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Primum non nocere

Translated from Latin “first, do no harm”, it is one of the foundations of ethics in the field of medicine. The Hippocratic oath, while not using this phrase, does includes “…I will do no harm or injustice to them (patients)”. In short, the practice of medicine is intended to heal and not to harm. That ought to be self-evident but evidently it is not.

There have always been issues with unethical physicians. Doctors who performed abortions, illegal or legal, are in my eyes no better than murderers. Other doctors more recently were prescribing excessive opioids leading to a crisis that has claimed the lives of untold thousands of Americans. However, generally speaking most of the doctors overprescribing opioids were considered pariahs in the medical community. In the current day, medical malpractice and unethical behavior is being mainstreamed.

Nothing here is “new”, I have covered this ground many times before as have many others. I post this for the purpose of getting it out into the public square and maybe waking some people up.

An 18 year old boy decided he was a girl and with the blessing of his parents and “doctors” decided what every 18 year old “girl” wants for “her” birthday is a fake vagina made from his colon.

The doctors went in to give a teenage boy a vaginoplasty, meaning a fake vagina. Normally, they would split the boy’s penis in half and fashion it into a sort of fake female genitalia, but this boy was given hormones and puberty blockers at such a young age that he didn’t have much of a developed penis to work with.

So, the experimental butchers–I mean doctors!–took a piece of the young man’s colon in order to complete the procedure.

The doctors say the earlier the better when it comes to starting puberty blockers. However, it causes the later surgery, which is always encouraged in “affirmative care,” to become complicated.

Well that doesn’t sound perfectly horrifying or anything. Even as a non-doctor or scientist of any sort, I kinda figure that using your colon in that way might be a problem and sure enough it was, as the kid died from Escherichia coli or E. Coli that most likely came from his own colon. See, poop is supposed to be in your colon but your colon is not supposed to be moved around your body to create a fake vagina. One would think “doctors” would know this. But encouraging transvestitism is big money and gets you invited to the cool cocktail parties so…..

Multiple medical schools in the state of North Carolina are reportedly administering sex change treatments to toddlers, according a report released on Tuesday by Education First Alliance.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, East Carolina University, and Duke University have all been identified as medical schools that offer transitioning therapies for toddlers, according to an investigation titled “Transgender toddlers treated at Duke, UNC, and ECU” by Education First Alliance.

This “care” can start well before kids are even in kindergarten. Emphasis below is mine.

Duke University opened the “Child and Adolescent Gender Care Clinic” in 2015 and reportedly treats children as young as two years old for gender dysphoria, according to Education First Alliance. Duke Child and Adolescent Gender Care Director Deanna Adkins claimed in a 2015 interview that the center works with young children, ABC 11 reported.

We are working with all kinds of kids, from infants to teens. And we take care of children that are having problems developing gender,” Adkins said, according to ABC 11.

The University of North Carolina (UNC) treats children as young as three years old for gender dysphoria, according to Education First Alliance. The university’s intake form reportedly claims that the institution provides sex change therapies for minors aged three to 11.

A two year old child generally is struggling with potty training and talking. Infants aren’t “having problems developing a gender”, but apparently all too many infants have a problem with insane parents who think that they can get more dopamine hits on social media by declaring their 3 year old to be “transgender”. “Dr.” Deanna Adkins apparently quite seriously believes that infants need help with “gender care”. According to this public page at Duke, you can reach Deanna Adkins to ask her about this work.

The “doctors” named in that article should have their medical licenses revoked for life and face criminal charges. Instead they will be lauded by many of their peers and what is worse in my opinion is that the vast majority of their fellow doctors will stay silent about their butchery and malpractice out of fear. I get it, doctors put in an enormous investment of time and effort to become physicians and speaking out can cost you all of that.

This is another consequence of the corporatization of medicine. When my dad was in practice, he and the other two docs owned their practice. They owned the building and all of the equipment. If you didn’t like his politics, tough shit, go somewhere else because they always had more than enough patients. But now that he is retired, his former practice is owned by some globohomo medical goliath and if you cause them any grief, I could see them firing you and tossing you out on your ass. Since you don’t own the building or the equipment you would be left with nothing and as most medical practices are corporate owned, you will be black-listed and have a tough time finding another place to practice. It is the same golden cage most corporate types live with, you surrender your freedom of expression in order to cling to that perception of security.

It kind of reminds me of the increasingly dire situation in American churches. The rot in evangelicalism started, as it usually does, in the academy with seminaries turning “woke” and then quietly the various denominational organizations and parachurch organizations followed along. Meanwhile the average person in the pew can’t quite figure out what is happening.

The rot in medicine seems to be flowing like sewage from medical schools. Again, I have covered this before but the news stories keep coming out like this one….

Published on April 27, the paper argued that splitting up students by race and skin color would allow Black students to work in more cohesive, less “white centered” academic environments, without being traumatized by white students.

