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The Ultimate Oxymoron

Washburn High School in Minneapolis, aka Mogadishu-On-The-Mississippi, decided to hold a student event and they got exactly what they advertised…

“Somali culture”? This is what “Somali culture” looks like….

One yoof was arrested for stabbing another yoof while a different yoof was arrested on a gun charge, after lighting one off in celebration of Somali culture. Never fear devotees of vibrant Somali culture, the principal of Washburn High, “Dr.” Emily Lilja Palmer, pledges that they will hold the Somali culture event next year….

I am so sorry that our beautiful Somali Culture Night performances were disrupted by violence last night (5-25-23)…..And yes, we will have a Somali Culture Night performance again next year. Our students put on a wonderful show last night, and while in the future we may have to better control who comes in, we will continue to share our students’ talents in every way we can.

No one died so it was a success! Washburn High is around half White and 20% black plus 14% mestizo. It sounds like racial tensions are already running high based on this whiny nonsense also on the school webpage: Washburn Demands Justice – A Statement from WHS Student Council, complete with this bullshit:

As usual, it is safe to assume that these students have no clue that most blacks are killed by other blacks and 90% of interracial violence is black on White. I am sure future events will feature even more gunfire and stabbings as the White families quietly move to the suburbs.


  1. AZFloyd

    Speaking of Black Lives Matter, I wish there had been a betting pool over the final body count in Chicago. They still have 1/2 a day, give or take, left.

      • George True

        You know it, Jeffrey. Every day is now Somali culture day in Mogadishu-St Paul.

        And the Somali cop that gunned down Justine Damond in cold blood a few years back? Guess what? He’s already been released ! A White cop would be doing life without parole. Derek Chauvin, anyone?

  2. Fundamental Transformation

    How about some necklacing in the spirit of egalitarian equity.
    Tires are a construct of the white male patriarchy. (honk!)

  3. rto-jerry

    Give white liberals enough rope and they will hang themselves in stupidity each and every time. They will get what they got coming to them for allowing feral savages into their AO.

    • Scot Irish

      This scenario played out during the George Floyd celebrations somewhat.

      Unfortunately, those white liberal enclaves of the big blue city have expensive property that excludes lower income people. Most have created their own little utopia right next to the ghetto. They’ve created their own little city with a well staffed and funded police department. Strange with all BLM signs everywhere.
      It’s the police department that keep the orcs at bay. Until it doesn’t.

  4. Gryphon

    It’s hard to Imagine what will happen when (not if) the ‘government’ becomes Unable to Protect the Animals by Persecuting normal People – and I don’t mean that in a “Racist” context- all the Black Folks I know are Armed to the Teeth, and can’t stand the niggas/hoodrats/mestizos.

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