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Like Hessians But With Burritos Instead Of Bratwurst

Circling back to revisit a prior topic….

A question that often comes up has to do with what U.S. soldiers would do if (when) they were ordered to fire on America civilians. There are some obvious examples like Kent State but in general, would American soldiers fire on American citizens if ordered to do so? I am not talking about fighting armed “insurgents” that are shooting at them, but rather would they open fire on crowds of protesters or if people refused to obey a curfew or report to a camp.

Look at the wartime propaganda from last century. Germans especially were portrayed as monsters and the reason is very obvious: in order to convince White men from America, many with German ancestry, to go shoot White men from Germany you had to create a sense that those Germans were evil or at least serving evil. It wasn’t a political war, it was an existential struggle of Good Versus Evil. How true that is remains debatable, although you aren’t really supposed to debate it.

That was fighting foreigners but what if the orders are to treat as enemy combatants regular Americans living in Topeka or Tacoma? I have asked this question before (see: The Puzzle Pieces Keep Coming Together) but it came back up again recently. It isn’t hard to find articles that point out that the U.S. military is having a hard time hitting recruitment targets and this is made worse by the simple fact that around 80% of Americans in prime military recruitment age are unfit for serving. I wrote about this and Army “fat camp” last month: Our Next War Is Going To Be Spectacular.

The solution is never anything domestic and simple like restricting food stamps so they cannot be used to purchase junk food and pop. Instead you get regime mouthpieces like Matt Sardo writing in places like Stars and Stripes claiming that the solution is to offer citizenship for foreign mercenaries to fill the ranks

According to Matt Sardo, American youth are just not interested in serving in the military and are unpersuaded by the “Be All You Can Be 2.0” marketing campaign.

The brand simply does not appeal to young Americans. Army leaders attribute their shortfalls to American obesity and declining aptitude and to the most challenging labor market since the Army became all-volunteer in 1973. This personnel crisis is poorly timed as expected troop cuts in Europe were reversed and the U.S. attempts to deter a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

If the recruiting shortfall continues, the Army will eventually do what it has always done to fill its ranks. It will rely on immigrants.

He is one of those who claims that “immigrants” are just better Americans than actual Americans, demonstrated by their apparent willingness to kill for the globalist regime…

The Army has always been strengthened by immigrants. Immigrant volunteers are smart, fit and eager to fight, unlike so many of their contemporary American counterparts.

Eager to fight. I wonder why Americans, especially the rural Whites that have long been the backbone of American combat roles, are less than enthusiastic to fight in yet another meaningless war in some faraway country for a nation that has declared them to be the source of every problem we face. I can’t imagine why some farm kid from Oklahoma would be hesitant to be shipped off to fight Russians so some defense contractor in Northern Virginia can buy a new vacation home.

Matt Sardo has what sounds like an impressive background, the sort of background that Boomercon Fox News watchers swoon over….

Green Beret. 10th Mountain Division. 3rd Special Forces Group. All of that ought to remind you that while someone may have served honorably in some of the big name areas of the military, it doesn’t make them an expert on public policy nor does it mean they aren’t a piece of shit human being. His current academic environment at UC Berkleley’s “Veterans Law Practicum” ought to give you some clues as to his political leanings. Here is Matt at the landing page of the program…..

This outfit is what you would expect at Berkeley Law:

The U.S. military is at the center of some of the most important social justice issues of our time: sexual assault, racism, and discrimination against LGBTQ individuals.

In the Veterans Law Practicum (VLP) students are introduced to the impact of these and other issues on affected servicemembers and veterans and are armed with the substantive knowledge and lawyering skills necessary to fight these injustices.

Hoo boy. I offer all of that just to let you know that Marr Sardo, for all of his impressive credentials, is just a flaming leftist parrot that regurgitates “progressive” talking points. Like other veterans from Tim Kennedy to Dan Crenshaw to John McCain, his prior service is supposed to be a shield to deflect any criticism, especially from people like me that didn’t serve, but I don’t play that game. Not with neocons like Zioclops Crenshaw and not with libtards like Matt Sardo. Lots of people are veterans and lots of those veterans are fucking idiots, just like the general population.

Back to the problems of recruiting. Not only are too many kids fat asses, potheads or just crazy, as our demographics rapidly shift to the black and brown among young people these kids are dumber as well. The average ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) score has dropped 9% and prospective recruits simply aren’t passing it….

(Gen. James) McConville told reporters the academic side of the recruiting process is equally grim, with applicants struggling to pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, an SAT-style quiz. In the past, McConville said the pass rate was about two-thirds of applicants, but that has fallen to about one-third in recent years.

“We’ve had a valedictorian that couldn’t pass the ASVAB. We just haven’t seen those types of things before,” he said.