The research paper stated, “Pedagogical approaches often center White learners and ignore the differential impact of content on BIPOC learners (Black, Indigenous, or people of color) with personal experiences of racism that are nuanced and have been informed by interactions and observations over their lifetimes.

It added that Black students studying next to White students can “be retraumatizing, resulting in imposter syndrome, heightened anxiety, and a reduced sense of belonging.”

The paper also argued that developing such methods of segregated study dismantles the “structural racism” put in medical education programs for the sake of benefiting “white learners.”

It stated, “Founded on legacies of colonialism and racism, medical education has historically centered White learners and continues to perpetuate structural racism.”

What all that says to me is what we all already know. A large percentage of black med students, a significant or overwhelming majority in fact, have no business in medical school at all and when forced to compete side by side with Whites and Asians, they fail. The paper itself is a word salad of nonsense, you can read it for yourself if you want (archived here) but the basic gist is that blacks can’t hack it in medicine. Not only do they lack the ability, black medical students are simultaneously coddled by faculty and staff while endlessly told that their failings are not their fault.

While looking for the above article at the New England Journal of Medicine, I ran across a different commentary. This one comes from Dr. Celeste Aurora Green, a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Her whiny screed is titled: Resilience — The Last Thing We Need. If you are a middle aged racist like me, you might remember that being resilient was always considered to be a positive character trait that we praised and encouraged.

Showing resilience, the ability to deal with problems and setbacks, ought to be something we should all strive for. This is especially true for doctors, as the process to become a practicing physician was intentionally very difficult to weed out those who didn’t have the mental and emotional strength, the resilience if you will, to hack it as a doctor. Being resilient was an absolute, non-negotiable requirement to be a physician.

Not for this good doctor. According to Dr. Celeste Green being resilient, able to overcome obstacles and achieve in spite of barriers, is apparently a bad thing. Instead, when faced with criticism or difficulties the response should be to whine and demand that anyone not kissing your ass be censored and intimidated into silence. Her essay is one long pity party for herself but starts off with this:

“Celeste is overconfident…arrogant….” Blinking back tears, I kept reading: “…she acts like she knows more than she actually does.” Two months into my blisteringly paced Ob/Gyn residency, I was meeting with my labor and delivery (L&D) rotation director for feedback. We reviewed praise and constructive commentary from my peers and attendings: I was a natural in the operating room, easily established rapport with patients; I needed work on time management and brevity in my patient presentations. Saved for last was this handful of anonymously written complaints from some nurses. Through my embarrassment, disappointment, and confusion, my mind raced, trying to interpret the underlying messages: Am I too confident for a woman…or for an intern? Is my self-assurance deemed arrogance because I’m Black?

Never once does she seriously consider that maybe, just possibly, she was just a bitchy know-it-all resident. Nope, this whole essay immediately and without reservation tosses aside any personal failings and blames it all on systemic racism. I would be willing to bet that more than few new residents come across as arrogant, especially toward nurses. After all, they just finished the grueling schedule of medical school after completing their undergrad work in the hard sciences where a “B” could mean the difference between acceptance and denial into medical school. You could understand them being a little puffed up and in need of being taken down a peg or two. Nope, she immediately goes to the old stand-by: RACISM!

I found it interesting that Dr. Green obtained her MPH (Masters of Public Health) degree in 2012 after graduating with her BA in 2010 and only then did she go on to medical school, graduating in 2018. After receiving this fairly mild criticism that left her in tears and despondent for months later, Dr. Green examined her own personality and preparation to be a better doctor. Just kidding! Nope, instead this was her response:

Over the next 4 years, I worked to nurture a supportive environment for trainees who are underrepresented in medicine (URM). From coauthoring an antiracism statement after George Floyd was killed to launching a lecture series on health disparities, I strove to ensure our department was publicly and unequivocally vocal against racism and discrimination. These added duties strained my well-being, but I felt obligated to help make my program more inclusive and self-aware.

Wow, co-authoring an antiracism statement. How could she find the time! It sure doesn’t sound like she was an annoying pain in the ass for the next four years, badgering people trying to be the best Ob/Gyn they could be about their “racism”. I would forward this article to Dr. Green from the Mayo Clinic, Resilience: Build skills to endure hardship, but that might be considered racist and literal violence.

It kinda sounds to me like Dr. Celeste Green is more interested in being a political activist rather than a physician but here she is as a fellow at Baylor being treated like a martyr for being bitchy to nurses.

There is some pushback to this nonsense, like this (RTWT): House Republicans grill med school accreditor on racial discrimination in new diversity standard….

Medical schools were warned last year they could face accreditation probes for failure to train students in antiracism “competencies.” Starting next summer, they may feel compelled to treat student and employee applicants differently based on race to reach amorphous diversity targets.

