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A local yokel was sentenced to more than four years in the slammer for manufacturing illegal guns.

According to documents in the case, authorities started an investigation in 2018 based on seized firearms from Indiana, Illinois and Michigan that were used in crimes, which eventually led to Meekin being identified as the man behind the guns.

Authorities learned that (Adam) Meekin’s family members completed paperwork and purchased at least 122 lower receivers for Meekin, which are what the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) and Explosives classifies as the actual firearm, according to court documents.

This genius wasn’t just quietly buying receivers, completing the firearms and selling them. He was advertising that he was doing so.

During the investigation, undercover officers discovered that Meekin was operating a virtual gun shop online. He had a Facebook page, a website and even business cards made up advertising what he could sell, according to court documents.

Undercover officers communicated with Meekin over Facebook and at his Huntington home over the course of roughly two years.

During an undercover meeting with Meekin in 2019, Meekin reportedly told the undercover officer that he had “made some shady (expletive) in my day,” according to court documents.

Come on dude. Maybe he didn’t know that doing this was a no-no to the Feds. Right or wrong, if you are in the business of buying and selling guns for profit, especially “manufacturing” them by assembling the parts, without a Federal Firearms License, you are going to get busted. Especially especially if you are advertising that you are doing so on Facebook! He is 26 years old so he should be old enough to know better.

The Feds have people doing nothing but trolling the web looking for people engaged in stuff they can arrest them for, or encouraging them to do something illegal so they can arrest you (see: Weaver, Randy and Ridge, Ruby). The rules might be bullshit but they can still toss you in the slammer for them. Don’t be dumb online kids.


  1. Steve S6

    So the guns are being used in crimes and they take 2 whole years to investigate? I want my tax dollars back.
    Talk about milking. We can discuss the Constitutionality of the ATF another day.

  2. Gryphon

    I wonder if this guy was just a Patsy for a fedpig Scam of some sort- remember “Fast and Furious”, where fedscum Demanded that Licensed Gun Dealers sell Weapons to Criminals.

    This incident, someone “Manufacturing Guns” is a prime example of a Propaganda Play, to lobby for ‘regulations’ against “Ghost Guns” (never mind this idiot was buying and selling Completed Lower Frames, with Serial Numbers).

    I wonder how many (if any) of the Buyers of these Guns get charged with a Crime?

    • anon

      This smells suspicious. He can be a retard, sure, but also in a shit position too the way “law” enforcement is nowadays.

      As an aside, I’m not going to suggest selling them, but, I will say look up the Firebolt, U-Bar, and other variants for lowers. DIY.

  3. Revolver

    There is a gun shop in Indianoplace that shall remain nameless, one of the top shops in the country for guns used in crimes.
    A local was making MG in a tractor trailer in his back yard and he got off lightly with bye bye FFL and some minor jail time.
    A clean record is why they didn’t throw the sink and it was a different regime and time long before the West South Africa fundamental transformation.

  4. Steve

    What was he making, $50, maybe $100 a pop? Times 122 is $12k? Not much of an income. Not enough to make it worthwhile facing years in the pen.

    I’m guessing all those friends and family are in trouble for being straw purchasers, too? Probably going to be hard to argue they didn’t buy them with the intent to transfer them.

    • Na

      His family didn’t face any charges only believe 10% of what you read the guy selling the lowers got a 78 Felonies and got a slap on the wirst lost his ffl and now is running for Sheriff. In wabash County

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