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Repost: Memorial Day Musings

Memorial Day is annual reflection on the meaning of the deaths of so many young American men who died in service to our country. For me it is an occasion to look back on how my views have changed.

As a younger man, one who didn’t serve in the armed forces, I was an unabashed neocon warhawk who believed the narrative that America was making the world freer and safer by invading countries, breaking their shit and then coming home to parades. Due to changing religious convictions, I began to see war itself as something anti-Christian. It wasn’t until I finally took the red-pill, followed by the rest of the red-pill bottle, that I really started to question the military-industrial complex that send young White men to die, often while killing other young White men.

This is what I usually post on Memorial Day…


A lot of people living in America don’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. They also don’t care. It is another day where they don’t have to work and get to drink some beer and grill out with family. I would cautiously say most of the men who died in the various wars would be happy that people spent the day with family and friends, even if they didn’t know for sure why

As Memorial Day winds down, I saw something interesting from the New York Post:

A lot of that is likely historical ignorance, I doubt you could find many Americans on the street that could locate WW II on a timeline within a decade, much less give more specific dates like Pearl Harbor and D-Day. On the other hand, what exactly did we “win” in WW II?

Almost 300,000 U.S. soldiers and sailors killed in action, mostly in Europe.

As soon as the war ended, the Soviets took over half of Europe and enslaved tens of millions of people for almost 50 years.

Five years after WW II ended, we were fighting communists in Korea and then a few years later in Vietnam. Another 80,000 killed in action and millions wounded physically and emotionally. 

In the aftermath of the Allied “victory”, Western Europe seems to have lost any will or desire to survive and they are slowing surrendering their freedom through mass migration, a refusal to have children and growing degeneracy. 

The United States had a few decades as the leader of the free world but within two decades of the end of the war, our culture was collapsing and at a mere 75 years after WW II we are on the verge of complete collapse and ruin. 

By the time we reach the 100th anniversary of the end of WW II in 2045, there likely won’t be a West around to commemorate it.

Let me be clear that by no means is any of that to brush over the terrible things the Nazis did (nor the often equally terrible thing the U.S. and our allies did), or to deny the things that actually happened (as opposed to the cartoonish Hollywood villainy). My father’s people in Poland and the rest of the Slavs were marked for replacement in favor of Germans as part of Generalplan Ost. There was plenty of tyranny under the Reich but there has always been and always will be bad people in the world. 

On the other hand, Hitler rose to power in no small measure because the U.S. entered the First World War and tipped the balance, and that was definitely a war we had no business fighting in. In fact, you will be hard pressed to find a war since 1812 that was waged for a legitimate U.S. national interest with the notable exception of the Pacific theater of World War II. After all the Japs actually attacked us, after we goaded them into it of course so FDR could get his pretext to declare war. We couldn’t really let that go. 

I still maintain that if the boys in the landing craft on D-Day could have seen what would become of America and Europe in 2021, they would have forced the drivers of those craft to turn around. None of them would have wanted to die for what the West has become.

Maybe people are starting to wake up and realize that most of the wars we have fought have been about something other than what was best for the American people. We can honor the memory of those who nobly made the ultimate sacrifice while questioning the motivations of those who sent them to die.


  1. Anonymous White Male

    “Memorial Day is annual reflection on the meaning of the deaths of so many young American men who died in service to our country.”

    This is a mistake that most people make. You don’t want to dishonor those that gave their life, but war in this country for the last 158 years has been about dying for your government and the financial interests that control it, not for your country.

  2. Bear Claw

    May God bless all who served keep and comfort them may his grace and mercy be upon them, may his love abide in their hearts and minds that they shall have peace, especially those who showed the greatest love of all

  3. Dirk

    It is with a heavy heart that we have chosen to NOT attend the Memorial Day parade here, locally. For thirty something years we’ve attended in support of our troops.

    Can’t do it, can’t face them, knowing that within a few years many of my communities young men, and women will have sacrificed their lives for this utterly corrupt govt. you see, I’ve grown to hate no to despise this govt, the piles of shit in control.

    Every day at 10:00 a flight of F-15s flys out of the airport, supported by F-5s and T-38s, sporting Gen five avionics packages to better mimics Russia and now China.

    As of late F-35s are rolling out of here daily. While I love the form function of any aircraft, I marvel over these truly awesome birds of pray.

    Thought it was just me, but after inquiring of others the training flights have at least doubles these past few months. This is the only F-15 training squadron in the US.

    I did eight active and roughly another eight reserve time. Navy/Army. I have not been in support of our neocon/ communist govt for a long long time. Thirty plus years.

    To my fellow Veterans, I say thank you and god bless. To you others today is not about BBQing, drinking beer, please take the time to reflect on the direction DC has us headed. Obama has his third term, has sold this great nation to the highest bidders, he sold the US for trinkets.

    I await patiently for my pound of flesh, for accountability, for the hangings that need to happen.

    Memorial Day is anything but a Happy Memorial Day. This day is a day of self reflection a day to push our convictions our day to review target packages.

    All I ever wanted was to be left alone, raise my family, spend quality time with my kids and their children, my “ Grands” and now Great Grands, love live our best life.

  4. NorthGunner

    Good Morning Arthur,

    Seeing that, once again, ‘Hemmoragical Day’ has come to be expressed across the F.U.S.S.A.,
    it occurs to me that the truth of this ‘holiday’ SHOULD be openly known by one and all..especially
    those who STILL believe that ANY ‘Brother War’ is a good war.

    Here’s the truth of ‘memorial day’ revealed by investigative journalist and author, Mike King:

    The Truth About Memorial Day

    As for your Father’s people in Poland, they were unabashedly used as completely hoodwinked
    meat pawns for the selfish ends of the utter coward and self seeking narcissistic sociopath that
    actually STARTED ‘The BAD War’ Edward Ridz-Smigley, Poland’s Dictator at the time.

    Meet The Man Who Started WW2

    I hope that both of these informative articles help to start clearing away the 70+
    years of indoctrinated crapaganda that the Globalist homo-pedo Bankster
    ‘Hostile Elites’ have constantly pushed through their owned ‘news media’, ‘education’
    and ‘entertainment’

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  5. george 1

    To me Memorial day is a somber and sad day. I am sad that so many were brainwashed into supporting our forever wars. I was among them. We were all fooled. Our soldiers have not been sent to “protect our homes and freedoms” since the 1860s.

    Since my awakening I view U.S. Soldiers as tragic figures. I feel sorry for them. So much more so for those who died believing they were furthering some noble cause. They all labor for an evil empire.

  6. Sean

    As a combat veteran, my suggestion is to use what time is left, to prepare to effectively protect and preserve your family, and property. Very rough times are in store, as anybody with half a brain already knows, and most people are still trying to dodge. Most every one who is aware of TEOTWAWKI has an idea of what they want things to look like after it happens, but nobody really knows, or can know. So get busy, and stick to the knitting, and do your best. Stop fulminating about how messed up it is. Get to work.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    I feel a deep sadness about all of this. I used to be a believer in the MIC. Was raised in it, steeped in it, participated in it. I believed in the GAE back when I misapprehended its purpose, back when I believed it served America. Eventually the day came when I realized that it served only itself, not the nation or the people. It used the nation and the people.

    There is no silver lining. Nothing can change what has happened. Knowing that just makes it all the more bitter to remember the dead.

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