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Import Africa, Become Africa

News from the “American” heartland….

The leader of Minnesota’s Democratic Party says he is calling an emergency meeting this week to “ban individuals engaged in violent assaults” from its ranks after a tense confrontation erupted over the weekend at an event to nominate candidates for a Minneapolis City Council seat.

The showdown between supporters of Minneapolis Council Member Aisha Chughtai and her challenger, Nasri Warsame, on Saturday has been surrounded by allegations of assault from both campaigns ahead of the November election.

Video shows the incident began after a crowd of Chughtai supporters took the stage in preparation for her speech, which caused an uproar among Warsame supporters. Some Warsame supporters then jumped on the stage, shouting, banging on tables and waving signs. The Ward 10 convention ultimately was adjourned without a nominee being chosen.

“Stop! This is embarrassing!” a party official could be heard shouting into a microphone. “The police are being called, everyone leave the building now. Out! Out! I’m shutting this down! This is no longer safe.”

Bridget Siljander, a Chughtai supporter, told the Associated Press that the scene in Minneapolis was “complete chaos.”

“I was scared some of us might die,” she said, adding that she saw people punching, shoving and pushing each other on the floor.

Wow, it is just like the scenes from the days when the Founders debated the Constitution!

I especially liked the faggot at the end banging his gavel like a 8 year old girl having a tantrum. That little queer is going to have a good time when there are enough Muslims around that they can stop pretending to be in solidarity with homos.

Just look at these wholesome Americans!

These are the people voting for a city council member in Minneapolis, a once American city that has descended into Somali style chaos.

The incumbent, Aisha Chughtai, looks like some Indian subcontinent type. She is almost fat enough to qualify as a subcontinent of her own. I am guessing she is Pakistani because she talks about Muslim crap and shares a first name with Muhammad’s “wife” that he consummated his “marriage” when she was 9 years old….

She doesn’t look like someone struggling to buy groceries. Her challenger, Nasri Warsame….

According to his campaign website linked above (and clearly written by a non-Somali staffer), emphasis mine….

As a community advocate, I am actively working to improve the lives of my Somali community. I show up for my neighbors and am committed to showing up for all Ward 10 residents. All voices deserve to be heard. I will work toward a community that is safe for all, environmentally sustainable, where every person is valued and secure. As a renter, soccer coach, community service officer, and former refugee from Somalia, I understand the challenges of building a strong and inclusive community. I am committed to working with every neighborhood, and the people of ward 10 to achieve our shared goals of safety, inclusion and environmental justice.

If someone running for the city council of an American city in 2023 talked about improving the lives of his Irish or Italian community, he would be branded a racist but some Somali can talk about preferring his Somali community and it’s just dandy. Not content to turn their own countries into shitholes, now people like Nasri Warsame and Aisha Chughtai have come to my country seeking to replicate their former homes, all the while bitching at White people for not giving them enough free stuff.

The chaos on display at chimp-out in Minneapolis is a glimpse into the future of America. Importing low IQ savages clinging to a primitive, violent religion is bad enough but making them citizens and giving them the power to vote will be the end of America.


  1. Meanest

    There was a tribal garbed replacement in front of the dollar den with some stop bullying horseshit Monday.
    I farted with some paint peeling action and kept on heading towards the jalopy, it isn’t mandatory…for now
    That was fakeness with all the money going into the wallet and cellphone numbers from dumb Karen queefs who don’t have enough shoulder to take on the problems of the world.
    This mongoloid retarded tower of Babel gets everything it deserves.

  2. Don W Curton

    Without even going into the ethnic element, I’ve noticed that both of their “bios” stress their hardships and victim mentality. Since I’ve seen some of the following firsthand, I’m going to ask the question – if you can’t manage a blue collar paycheck and keep your children fed, how the hell are you qualified to manage a city budget of who knows how many millions?

    People who can’t manage a simple income and suddenly receive large sums of money tend to waste it in incredible fashion. I’d rather vote for a business owner or someone who took a blue collar paycheck and turned themselves into a self-made millionaire, never mind not being able to feed their own kids.

    But yeah, the ethnic element carries a whole nother weight. Get out of big cities while you can.

        • Randolph Scott

          Those assholes and their constituents will then graduate into being targets because they will attempt break into our homes and steal our food.

        • Arthur Sido

          We saw that a few years ago when it went down for just a few hours, the blaque wahmen just rolled carts full of steaks out of the front door cuz dey was owed it

          • Gator

            Imagine being a normal person just trying to buy groceries with the money you earn from having a job on that day, or those days. It’ll be one of those days I’ll be thankful I have a big freezer full of meat, that’s for sure.

            That kind of shit isn’t tolerated where I live, but in places where it is, they’ll have to shut those stores down. It’s like a cascade, once it starts they’ll strip every store bare. It would take some time to get everything back to ‘normal’ assuming that even happens.

            But obviously .gov knows this – food stamps will be the last thing they stop paying for if there’s any kind of funding disruption.

