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Speaking Of Our Greatest Ally

The Idiot Party is being idiotic again.

Just imagine if we had a political party that cared about White people, the only group that actually votes them into office, the way they care about a foreign nation that we already send billions to every year and get nothing in return except dead and maimed U.S. soldiers.

The bill won’t become law in all likelihood but it isn’t intended to. It is just signaling to Jewish lobbying groups that the GOP is still bending the knee to Israel and Jews in general while those same Jews vote for and fund the campaigns of Democrats.


  1. Code Rising

    The indispensable ones weren’t kidding about leaving countries they really hate as hollowed out welfare colonies.

  2. Oldude

    The Israelis are a bunch of gd mooches!
    They can make there own crap.
    They are so proud of there damn car box they built

  3. Gryphon

    It has long been common knowledge in “the Swamp” that No One, Nobody, from either ‘party’ can be (s)Elected for Con-gress without first Kissing the Wall of the Temple and Swearing Fealty to the (((tribe))).
    And it appears to be True…

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