I don’t know how hard the ASVAB is but I can’t imagine it is that difficult to get a passing score. I do know that being a high school valedictorian at many inner city schools is mostly a matter of getting to graduation without being shot to death, dropping out or getting knocked up (see the story of Marell McClendon, a valedictorian of Detroit’s Cody High, who needed to take remedial math classes in college: The Dumbing Down Of America). Our high schools are no longer sending their best. Nor is the old military family pipeline working like it used to. A report last October states, again from General James McConville….

“Right now, 83% of the young men and women coming into the Army are coming from military families,” he said. “However, only 23% of Americans are qualified to serve. We are not going to lower standards. Quality is more important than quantity.”

I am not sure what makes a family a “military family”. My dad was drafted into the Navy as a physician right out of medical school and served his required time so I guess that makes me from a military family but does it have to be parents or siblings? Don’t know but I do know anecdotally that it seems that a lot of veterans are a lot more hesitant to recommend a career in the military to their children or young relations. They are seeing the military turning away from war-fighting and turning into a social engineering experiment that sees heritage Americans as a greater threat than the Chinese, along with the entire Federal apparatus that sends our kids to war. Why would you want your child to maybe die or be maimed on behalf of the Sodomite Globohomo Empire?

If American kids are neither qualified nor interested in dying in some faraway land to defend the right of transvestites to shower with their teen sisters, what to do? Of course not re-evaluate the anti-White, anti-anything-not-homo military policies or even perhaps deciding to not have American forces stationed all over the world. Nope. We can simply bribe foreign mercenaries with loot and the greatest treasure of all, American citizenship and all the gibs that come with it. We are not talking dozens or hundreds, nope the number is over one hundred thousand.

Where are these new, trained to kill, “Americans” coming from?

Thousands of Nigeria, Ghanaians, Haitians and Cameroonians. Talk about the cream of the crop! Taking people from some of the dumbest demographic groups in the world, giving them training to kill and then cutting them loose in America. What could go wrong?

Coming back to the original question: would American soldiers really fire on American citizens on American soil? A veteran named Eric who goes by Iraqveteran8888 on Youtube and has a pretty large audience of over 2.68 million subscribers asked that same question.

Eric’s audience is, one would assume, heavily tilted toward veterans as well as generic gun enthusiasts. Those people made their opinion heard loud and clear.

More than 3/4 of nearly 52,000 respondents think that yes, American soldiers would fire on Americans if ordered to do so. Ten years ago I would have been in the camp that would have said no, some kid from Arkansas isn’t going to fire on civilians in Missouri just because someone ordered him to. That was then, this is now and the military today isn’t the military from 10, 20 or more years ago. Even still, shooting a civilian is hopefully still something that most Americans in uniform would hesitate to do.

Back to the unspoken problem that They have been working on for decades: How do you get Americans to open fire on fellow Americans in America?

As we see above, you just replace American soldiers with non-Americans who have no loyalty or relationship to actual Americans, who have not been raised in a culture with certain values and mores instilled in them like most Americans used to have taught from an early age. Add in that non-Whites coming into America are immediately inundated with anti-White messaging and what you get is a ready made solution, soldiers trained to kill, paid for by the very same people they likely will be sent to round up for camps or shoot on sight. It is a pretty elegant solution.

Big Country who knows a lot more about the military and the state of the American vet community raised this question as well: Rubicon: Crossed and then Nuked After The Fact

According to Mike Yon, the majority of ‘yoots’ coming across the southern border are DotMil age, in shape and a LOT of them who’ve been caught and positively ID’d are probably if not for-real foreign DotMil. Rationale for it is when the 2024 (s)election goes south what with the next-greatest theft, allllll them fuckers are in place, to be ‘called to arms’ so to speak, to be the “New Order” bully-boys who’ll be the front line to do the gun confiscations, the protest breakers… shit like that. Probably promised LOTS of shit like citizenship, money… you name it… all in order to fuck over and implement a full on “Benevolent DemoncRatic Junta” “Just go around there Pedro… you and you boys can confiscate all the guns and each one we pay you a bounty…”

You know… having them do “…the jobs Americans don’t want to do.”

Yon is a little weird but he is on the ground and seeing what is happening, and it isn’t good. Just as the African “refugees” moving into Europe all tend to be regular Negroes and sand Negroes, with no women, of prime violence age and prone to commit the same, so too are a significant percentage of the mestizos crossing the southern border. It seems like everyone heading to the border is either a fighting age young man or a young girl who has been raped a few hundred times on her way to be sex trafficked in the U.S.. There is a massive convoy of mestizos without end of flowing toward the U.S. border and Sniffy’s administration is welcoming them in, not just as future voters but as future shock troops who are not only willing to kill civilians, they are eager to do it. Hell these people come from some of the most violent nations in the world.

