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The Reparations Scheme

“Reparations”* are in the news on a regular basis all of a sudden, mostly due to California entertaining the idea as if it is a serious proposal (*assume scare quotes around all future uses of the term reparations). To show how serious they are, California assembled some of the least serious people they could find to “study” the notion, and I am sure they seriously considered the issue.

(“Revered Dr.” Amos) Brown said the reluctance around reparations for slavery “is about being mean to Black people.”

“Those who say, ‘Oh, no, It’s too much. You don’t deserve.’ They are not showing that they have a heart,” he said. “They are hard-hearted.”

Yes, “Dr.” Brown. The only reason to oppose the paying of millions in reparations to people that were never enslaved, paid for by people that never owned slaves and 99.9% of whom have never done anything wrong to black folks is that we just get off on “being mean” to black people. Not that it is deeply immoral and downright silly.

I went down a bit of a rabbit-hole with “pastor” Amos Brown. The “Reverend” Brown, who is described on the history portion of the website of Third Baptist Church of San Francisco, the “church” that he “pastors” as a “civil rights servant and NAACP San Francisco Chapter President….

…but makes no mention of the Gospel. In fact in his almost 1,800 biography on the website, the word Gospel never appears. The only three uses of the word “Christ” are once in relation to a denominational name and twice in reference to Christian education. The name of Jesus appears zero times but the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. appears a bunch of times. Jesse Jackson is even mention three times but Jesus? Ain’t nobody got time for Jesus at Third Baptist Church of San Francisco. Dey too busy blaming Whitey for sucking at life. On the page introducing Amos Brown he describes himself like this:

A legend in his own time? Trump ain’t got nothing on “Reverend Dr.” Amos Brown when it comes to self-promotion. What a narcissistic boob. Another nearly 500 words of biography and still no mention of Jesus. It simply reinforces what I have believed about most black clergy, at least the urban kind: they are not Christian ministers in any sense and most seem to be theologically illiterate. They are just carnival barker race-hustlers who gravitated to ministry because it gave them a steady paycheck and adoring audience. To be fair, that is true other than the race-hustler part when it comes to many White clergy, more on that in a future post.

The idea of paying black people millions of dollars when virtually all of their “oppressors” in the White community will never see that kind of money is ridiculous on so many levels and it is wildly unpopular among the people who will have to pay for it, Whites, Asian and mestizos alike. So what is the point?

It is a scheme, not one cooked up by dimwits like “Reverend” Amos Brown of course. That guy is dumb as hell even by the rock bottom low standards of black clergy. No, someone pulling his strings and whispering in his ear is giving him these talking points that he then Negrofies to appeal to his congregation and the guilty Whites that take him seriously.

The hustle is in two parts.

First, They make a ridiculous demand (and of course all demands for reparations are inherently ridiculous) of millions of dollars, knowing full well that they won’t get that but the response to that demand is critical. Instead of saying…

“Fuck you, no. You don’t get anything. In fact you owe White people for pissing away all the money we have spent trying to civilize you but we will settle for you shutting up”

…the normiecons will stammer about the amount instead of being firm on the principle.

“Five million dollars?! It is just crazy to ask for that much!”

In doing so they will have surrendered the moral high ground by tacitly agreeing to the principle that reparations are moral, just not so much. Amos Brown’s puppet-masters have already built this in, he is quoted in the article as saying…

“They ought to say, ‘this is what we can afford,’” Brown said. “And if we can’t pay it now, we do like the Germans did – pay for it over installments.”

You see how that works, you make a ridiculous demand and then start negotiating your way down. Compared to five million per person, five hundred grand seems like a bargain once you surrender to the idea of paying them in the first place.

The second half of the hustle will be to endlessly remind blacks that they should have and would have gotten five million or whatever crazy number they throw out there but evil Whitey wouldn’t give it to them. That way even if they get $500,000 they will still be resentful and believe dey be owed mo’ gibs.

The reparations conversation isn’t about fixing an “injustice” or making things equitable, it is about stoking endless racial resentment to ensure blacks keep voting for Democrats and hating Whites. Once blacks start getting these payments, the demand for them will never end and the target will keep moving just out of reach. It will work because blacks are too dumb as a whole to understand that they are being snookered (plus they get free money for gold teef and dope rims) and Whites as a whole are too cowardly to tell them to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up and be happy they aren’t living in a hut made of elephant shit in Africa.

Reparations are almost certainly going to be a national issue in the next five years and at some point they will happen. How much won’t really matter, it is all fake money anyway and no matter how much money you give them, blacks will still be blacks. But maybe it will help some Whites on the red-pill journey to race consciousness.


  1. Don W Curton

    I’m still waiting for one adult leader to stand up and state common sense to whatever the issue of the day happens to be.

    Gender? Only two, science dictates either an XX or an XY chromosome pairing outside of obvious birth defects.

    Reparations? Fuck you, we owe you nothing.

    Border Security? We should pull all US troops stationed anywhere outside the USA back and station on the border, with lots of ammo and a free-fire terms of engagement.

    Family friendly drag shows? Only if they end in a woodchipper.

    And so on and so on. Ain’t gonna happen, but if it did the fall-out would be epic.

    • Steve

      “Border Security? We should pull all US troops stationed anywhere outside the USA back and station on the border, with lots of ammo and a free-fire terms of engagement.”

