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That Is Why Dimon Plays The Game

To piggyback on my prior post Wait, Who Are The Fascists Again?

Just like 2008, Chase as a favored institution gets a sweetheart deal that makes them bigger and more profitable while the taxpayers get screwed. That is why Jamie Dimon plays along with the cultural issues, not because he believes them but because he knows it gets his bank in a favorable position.

Meanwhile Chase is acting like a secret police force to punish WrongThink.

Nineteen Republican attorneys general are putting JPMorgan Chase & Co. (Chase) on notice after the bank allegedly discriminated against customers with certain religious beliefs or political affiliations.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron of Kentucky led a coalition of 19 Republican states in a letter Tuesday to Chase CEO Jamie Dimon claiming that Chase has “persistently discriminated against certain customers due to their religious or political affiliation.”

As you might guess, the customers being discriminated against are conservatives. That is a pretty convenient way to punish political dissident while ignoring that pesky First Amendment: weaponize “private” companies to do your dirty work and reward them with sweet deals for doing so.

Then just to complete the circle, lots of Congresscritters got some insider knowledge got out of First Republic shares and into J.P. Morgan shares before the shit hit the fan…

…including Lois Frankel, pictured above. Oy vey, I will save you looking her up on Wikipedia.

Multiple lawmakers sold their shares in First Republic Bank in the weeks before the firm collapsed and was sold to JPMorgan Chase by financial regulators.

First Republic Bank imploded on Monday, weeks after Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank similarly collapsed, as account holders with balances above the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation threshold rushed to withdraw their funds. Periodic transaction disclosure forms reveal that multiple lawmakers jettisoned their shares in First Republic Bank or acquired shares in JPMorgan Chase over the past two months, a phenomenon which follows accusations that some lawmakers routinely buy stocks at opportune times and cut losses by selling shares.

The lawmakers who sold shares of First Republic Bank indeed avoided heavy losses: the firm’s stock fell from $121.54 at the beginning of the year to $3.51 at the time of the collapse.

They are part of a small club and you ain’t in it.


  1. Raining On My Leg

    One of the doomporn pages says it is already bigger than 2008 and it isn’t over.
    The repeal of Glass-Stegall and no consequences for 2008 is why we are here.
    When Brandon comes out and says we can haez safe financial system then you know the opposite is true.

    • Steve

      Glass-Steagall had been more or less irrelevant at best for decades before it was repealed in the Clinton era. Instead of underwriting new securities offerings for their customers, even giving their depositors first shot at the preferred stock, they now just shifted those things to an associated, but not affiliated partner. Or more often, encourage their customers to instead take out loans against their hard assets in lieu of issuing stock or bond offerings. This Glass-Steagall bug/feature is what made the corporate raids and LBOs in the ’80s even possible. Instead of scraping up cold cash to buy up hard assets, the raiders were only buying cash and fractionalized debt. And nothing could be easier — you just use the cash you just bought to pay off the cash you borrowed to buy it.

      If you doubt, look at who the big lobbying names were when they attempted to reinstate it in 2008-9. They wanted a return to the good old days when they could steal everything that wasn’t nailed down.

      • Steve

        I should add, the only reason anyone knows about the repeal is that it came through the Gingrich congress. If Gingrich had been Democrat, (like both Glass and Steagall were) not only would you probably have never heard of it, the whipping boy for the cause of 2008-9 would just have been some other arbitrary the Republicans passed in Bush’s first term. But because of media’s Sturm und Drang trying to steal the 2000 election, everyone remembers the repeal as something corrupt.

  2. anon

    Assuming he didn’t just steal the surname like a lot of Fellow Whites’ name changes, he stinks of shabbos goy, a willing pawn enjoying the wealth and favors that go along with betraying Whites, and sold his soul long ago.
    Such people should be treated the same as those they serve.
    (I haven’t dug in depth other than checking surname origin, but he’s already shown his worth through his actions).

  3. saoirse

    “Jews are a global problem for which there is a subterranean solution.”
    Alex Linder

    Same goes for all the shabbos goys and shiksa cunts that enable them!

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