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Just Wait, School Is Almost Out

Today is the last day of school for most of the local Amish schools. The last day traditionally includes all of the families coming to school, dads taking off work and having a picnic, playing softball with kids and parents and perhaps a water fight. Good wholesome fun. Summer “break” for Amish kids means young boys going to work with dad to learn a trade and young girls spending the summer helping mom with yardwork and gardening. There is also hay to make and lots to keep them busy, no time for drive-by shootings and car jacking. In a few weeks urban “schools” will also let out….

What happens when millions of school aged Looter-Americans that have been in “school” for months, in cold weather no less, are suddenly unleashed on the public when summer break starts? We are about to find out, but it isn’t like they have been model students when “school” is in session….

First to Antioch High School in Tennessee where a young scholarette took time away from physics club to pepper spray a teacher.

You will be shocked to see the screenshot….

The teacher looks like a vagrant but is probably trying to be hip and cool to reach the yoof. Fun fact, Antioch High School is the alma mater of financial grifter guru Dave Ramsey.

Next up Texas, in the city of Houston

The now-viral footage was filmed last Thursday as two ninth-graders started brawling in a hallway at Westfield High School in Houston, officials confirmed to The Post.

It shows screaming students encouraging the duo to fight, with many filming on their phones and one girl even jumping for joy as the pair throw wild haymakers at each other.

The chaotic clips then show someone in a pink blazer racing in to try to stop the fight — quickly shielding herself as onlookers appear to throw punches and swarm in even closer.

“Bitch! Bitch!” one person can be heard hollering as the woman is pushed to the floor, swarmed by a mob of students. “Everybody kick the ho!”

The video is lovely, I especially liked this part. While the two black chicks were fighting, a black boy was jumping up and down and screeching in sheer delight behind them. It was decidedly simian.

The school in question, Westfield High School in Houston, sounds like a lovely place for an education. A website that grades school districts gave us a clue as to the problem….

Great marks in “diversity” and sports, everything else sucks. If that doesn’t scream “holding pen for black yoofs”, what does?

Finally my favorite of the bunch

Three times the gun apparently failed and they kept racking the slide, ejecting the round and then misfiring again. Solid maintenance of your firearm boys. They ended up pistol whipping the kid they intended to kill. It reminded me of the scene in Schindler’s List where Ralph Fiennes tries to shoot the guy in the head for working too slowly but both of his pistols fail to fire, even though the first one was a Luger and I think those were pretty reliable.

Hilariously you never saw the round eject from the pistols, pretty tough to execute someone with an unloaded gun. There is a lesson here about living on your knees encouraging people to shoot you in the head, but for another day.

The best part of the story above is this screenshot….

I love the NASA sweatshirt! I literally busted out laughing when I saw that and the first thing that popped into my head made me make a quick meme from the Muppet Show “Pigs In Space” skit….

I crack me up.

What is not so funny are hundreds of thousands of black kids with nothing but time (and stolen Glocks with “switches”) on their hands running wild in the streets. Actually since I avoid those areas and the people that live in those areas vote for this shit, it is kinda funny.

Let the games begin!


  1. Exile1981

    Most definately a summer of diversity coming. Up here we just have enviromentalists starting forest fires to influence the upcoming provincial election.

  2. saoirse

    Had the army featured (rather poorly) in Swindler’s List prevailed, we wouldn’t have the problems, seen and/or experienced on a daily basis, we have today!
    No chimp-outs, trannies, shitlibs, feminism, latrinos etc. because the parasites that enabled those would be exiled to a controlled Petri dish…… or eliminated entirely.
    No more bank frauds, crony capitalism and white-on-white exploitation either.
    See Ernst Zundel’s or Mark Collett’s review of that joke of a film on Odysee.

  3. Dehyrdrated Water

    Read about a UN paper stating that the hollow cost will be used to justify the global soviet.
    Adopting their mind and customs is a fatal blue screen mistake.
    JaQuan loves that sideways pistol hold so there won’t be any accuracy as spent casings fly back in your face.
    Stay sharp it’s gonna be a spicy summer.

  4. Anonymous

    The hood’s hoodie has “NASSA” spelled wrong. The Negro American Space Society of Astronauts has been the best kept secret since the Tuskegee airmen won the war for an ungrateful, racist White America. If you haven’t seen the Old Negro Space Program on JTube, do yourself a favor and gain enlightenment. Damned near shat myself laughing.

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