House Education and Workforce Committee Republicans asked the Liaison Committee on Medical Education to explain the practical implications of its accreditation standards on “diversity programs and partnerships,” which take effect in July 2024.

Committee Chair Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.) and Higher Education Subcommittee Chair Burgess Owens (R-Utah) want to “confirm your commitment to ensuring that medical schools are preparing future health care professionals to provide health care free from racial discrimination,” their May 4 letter says.

…but it is too little, too late. It isn’t just incompetence but malevolence. Even Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo aka Rob Schneider, understands this: They are seriously trying to kill us

The MCAT is supposed to be the great equalizer, ensuring that students with inflated GPAs from crappy schools aren’t admitted over more qualified students but of course that means blacks not admitted so it has to go.

Medicine has come a long way from a serious, respected profession that only accepted the very best and sought to never harm patients. Now many doctors actively harm their patients while most look the other way and medical schools are churning out weak, whiny doctors who are more concerned with being racial advocates than they are with patient outcomes.

You know the warnings, take heed while you can.


  1. AZFloyd

    “If you are a middle aged racist like me, you might remember that being resilient was always considered to be a positive character trait that we praised and encouraged.”

    Resilience is a positive character trait. It is just this stupid nigger doesn’t understand that.

    And I would like to throw my hat in the ring as Racist of of the Year.

  2. Single Time Every

    I had four POC nurses do four blood draws in about five minutes.
    It seemed like the end and then what felt like a hand pushed my shoulders and they recoiled.
    You can’t hurt ol’ YT was the rebel yell as they scrambled.
    Another one took great pleasure in the how bad is the pain on a scale and I said yea it isn’t that bad.
    One poor sap on the floor took a big crap at the top level ward before you get to go home and I said damn man what did you eat hospital food which got a laugh and hopefully a morale boost.
    Never going back unless carried in and then it is probably too late as all creditability was destroyed during the COV-LARP.
    It is also known that they track purebloods
    Goldfarb? (wink!)

  3. old geezer

    i wonder what the condition of the fusa will be like when gender surgeons start showing up without a pulse after being treated by one of their former patients. kind of a sixth sense sort of thing.

    i remember descriptions of “ primitive civilizations “ sacrificing children to appease the “ gods “. well, we know who these demons worship.

  4. LGC

    Example #786 in a long list of how the health care industry is imploding right in front of us. Better get your health fixed right now, cuz right soon it simply isn’t going to exist at all. (IMO it barely exists now)

  5. saoirse

    Now that the Hypocritic Oath of Wokeness has become the prevailing doctrine, I would definitely advocate for the separation of the perennially aggrieved above – and would make sure they were only able to tend to their own kind after they “graduated”!
    The morgues in Shitcago, Deetroit, Frisco, Jew York, Bahston, Philly, Portland etc. will be overflowing – which is a good thang!

    Some things you can do to stay as far away from this bullshit are:
    Find out which med schools have dropped the MCAT. Be sure to review it quarterly and cross-reference with your hospital or group practice.
    Unless it’s a dire emergency; avoid blacks, latrino/mestizos, middle-easterners and Patels – especially the women.
    Avoid almost all doctors (as well as P.A. and LNP classifications) that are very young.
    Stay healthy, and far away from blue hives.
    Looked up the authors of that NEJM agitprop ‘paper’.
    Out of seven: three are nig women; one is a Patel woman; one looks to be a half white-Asian woman; one is a white woman with a hyphenated surname. See a pattern here?
    Didn’t bother with the lone male – probably a fag or beta.

    All “gender reassignment” doctors (a.k.a. Transformers) should be shot. The ones doing it to children should be lit on fire and then shot!!

  6. Max M Wiley

    After my experiences at the DMV, the last person I want to see for medical issues is a stronk blaque wahman.
    Even black men want nothing to do with them.

  7. TechieDude

    One of the blessings of surviving cancer is 5-6 years of blood tests and cat scans. I can honestly say I dread going in for a blood draw and it’s a fat black woman diversity hire. I’ve left the office with 4-5 bandages where they dug around trying to get it right before they got the white nurse who knocked it out on the first try. Worst are the sheboons with weird color hair – like neon red or purple.

    The best ever? Old white women – usually 60 or so, been doing it for decades. Seconded by a goth huwhite chick. I told her how many times this gets flubbed. She said, yeah…uh huh..and nails it on the first stick.

    • Arthur Sido

      The problem is that places where blacks don’t live also don’t tend to have hospitals, so even though there are no blacks around me, if I get rushed to the hospital they will be there.


    Why be resilient when you can just play the race card?

    And doctors who do gender reassignment hormone treatment or surgery should lose their license, at minimum, but that is way too mild a penalty for those who mutilate children.

    Our health care system is fucked.

    My wife and I had a great, old school doctor who owned his own practice, but sadly, he retired when the Covid scam was beginning. He could see the bullshit.

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