      And a bounty. Make borders great again.

      And for got-aways, we build massive trebuchets and create a new type of trap and skeet. “Pull!”

  2. Anonymous

    Minor quibble: reparations have been happening. For decades. SNAP, WIC, EBT, AFDC, United Way, massive set-asides, affirmative action gibsmedats – something for nothing is reparations, when 90% of beneficiaries are black. Get Out of Jail Free is reparations. Guilting YT into downplaying and refusing to address out-of-control black misanthropic behavior is reparations.

    And finally, the soft bigotry of low-to-non-existent expectations is implicit reparations.

    The first time a black ‘student’ got pushed along in the skoo’-to-prison pipeline rather than left back after failing to master even a modicum of the current term’s lessons, it became clear that it is more important to appease the perennially volatile and violent parent(s) than to adequately prepare the little sprog for life outside the Big House. Here’s your meaningless, unearned diploma, Shit’avious. Now go rob a convenience store and realize your destiny.

  3. pyrrhus

    The real motivation may be to get whites to leave California…They certainly won’t pay..The mestizos aren’t going to pay regardless, so they won’t leave, and may theoretically get some of the non-existent cash, by claiming slave ancestors…Win/win for the red states

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Anybody asks me, I say a billion in cash per negro, lump sum, immediately. Call them racist if they differ. When they say “I’m not racist” double down RACIST

    This is an especially fun game to play with shitlibs. I know, owning the libs is about all I’m good for. But one has to entertain oneself somehow during the decline and fall.

  5. Xzebek

    Reparations are just the latest nigger grift. The chimps can’t really support themselves except through crime or athletics and they certainly don’t contribute to the development of civilization. Just look at the thriving villages in Wakanda, I mean Africa. A hand out is the only way to keep up with whitey.

  6. Dr. Hollowpoint

    Rather than cash, just give them California, but first they have to remove all the Mestizo. And all the Chosen from LA. Then it’s all theirs.

  7. The Great Society

    EBT, Section 8, WIC, Affirmative Action, Black Liberation Movement rebranded.
    Local city and county gibs in every Blue Hive, church charities with everything from clothes to food and even walking around money.
    Dank meme spotted-shows who really runs BLM, a Berg that was pardoned by Slick Willie.

  8. Big Ruckus D

    These uppity ass bitch niggas need to pipe down yesterday. Once we back out the cumulative value of all the gibmedats since LBJ, they owe us. Now let’s add all the bicycles stolen out of white people’s yards and garages back to, oh say at least 1950. Then add all the motor vehicles they’ve stolen from whitey (and usually wrecked). Add all the home burglaries, business burglaries, vandalism of property both public and private. Add the total imputed property value losses (on both residential and commerical/industrial) suffered by whites who were driven by their homes and businesses by the black plague running their neighborhoods and even entire cities. Detroit alone counts for many hundreds of billions in such losses. Charge interest on all of it, too.

    Then go on and factor in all the assaults, rapes, murders, vehicular homicides due to their irresponsible ghetto driving (running reds and stop signs at high speed, especially when evading da po-leece in a chase that results in innocent bystanders getting injured or killed), and all the other destructive and ignorant nigga shit they’ve pulled since their true nature was unleashed upon this country like a plague. Oh, and rap music too. They owe us big time for assaulting our ears with that shit since circa 1980. Of course, that latter point is as much an issue to be taken up with the juice, since they were the ones behind the push to make it mainstream.

    Hell, we may as well make them slaves again to the 10th generation out from today, as that’s the only way they’ll ever pay down what they’ve cost us.

    Bottom line: fuckem’ all with a rusty cotton gin.

  9. Anonymous White Male

    Actually, it’s only partially about the nigs. It’s really about debt. Borrowing more money into circulation. A never ending treadmill….or so they hope. The problem is that there will come a time when it’s impossible to accumulate more debt and that’s when the fun will begin. It is obvious that we can only shoot our way out of this, and when there is no one around us left to protect us, we will be responsible for protecting ourselves. Looking forward to it.

  10. No Name

    Instead of reparations, how about they can sell whatever they got, keep that money tax free and the government give them a free plane ticket to any country in Africa? And they renounce US citizenship ’cause America was bad to them? And they don’t come back at all – legally or illegally….

  11. Randolph Scott

    This is what we tell them, ‘ Not no but FUCK NO, and you Mister Bullshit Minister, fuck you.. fuck you right square in the ass, right square in the ASS you lying thieving grifting son of a bitch!’

  12. Tractorguy

    “Just look at the thriving villages in Wakanda, I mean Africa.” Or Haiti, Detroit, Baltimore, Camden, Atlanta, Selma, Flint…….. the list is endless. As Fred Reed said, they are a failed race incapable of self-government.

  13. Gryphon

    I’ll say it again, If I’m Paying for Slaves, them darkies better be at Work in the Fields at Dawn. When my Horse takes a Dump, I don’t want that Turd sitting there long enough to collect Flies before Trayvon has it shoveled into the Wheelbarrow. How hard can that Be?

  14. Leo

    Niggers. They never fail to amaze at how retarded, narcissistic, and annoying they can be.

    Go on there, lil’ Amos. Get on outta here and go be a nigger someplace else. Like Antarctica.

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