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Low Impulse Control Plus An Inflated Sense Of Entitlement Equals….

The woman in question apparently voluntarily met the guy at a park and that is when things went sideways.

Ryean L. Floyd, 24, was charged with aggravated rape causing bodily injury and aggravated kidnapping.

Floyd, the victim and her child met at Nashville’s Shelby Park on Thursday after previously agreeing to meet up, according to an arrest report. They spent some time together, but after a while, the woman decided it was time to take her child home.

Before the woman left, she started to feed her child in her car’s backseat, police said. That’s when Floyd lifted the woman’s skirt and forcibly raped her, according to the arrest report.

The woman begging the suspect to stop, along with the crying baby, can be heard on an audio recording of the five-minute attack, police said. The victim was taken to Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital for medical attention.

The charming Mr. Floyd…

I suspect there is more to the story but regardless, raping a woman is heinous enough but while she is trying to feed her baby? Perhaps he was meeting with her expecting some sex, and when none was forthcoming decided to exercise that famous impulse control and time preference to rape her. Shelby Park is right in downtown Nashville and probably would be a very nice place if it were not for the presence of “sketchy” people.

Just another day in the lovely urban environment of America’s diverse cities.


  1. Anon

    Not going to feel sorry for some single mom willingly meeting up with a nigger. Yes, it’s an animal, but she also chose to put herself in that situation, much less all her other bad decisions that got her there.

    Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city.

  2. AZFloyd

    “Not going to feel sorry for some single mom willingly meeting up with a nigger.”

    Exactly. I wonder where and who the child’s father is. Bet tree fiddy it is another nigger.

  3. Anonymous

    They think they’ve won the battle and White women are just the spoils of war. I recall a time when White women were worth protecting and saving, but they have since offered themselves up as tribute to the uncivilized savages. Ain’t risking my neck for any of ’em.

    • anon

      There are a few out there worth having children with that are also young enough to have multiple children.
      Just few.
      This woman isn’t one of them; most city dwellers aren’t.

  4. AZFloyd

    FTR, Chicago’s Memorial day weekend, per Jackass, saw 12 killed, 49 wounded.

    I bet there are weekends where it is safer to be on the front lines in Ukraine.

  5. saoirse

    Is this woman a mud shark or just another nigger? Actually, who gives a shit? She willingly met with that pongoid piece of shit.
    The only act worthy of redemption for a shark is becoming a permanent assassin for Aryan Nations.

  6. Anonymous

    Newsflash – the rapist is the father of the 1-year old baby that mama was breastfeeding when baby daddy suffered his “sexual emergency”. It was his first glimpse of the sprog he sired. The only question remaining is how White is baby mama? My wild guess is “mayo on white bread in a snowstorm”.

    Burn dat coal.

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