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New Mexico Looking Like Old Mexico

Every few years rival biker gangs have it out, sometimes in Texas, sometimes in Utah. This time in New Mexico.

At least 3 people were killed and five others were injured after a shooting between rival biker gangs erupted at a New Mexico motorcycle rally Saturday, police confirmed to The Post….

…“It was gang-related,” Mayor Linda Calhoun said in a video posted by the news outlet on social media.

All the victims were “contained” in the shooting — none were local residents, according to the report.

These stories tend to get more traction than standard “gang-related” shootings because biker shootings tend to be White guys and people have a weird fascination with motorcycle gangs, lots of it because of Sons of Anarchy, in the same way they have a fascination with the Mafia.

The other thing that makes these interesting is that despite the pop culture image, actual biker gang shootouts and Mafia hits are very rare. In Mario Puzzo’s The Godfather, Clemenza makes this comment regarding the ongoing war between the Corleone family and Sollozzo:

“These things have to happen once every ten years or so. It gets rid of the bad blood.

Mario Puzo; Peter Bart; Robert Thompson. The Godfather (Kindle Locations 2454-2455). Penguin Group.

Big, flashy shootouts make for good cinema but they are bad for business.

On the other hand, “gang-related” shootings are a daily occurrence in black and increasingly mestizo zip codes. They don’t worry about what is good or bad for business, they simply react with their base instincts.

Anyway, as I assume the shooters were White guys and in the spirit of equal time, please note this extremely rare non-black/brown mass shooting.


  1. Don Curton

    There was a big shoot-out in 2015 in Waco Texas. Big news till certain facts starting getting out, such as all the shell casings found were from the po-po and no shell cases from the biker gangs. All the injured/kiiled were shot by 5.56 which none of the bikers had. You know, stuff like that. As certain people like to say, no situation is so bad that it can’t be made worse with the presence of the police.

    Also note that several of the gangs operating in my little slice of Texas are mostly Hispanic. Of course, they could be white hispanic for all I know.

  2. Max M Wiley

    There was gunfire between two 1% clubs at a bar in Oklahoma City a few months ago. One of the dead was a leader of one of the clubs involved.
    The weekend of his funeral, apparently his club got some payback by gunning down a few of the rival club on the roads of Fort Worth on the way north.
    No further news.
    One wonders what steps were taken, either by the clubs involved or by law enforcement, or both, to stop the bloodshed. If it has indeed stopped, or is just not making the news.

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