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Settle Down Champ, You Ain’t Punishing Anyone

Sometimes mundane stuff just sets me the fuck off.

Driving into Fort Wayne the other day, I came up next to some awful SUV or crossover type car. The back window had a bunch of decals, Vortex optics, etc but also a Punisher skull. 100% of the time the Punisher skull decal is cringe, you can’t even have one if you are being ironic.

Anyway, I pulled up next to the car and the guy driving was probably middle 30s and had a huge fucking gut that was resting on the steering wheel. He looked like he might have been a big guy when he was young but now he is a tub of lard. Hey sparky, you aren’t a dangerous operator if you can’t walk 100 yards without being out of breath.

The guy wasn’t that old but he is looking at a miserable existence in the very near future, unable to do anything and in no condition to survive if shit goes tits up. He is just one of millions of younger White guys who are disgusting fat asses. Ingesting enormous amounts of simple carbs and sugars with no exercise, doing some meaningless sedentary job while chugging Mountain Dew.

I see lots of overweight people at the gym and I don’t judge them because at least they are trying but being fat and weak is a choice.

Going to the gym is hard, it takes time that you could be doing something else. I get that. I went this morning and would rather have been at home but I would much rather be at home later having worked out, getting stronger and leaner. Sure I have plenty of work to do but I am putting in the work. That fat fuck I saw last week, like thousands of other fat fucks I passed last week, probably isn’t putting in the work and Punisher decal notwithstanding he is asking to be a victim, him and his family.

Rant almost over. Spend less time getting Gucci gear and convincing yourself you are a badass and put in the goddamn work.


  1. War is the Answer

    Local donut molesters fly the Punisher flag and have the matching butt plug.
    These boat anchors might have something useful in the pockets or some shoes that might fit when the brown stuff hits.
    After a few minutes of no sailfawn (cellphone) they will be crushed and demoralized, out of the game.
    Go down I-69 and see the particle board section 8 apartments springing up like mushrooms.
    Sadly E. Lilly Holcomb has the gates wide open for the invasion.

  2. Get Some Go Again

    I made a meme of the title!
    Having fun taunting some donut molester cocksucker who has been running off at the mouth for a year while flying the comics are for children Punisher flag.
    Fear no minion maggots of the illegitimate state.

  3. Xzebek

    Strong people are harder to kill than weak people. And more useful in general.
    -Mark Rippetoe.
    This is definitely true. Keep lean, keep strong and your odds of surviving increase by orders of magnitude.

  4. Tom from East Tennessee

    A slightly gentle way of making your point…

    The Max Velocity Tactical functional fitness assessment. A few years ago MVT put this out as a minimum fitness test you could do to make sure you were at least minimally physically ready for some tactical training. It amounts to simulating one or two hundred yards worth of diving to prone cover, getting up and dashing a few steps to the next bit of cover, keep repeating. (While weighted with whatever your tactical gear is, at least 15# of stuff). It’s pretty easy for a young fit person, but harder for an old approaching-retirement-age guy even if he is conditioned, and it’s just plain bad for a sedentary guy not in shape or even a little bit of condition.

    Give it a try… a few years ago I was in running shape but that’s all I did, and this test humbled me enough to add some strength exercises to the mix. Cardio is good but you need strength and endurance, too.

    • Arthur Sido

      I need serious work on cardio stuff, lots of weight lifting not so much with the running. I can walk at a brisk pace for miles but sprinting is a weakness.

  5. pyrrhus

    Exercise works at any age, especially intense work (not the frigging stairmaster)..and knock off most of the carbs…

  6. Gryphon

    Ha. Ha. a “Punisher” decal on a car driven by the Pillsbury Doughboy… You are spot-on with that observation, I see it every Day; people in their 20’s and 30’s that “Morbidly Obese” would be a Compliment about their Looks. There is going to be a Vast Die-Off of these Unfit
    creatures soon after the Lights go out.

    Most “Food” that is cheap an easily available is quite simply Toxic, in terms of what it does to your Body. This is Intentional on the part of the ‘Agricultural-Industrial Complex’. People who are ‘concerned about’ “GMO” products very seldom know that the “Genetic Modification” doesn’t really Alter the ‘Food’, what it does is Configure the Plants to withstand Very High Concentrations of Dangerously Toxic Herbicides – “Agent Orange” in effect. I see this in my area all the Time at the ‘commercial’ Farms. One Day, the Spray Wagon goes into a Field, and the next Day, EVERY Plant is Dead and Brown. Then about a Week later,Corn or Soybeans are Planted, and they Grow (and absorb the Poison) without any Weeds growing with them.

