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Not Much History And All Of It Bad

We wuz kweenz and sheeit!

Black Pigeon Speaks did an amusing send up of this “historical” abomination….

Sure, Cleopatra was a Greek Macedonian but why let verifiable facts get in the way of dismantling White supremacy?

I didn’t weigh in on this farce because it was so ridiculous but then the reviews started coming in and hoo boy, it was ugly.

Egyptians are a distinct racial group from sub-Saharan Africans and they understandably don’t like blacks appropriating their culture and taking credit for their achievements. There are quite a few pages on Netflix that claim that most achievements of the Egyptian people were actually the work of blacks, who somehow were able to build the pyramids but not able to figure out the wheel. I suspect many of the bad reviews came from Egyptians pissed that this black chick was portraying Cleopatra.

As the videos point out, it is not just Cleopatra but all manner of historical figures like this….

The real Queen Charlotte in question….

Not so black and lacking an Afro.

I am not sure if most blacks really believe this nonsense or if they just do it to take a shot at The Man but it really doesn’t upset me or make me mad, it mostly makes me laugh. It is such a self-own if you take the time to think about it.

What does it say about you as a people if you have no historical figures that can stand on their own?

Think about the rich history of Whites. There are thousands of fascinating White men throughout the ages that are interesting and compelling. Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, Napoleon, George Washington. Just the men of the American Revolution or the Civil War make for a lifetime of study. We are better at pretty much everything, from culture and music and literature to the making of war to scientific discover and exploration.

Then look at blacks. There are some interesting black figures in American history, mostly in entertainment and sports, but most black historical figures are famous because of their generally romanticized and frequently exaggerated involvement in “civil rights”, most notably serial adulterer Martin Luther King Jr.. From Rosa Parks to Frederick Douglass, most famous blacks in America are famous because of their relationship to White people.

The history of sub-Saharan Africa and the diaspora that originated in that region is a string of unmitigated disasters. From black Africans selling their enemies into chattel slavery to Europeans and Europe basically owning the entire continent…

…to the dumpster fire that followed the “liberation” of Haiti and the utter failure of the emancipated slaves in America to ever assimilate into our society, there isn’t much positive history for blacks to point to. What history they do have generally revolves around their failure to compete with other racial groups, a history being repeated once more as the Chinese are sinking their talons into the resource-rich continent of Africa and the ChiComs don’t have that pesky cultural Christian morality to make them feel even a little bad about abusing the natives. The Africans are going to look back on the good old days when the Europeans ruled them.

You sort of have to feel a little sorry for them. They almost can’t help it and like I’ve said before Their Rage Is Driven By Jealousy

We are hated by lots of people with a white hot rage and in spite of what they always are trying to convince us of, it isn’t because of how we have wronged them but out of jealousy and envy. Box wine aunties are pissed that no one asked them to the prom and they are in their 40s with a shriveled up uterus and no family. The average antifa misfit looks like someone who got their ass kicked in high school every day and their lives are now dedicated to inflicting the same misery on others that they have lived with their entire life. Africans and others like to pretend to be us and appropriate our cultural icons but they are childish and clumsy imitations.

Jealousy and envy are some of the most powerful human emotions and we see on display daily how those emotions drive the rage of our enemies.

It often feels like watching a retarded kid do something super embarrassing in public. The difference is that most retarded kids are not violent and blacks do have some modicum of free will and still choose to act the way they do.

No wonder they try to steal the accomplishments of others or make up completely imaginary “accomplishments” like Wakanda. You really can’t blame blacks for appropriating White historical figures in TV and film. Their history is an unbroken series of failures and disasters. Who wants to watch a 2 hour movie about people that suck at life?


  1. Exile1981

    I dread the virtual world. I have seen the local schools switch to digital text books through an on line service. The versions online vs hard copies i own already have little changes in them. Same edition but facts being changed… its very 1984.

    Its not just history books, a decade ago most doctors out here had a library of reference books. The family doctor switched to an online subscription for her practice. Threw away the hard copies… which i offered cash for and got. We were discussing during covid ivermectin. She said it was never approved for humans and showed me in her digital book that it was used only for animals. I went home and got her old paper copy and showed her that it was used for humans for worms and a type of arthritus. She could not understand how the 2 could be so different or how her digital copy didnt show it in the revisions.

    In a few years i forsee all the digital history books having historical figures races changed. The medical books will be useless only pushing dangerous new drugs.

  2. Bad Boy Club 1986

    Charlotte is a high yellow and I bet she has a nice chocolate taco.
    Coming soon Jimmy Walker from All In the Family as Shakespeare!
    Streaming live at your local Chuck E. Spears pizza parlor.
    Don’t miss Kanye as Geronimofo.
    Si se puede!

  3. Anonymous

    You sort of have to feel a little sorry for them.

    No. No, you don’t. These are not poor little incompetent autistic children, but large, aggressive, full-grown violent animals, the females even worse than the males. A completely different species from Whites and East Asians.

    Do you feel a little sorry for sharks? For cockroaches? Brown recluse spiders? Fire ants? Hell, no. You recognize their unalterable nature and avoid them at your peril. Same deal with negroids.

  4. Some Fn Guy

    “ Who wants to watch a 2 hour movie about people that suck at life?”

    What about “The Gods Must Be Crazy?”

  5. saoirse

    The only place nigs can be portrayed as anything but backwards knuckle-draggers is ((((Tinsel Town))).
    I think they should make a flick about Biden using Sidney Poitier in the lead role….. Yes, I know he’s dead.

  6. Gryphon

    “No wonder they try to steal the accomplishments of others or make up completely imaginary “accomplishments” like Wakanda. You really can’t blame blacks for appropriating White historical figures in TV and film.”

    Not quite accurate there, Art – for example, “Wakanda” is a Comic-Book (not even real Literature) creation of a zooish Writer. As Is All of the (((hollyweird))) Blackwashing of White, European Culture and Characters… like the Blaque “Elves” inserted into J.R.R. Tolkien’s literary Universe, written by a White European about White European Legends…

    The portrayal of a Known Historical Figure who was Greek/Macedonian Whiiiite Woman by a negroid (albeit one that is light-skinned and slightly ‘Caucasian’) is not just “Cultural Appropriation” but a Deliberate Insult to everyone who is a Racially-Aware White person.

    The Blackwashed Pic of “Queen Charlotte” you posted looks like what, in the South, is a Quadroon, or verging on a “High Yellow” sort of Genotype. There was a Reason for the “One Drop” Rule (by Blood) of Genetics- in Modern terms, even to 1/64 Admixture of African Genetics, it isn’t “White” anymore. And a Genetic Biologist might ‘Correct’ Me for saying that- If any Scientist today Dared to Speak of the Truth.

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