9 of the top 30 nations for intentional homicide rate are sending their young men to America. You have to go all the way down to 61 to find the U.S. and we are only that high because of our blacks. I am sure Pedro and Jose would be glad to put on a uniform and gun down America protestors.

The doom of Western civilization is flowing like a fetid river of the dregs of humanity from the global south to Europe and North America, and nothing can stop it.


  1. Anonymous

    It works both ways. I, and a good many other trad-Americans, are so damned fed up that we might not find it a bridge too far to point and shoot at those who we see as active threats to our people and to our way of life. Sad to say, it’s been in my mind for a while now.

  2. clown car driver

    Sure, they’ll shhot you. Th sent the 101st airborne into enforce school integration, and beat anyone’s ass who was against it. And that was, what, a 90% white america. Yeah, they’ll shoot your ass. Always would.

  3. Rare Coin Find

    The title made me laugh.
    Remember Obama’s civilian corps as powerful as the military?
    They are coming across the border right now.
    Regarding the 101st enforcing muh unity, wasn’t Mr. MIC Eisenhower the president then?
    My father served with them in the 1960’s and even he thought that was a black stain for an otherwise elite unit and he pondered what he would do in that situation.

  4. Captain Coleman

    There are plenty- and I mean plenty- of veterans and career service members, especially officers, who are complete fucking turncoats when it comes to the interests of the USA and her people, and only interested in their own careers.

    It’s disgusting. And I dare say frightening.

  5. Former 13D

    I don’t think regular Americans will have a problem firing on “our” military. I read somewhere that Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said that Japan couldn’t invade America in 1941 because he was worried that behind every blade of grass is an American with a rifle. The dementia patient we got installed as president once said that you can’t fight F15’s with rifle. Obviously that idiot never served a day in uniform. If he had, he’d known that every F15 has to land on a base where it needed to be refuel and rearmed, as well as get maintained. Unless the Air Force confines everyone on base, you can have a “conversation” with the pilots, armorers, maintainers, refuelers, etc. up close and personal, IYKWIMAITYD. Plus, these bases have to be resupply with food, fuel, parts, etc. from trucks or railroads. And if you dig thru the numbers, out of an Army of ~460,000 active duty soldiers, there are perhaps 24-27,000 actual infantrymen in combat battalions; perhaps 8-9,000 tankers and maybe 6-7,000 artillerymen. Add on 6-10,000 Special Forces. The rest of the Army are support, not combat arms. And if you spent anytime in the Army, you’d find that most of the combat arms are conservative good old boys whereas most of the support troops are minorities looking for a safe career (maintenance, fuelers, commo, MP’s, “intelligence”, medical, finance, cooks, etc.).

  6. Michael Hendrix

    “It wasn’t a political war, it was an existential struggle of Good Versus Evil. How true that is remains debatable, although you aren’t really supposed to debate it.”

    I know it’s fashionable in Alt-Right/Dissident Right/whatever circles to minimize or dismiss the idea that the Holocaust even happened at all, because (((JOOOOJOOOJOOOOZ!!!))) or whatever, but don’t fall for it. Ask any WW2 European-theater grunt who was involved in liberating any of those “nonexistent” camps, like two of my now-deceased uncles were, and they’ll tell you right quick–if they’ll even speak of it at all.

    One of my uncles barely could, right up til the day he died; his eyes would glass over with that thousand-yard stare, he’d sigh heavily, and just murmur, “I don’t know, it was just…it was…you couldn’t even believe…” and then sigh again. He’d been a US Army MP towards the war’s end, and was renowned locally as a total badass, which I can vouch for myself: I once saw him jump off the roof of my grandma’s house and onto to the back of an unsaddled, running horse, which he then rode off into the distance at a screaming clip. No kind of daisy, he, but he was so deeply and powerfully affected by what he’d seen at Bergen-Belsen that the horror of it never left him.

    “It wasn’t 6 million, it was only one/three/whatever?” Yeah, right; let the dot-mil round up and gas a mere fraction of that million here in the FUSA, culled from an orders-of-magnitude bigger population, and let’s see what you have to say about THAT.

    • Michael Hendrix

      Almost forgot: that uncle was also the one who always shook his head in disgust in later years at all the notional Americans who bought Mitsubishi automobiles, because “that’s the same damned company that made the Zeros that dive-bombed Pearl Harbor.” He just couldn’t fathom that. He’s seven years gone now, who the hell knows what he’df make of what’s going on now. But he, for one, never had any doubts at all about whether or not Hitler was evil; for him, Hitler was, Stalin was, and Hirohito too. Can’t argue that myself, and have no wish to.