    • Jack Shitlord

      In 1975, these were FU$A’s five most livable cites: Cincinnati, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Portland, Oregon, Seattle & San Diego. Look at ’em in 2023. Anything change in the last 50 years?

    • Bman

      My family has been here around 1680. “Hardships”. Hmm, like cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, etc. Oh wait, they mean “Hardships” like the Government giving them free loans, running the local government, and the Government not stealing enough heritage American money and giving it to them. Those “Hardships”. Got it.

  3. mike

    This place will become the first islamic No-Go zone in America. They will likely declare Sharia law there shortly afterward. Yes, they will then throw all of the gays, trans, and uppity non islamic women off of the rooftops, it ought to be quite the spectacle. Barry made a mistake setting these people up so far north. In a winter siege without heat. power, or food, the die off should be impressive.

      • Exile1981

        Back in 2016 i had a lay over of 4 hours at Min/st Paul airport, i watched obese women in trash bags being wheeled everywhere. Fights between muslim factions, a knifing and a weave pulling. Decided i would never go through the airport again. If its that bad on the secure side i cant imagine it out in the city.

    • gary

      per some private talks with Mpls PD officers -there are already 2-3 no-go
      zones in Minneapolis. as a former minneapolitan i’ve heard about this for 10 years.
      inner ring hennepin county suburbs have bad areas to avoid.

  4. Olguy

    If I had grown up in Minneapolis…
    I would be some kinda pissed.

    A beautiful city is now a shithole..JUST
    like somalia.

    Diversity…Is The Problem

  5. Moe Gibbs

    I watched the video with the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore show playing in my head.

    “Who can turn the world on with her smile…”

    Minneapolis, Mogadishu.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    I fear that in 20 years if not sooner this will be all of the midwest. The resettlement is proceeding as we speak

  7. McNasty

    Why were white people even there in the auditorium?

    My city had a city councilor trying to get elected and he said as a shitskin I can represent the shitskins in my riding better.
    The white guy running against him said something like, as a a christian I can represent all people of my riding and was blasted. I can’t remember if it was the racist angle or anti christian leveled at him.

  8. dave in pa.

    well, it is kind of simple. once in power they will steal every penny they can. it is what they do. give some big contract to a “cousin” or someone close to them. do not do the job they where paid to do and split the money.
    it might explain why the water in Flint sucks or why it doesn’t work at all in some town/cities down south.
    the roads will get worse fast. as any money for them will go elsewhere- someone’s pocket.
    just look at public schools, millions have being tossed at them and they still suck at teaching the kids basic math.
    or reading skills. we are not going to vote our way out of this shit show. face it. arm up while you still can.
    look for “off the books” weapons as well- grandpa’s old rifle/handgun/shotgun. anything WITHOUT a paper trail
    and get as much ammo as you can while you at it.

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  10. Gryphon

    South Africa is showing the Way- there are now too few Whites to “Keep the Lights On”, and these (formerly) American Cities are headed in that direction, Fast. The ‘government’ here seems not only Unwilling and Unable to stop it, but now is so Actively importing ‘shitskins’ and doing everything they can to Destroy Whites and their Culture, that I don’t think the ‘Incident’ that makes the Revolution start is very far away at all.

  11. Bear Claw

    Complete chaos, no no no that was one hell of a democratic low level chimp out. The future looks bright and entertaining and on a higher level


    Well, I may have missed it in the comments section but I cannot help but channel Sun Tzu: “Never interrupt your enemies when they are busy fighting with one another.” SoCal has experienced Black on Latino and Latino on Black shootings for many years. The winners went to jail, the losers went to the morgue. The woke social justice white fools who still live in that hell hole will end up robbed and murdered. Sadly, the ones that escape will bring their Marxist syphilitic thinking with them. Know your enemies. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  13. Lunastargazer

    I would venture to say all major cities are mud cities. 13 years ago I tried to convince friends and family to leave Chicago, St. Louis, California…..etc. They would not listen. Only one person admitted sheepishly she needed to leave, but is now stuck. No money to leave now. Not even a decent car. Two are now dead and I believe they died of medical malpractice or neglect in big city hospitals. One was a dear family member.

    Breaks my heart. My husband and I offered them a place to live. Nope. Gotta stay for this reason….all dumb reasons. Reasons that made no sense. I would get so upset, cry and almost bang my head on the wall. To no avail.

    I don’t talk to anyone about it anymore. F it. They have the same internet I do. Heaven help them.

  14. Colombo Salvage & Arsenal

    Wondering what the national guard looks like around those parts. Probably not looted yet as the party is still getting planned and organized. Definitely going to get interesting, at least from a distance.

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  17. Skyler the Weird

    Can you imagine an episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show today? Mare would be a Karen. Lou would be a fat Lezzie. Murray would be a hip African American. Rhoda would be a wise Latina, Phyllis would be Somali in a hajib. Only Ted would be the same: the Stupid White Guy.

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