    Avoid all Products with Corn, “High Fructose Corn Syrup” and Soy. It is all Poisoned.

  7. LGC

    20’s and 30’s???????? pffffffffffffffffffttttttttttt I watched elementary school kids walk past in a big procession (I live in the middle of nowhere small town) and a good 1/3 of them are FAT. Not overweight. FAT. They are going to be completely screwed at 20 (if we get that far).

    • Arthur Sido

      That is whole nudder topic, the fat ass little kids, the soft and weak. Just about every young White boy I see is overweight, pale, soft and wears glasses (so do I).

      • Gryphon

        I have a Picture of my 4th Grade Class – about 50 Kids – only 3 of them were “Fat”, 2 boys and one Girl. That was in 1968.
        p.s. We were all White.

  8. Anonymous

    Ya know who ISN’T fat (yet)? All that brown sludge oozing freely across the border, the majority of which is “military age young men”. Those aren’t morbidly obese Twinkie addicts wading across the Rio Grande – they are shitskins in their physical prime, all too ready to overrun your bumfuck little suburb and have their way with your daughters.

    My poor old wife used to be a knee-jerk liberal, whose big heart bled for the immigrant dreamers who only wanted to come here for a better life. But just yesterday she looked up from her iPhone, where she was watching the immivasion play out in real time, and announced to me, “We are so fucked.”

    No shit, sweetheart. Welcome to Weimerica, 2023.

    • D. Beair

      Same here, wife did not believe me about the border. Tried to tell her: it’s all part of the plan to remake this nation into a Communist country.
      Now, she agrees.
      Arthur Sido, had a post about the importance of demographics: he was, of course right: there is no denying it, period.
      And, back at the ‘I will fight to protect our families ‘ from the government/invasion/taking our guns group, you waited too long. I am disappointed in myself.
      Bear in Indy

      • Arthur Sido

        50 years ago White men would have ended the border invasion without asking for permission from the government, now White men cower and hope that the Aztecs don’t hurt them.

        • Lord of the Fleas

          Would they? Fifty years ago is only 1973, and I don’t remember too many white men doing the ass-kicking they should have been doing at the time. More’s the pity. If they (that is to say we) had done some of that ass-kicking, all this woke shit would have been strangled in its crib.

  9. Locustpost

    I’m a partial owner of some restaurants that are in some buildings I own. From experience, fat people are really hard on the furniture. They break chairs and toilets and are generally disgusting. The ones riding around on battery powered carts because they are to fat to stand up are the worst. My brother iis an emergency room nurse and has an amazing collection of fat stories. Once a fatso came in complaining about an odd smell. When they lifted the folds of fat they found the smell was coming from a smothered to death mouse. Thank you for the rant Mr. Sido!

  10. anon

    They might look white but they don’t have to be treated as brothers if they have thrown away their lives. Doesn’t matter if it is some leftist soylent fag or a fatty on the verge of death from obesity, or the ones wearing the uniforms enforcing the system. Let them eat each other alive (maybe even literally).

  11. CT Ginger

    I have a friend who used to work the ER. One day the fire department brought in a rescue who had been cut out of her bedroom with a chainsaw. She (might have) stood 5’ tall but weighed in a bit over 600 lbs. She hadn’t bathed in over a year, her mom was bringing her buckets of fried chicken, potato chips and ice cream and she had no idea when she had been out of the bed before the FD showed up.To make that image clearer, I’m told she was so bloated she had no clear buttocks crack, just a protruding, ahhh, orifice

  12. Plague Monk

    I’m 66, retired from a good professional career as a mechanical designer, and thanks to the Kung Flu starvation diet I dropped 35 pounds in one month. I’m working out with weights and a little cardio, and overall I’m in the best shape since I was in my 20s. I have vertigo fairly badly, and sun sensitivity, but between gardening and weights I’m getting in shape.
    I see these lowers with The Punisher logos at the SW Ohio gun stores and walk past them. They’re more expensive than the generic ones, and I’m not willing to give one penny in royalties to the Marvel cartel. Stan Lee was a loathsome man who had “interesting” hobbies, shall we say.
    I know that I should get some firearms training; money is not that tight(can you say Games Workshop, Heng Long R/C tanks?), but I’m at the point where I can’t stand to talk with anyone but my wife and our three cats.
    First World problems…

  13. rto-jerry

    “Spend less time getting Gucci gear and convincing yourself you are a badass and put in the goddamn work.” Amen to that!! This is unfortunately the wisdom 97% do not wish to hear and damn certain do not adhere to.

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