

  2. Locustpost

    Never volunteer by intervening. And after the first one, all the rest are free per the advice in the comment above which is correct should you end up in the persecution system.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    My big takeaway here, besides what everyone else has posted, is stay the hell away from political rallies. For that matter, I tend to stay away from crowds in general. Of any kind.

    • BOOMER downer

      Wait till it’s you protecting your family and home ! They will give you life for dropping 3 dudes in the hallway becuse you are on the wrong side of the thinking.

  4. saoirse

    Actively protesting for or against any of the issues discussed on this forum is futile! Charlottesville was set up to fail and did – a king-sized honeypot rife with poseurs and fedrats.
    Only time will tell if an American version of the Freikorps emerges once the bread and circuses dry up.

  5. Fundamental Transformation

    It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Heads Up for 1619 riots all summer.
    Bust out the Don Maclean-American Pie for the fall.

  6. Jon

    The press isn’t helping:
    The headline implies he was an innocent, but the body of the story includes
    In May 2022, Atlanta Police shot and killed 22-year-old Nygil Cullins at the Buckhead Restaurant.

    Investigators said Cullins was a former employee and shot a security guard; that’s when an APD officer shot and killed Cullins near the front of the restaurant.

    It is beyond absurd that the media perpetuates this sort of narrative.

  7. riverrider

    its worse than that. fields’ car didn’t even hit the “woman”. she was hit by a minivan she was blocking two cars down the line from the one fields hit. she was hit in the thigh from the side, indirectly, completely survivable injury. actual cause of death was a heart attack, brought on by obesity and years of drugs,alcohol and heavy smoking. the state police sold their souls to the devil that day.

  8. Gryphon

    Charlottesville was an obvious ‘entrapment’ scheme from the start – just like the January 6 nonsense at the Capitol. The Intent was/is to Prevent ‘les Deplorables’ from Protesting, or Interfering with ‘approved’ commie/leftist Events like the BLM/pantifa actions that are Allowed to become Violent. It is Obvious now that “Law Enforcement” and the “Courts” are nothing but Traitors to the Republic, Enemies of the People. The Nation is under control of Occupation Forces that are trying to Destroy it by usurping the Institutions that once were controlled by the People.

    I used to laugh at the “neo-nah-zees” who coined the term “Zionist Occupation Government”, but now I’m like, “Prove Me Wrong” on that subject.

  9. Big Ruckus D

    Political rallies and protests have been ineffectual jerkoff jobs since at least post-Vietnam. I wasn’t alive at the time, but with hindsight and context that only comes with the passage of time, I’m not convinced those protests even did much to bring about the end of the Vietnam military operation. It seems that public opinion was already heavily souring on it, irrespective of large scale protests. And pinko cronkite helped push it over the edge from there as the good little statist cocksucker that he was.

    Certainly every “movement” we’ve seen since then has been either straight up ineffective or has been coopted (occupy wall street and the tea party as two glaring examples) and turned into a joke. Point being that there is no longer any point to peaceful protest; it will be suppressed by media and marginalized if it dares to go against narrative. Such efforts will be infiltrated/converged in any case by govt stooges and spooks.

    The reason I bring all that up is that I saw Charlottesville in advance for what it was (it was fairly obvious, at least to me at the time, and I know others who were of similar outlook on the matter) so anyone who went was naive not to consider that. Yes, my paranoia pays off sometimes. It really sucks that it was a trap, and I genuinely feel bad for people like Fields, as he absolutely got railroaded, but at the same time, most people should’ve had the presence of mind not to go near it. Instead, they walked right into a setup fully sponsored and executed by the very govt they are protesting against. Huge surprise, that.

    Naturally, that doesn’t excuse the political persecution of people like Fields, Rittenhouse, or the J6 people who are now sitting and rotting in prison, but I’m saying it was avoidable by simply not attending these events that were certain to be exploited for maximum negative consequence to the good guys.

    Now, post J6, damn near everyone knows the lay of the land, and further performances of own-goalism have been studiously avoided. It is regrettable that some were led to be sacrificed by their political naivete, but there are always those who become burnt offerings of the state in the early stages of a revolution. Fields, et al, are precisely such individuals, and will ultimately be seen as such when viewed from a historical context.

    Again, that doesn’t make what was done to them any less evil and offensive, nor is it any consolation to them in their present suffering. But consider how many now nameless souls were lost to history during the Russian Revolution. Mass graves full of innocents who found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time were filled up by the tyrants of that scourge, and so many others in just the 20th century alone, that it boggles the mind to consider. It is truly sickening to contemplate the suffering inflicted.

    True justice now would dictate Fields gets forcibly sprung from custody by an armed mob, and subsequently everyone involved in puting him in prison – judges, persecutors (certainly not prosecutors, as they cannot any longer legitimately claim that title) jurors, cops, witnesses testifying against him, and any other govt employees involved in furthering the case against him or carrying out the sentence, should be publicly executed after the same standard of fairness and propriety is applied to trying them all for comitting a miscarraige of justice. Doubtful that will ever happen, but it should.

    Since we will never again see a legitimate president – or government in general – under the present set circumstances, I see no near term hope of a pardon or commutation of sentence until at least after this corrupted shit show crashes and burns. What becomes of those like Fields incarcerated during such a disordered interregnum is anyone’s guess. If he makes it through that, maybe he can see the outside again, assuming some sane and fucntional civilization springs up post collapse, and has a mind to correct such administrative abortions of reason comitted under the prior regime. Sadly, that too seems such a stretch as to not be worth considering at present. In the meantime, the clock goes on ticking and the guillotines work up a powerful appetite.

  10. rto-jerry

    Marine Daniel Penny is the next to get served up to the communist gulag. Race hating Bragg will see to that. There is zero justice in the USSA. The good news in all this, is all these liberal whites will get skinned alive by the savages they currently protect and run cover for when the pot boils over.

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