    • saoirse

      Your shilling is painfully transparent but thanks anyways for the melodramatic holohoax history lesson normie-cuck (or is it hasbarat?) Hendrix.
      The willfully ignorant whining and crocodile tears from your type is endless but is backed by no real evidence. Eyewitness (wink wink, reparations anyone?) testimony, “liberation” photos showing sick, starving and dead inmates – from ALLIED bombings of supply lines and, in turn, typhus, and tortured confessions are all your ilk can muster.
      All the GI’s, continuously brainwashed with anti-German propaganda from boot camp, were told exactly what they were seeing by their equally brainwashed, politicized officers and politicians.
      I don’t give two shits what your uncles said they thought they saw! One of them probably missed the horse more times than he landed on the saddle.
      Go back to Bill “The Shill” O’Reilly!

      • Michael Hendrix

        Yeah, fuck you too, fascist. I owe you not one goddamned shred of evidence, nor anything else. (((JOOOO JOOO JOO JOOOOOOOOOO!!!!))) Talk about whining, your ilk sounds just like every nigger in the country blaming Whitey for al his problems. Go piss up a rope.

        • saoirse

          LOL! Your Ward Cleaver avatar says it all. A pontificating from the 19th hole at the country club with drink in hand piece of shit!
          You have no evidence so you can’t owe me anything.
          By the way Ward, bleating “fascist” is what shitlibs do.
          Say hi to your wife – when she’s done fucking that nigger while you watch that is.

  7. Jeffrey Zoar

    No need to overcomplicate by making it about immigrants, or race, or whatever

    When ordered, the soldiers, whoever they are, will fire. At whoever they are ordered to fire upon.

    I invite you to read up on how things went in Missouri during the War Between the States. Those were all white people.

  8. Olguy

    God forbid they should Fix ..Why? Doah!!
    Besides Bloat, the fallback excuse.

    Stop being A Fruitcake mama’s boi Social Experiment and be a Military.

    I aint rocket science

  9. saoirse

    The U.S. military and police apparatuses have been murdering civilians since the Shays Rebellion. The only difference now is that while there would probably be a moderate unwillingness to fire on civilians in an all white force, the inclusion of all the muds, shitlibs and freaks guarantees wanton murder of whites on an unprecedented scale.
    By the way: Those “big name area in the military” robo-hooyah boys are the most indoctrinated assholes in the ranks. Like their cop buddies, they ain’t gonna give up their prestige, connections, egos or pensions to help the insurgency!

  10. AZFloyd

    “Aesop can be wrong on various things (eg Russia/Ukraine), but this post is spot-on:”

    Reality has crossed a Rubicon if I can agree with Aesop. But I read that post and cannot find anything to disagree with.

    But as vocal critic of my fellow whites, I’ll be adopting his advice and shutting my goddamn mouth until I exercise a single shit, shovel, and shut up loop.

    So, I wholeheartedly recommend all read Aesop’s post.

  11. Gryphon

    While there’s No Question that the ‘military’ will ALWAYS ‘just follow orders’ and Shoot the Citizens that the ‘government’ Opposes, the current state of “Warfare” (4G, 5G, whatever) is Not, like the politicians think, “F-15’s vs. AR-15’s”. The ability for a Very Small Number of people to cause Massive Disruption, beyond the ability for the ‘government’ to deal with, is going to be the Deciding Factor in any version of (un)Civil War in the FUSSA.

    It is a Fact that the U.S.Mil was defeated by ‘men who fuck goats’. No, don’t say “We Won every Battle”. You still Lost the War – the Purpose of the War was to create a Puppet ‘government’ and Change the Afghan Society to reflect Clownworld. It Failed. The same political dynamics are in play Here, and the ‘leaders’ who are trying to Impose Clownworld on the United States will Fail for the same reasons- the Majority of People are fed up with the intentional Destruction of the Nation- and eventually (and soon) some event, or “Incident” will happen to show enough people that (at first) a few will take Action; the History of Repression by a ‘government’ shows that once the Violence becomes ‘Two-Way’, the government can ONLY Escalate- and hope that the ‘Rebellion’ can be Crushed before the ‘government’ collapses.

    Remember, it took only Two (non-white) persons playing “Sniper” to come very close to Shutting Down the Swamp. I was near that Area, and it was common knowledge that at the point where the Shooters were apprehended, nearly ALL of the ‘federal workforce’ was not going to ‘work’. 3, 5, 9 such ‘teams’ would have created effective “Gridlock” of the City. And these individuals were NOT Targeting specific ‘government officials’.

    The open Aid to a Foreign Invasion being conducted by the Military and “Agencies” is becoming Too Big to hide. My suspicion is that an “Incident” related to this Operation may be what sets off ‘Dynamic Action’ against the regime.

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