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How Do You Really Feel?

Some based ranting from Chris Langan, one of the smartest guys around who will remind you of that if you forget, but also doesn’t beat around the bush (via Gab, HT Big Country Expat):

When you are super intelligent and don’t give a shit, you can say stuff like that. Unfortunately most of the people reading his posts already mostly agree but I still liked it.


  1. Commies Are Subhuman Vermin

    It’s all going to plan the communist revolution in the USA.
    Maybe 3% even have a clue just like the original American Revolution.
    Comrade commissar Billy Ayers stated that 25 million Legacy Americans would have to be exterminated in the 1973 Weather Underground manifesto Prairie Fire.
    Book smarts are lovely but we’ll need Iron Will and Discipline for what is coming.

  2. SirLawrence

    By the time you distill White people down to those: (1) across the great divide of prog-leftie in the first place; and then (2) Wise to the woman question; (3) wise to the J question; and (4) wise to the liberal democracy question, well the demographics are already lean even among our own people.

    Failing to address each of these issues for their own role in this war means the retreat or trojan horse is built it in. Hell, look at how the 40 year war on boys suddenly matters because some girls are getting pushed out by trannies. The solution to the war on boys? Save the girls. And that from guys on our “side”.

    Same thing played out in the Churches vis a vis the woman question.

    A lot of men I know like to point out the Revolution only needed 3-5% of the colonists to actually do anything. Perhaps.

    But they had a lot of open space and common ground even among those who would become loyalists. The thing is, we are not going to get a revolution. Or some VW2.

    We are 7 innings into genocide and 90% of us are still talking about how to lay down a bunt to hold onto that social status. The great decline is an effect of the war on our people. More is coming. Because “don’t let them divide us!”. Will Homo Economicus wake up? NO. Though I appreciate the yelling at them because it helps our guys drown out the gaslight coming from all sides.

      • Gryphon

        Jaybo – Most of the “Real” jews were Massacred by the Romans in Jerusalem. There are some Remnants of them, but the Majority of “those who Call themselves jews, but Do Lie” are the Khazar Tribe/Ashkenazi from >Guess Where< the Ukraine. Wonder why the entire kosher 'Media' just HATES Russia and its People? Wonder why the 'jewish' zionist Neocons are Waging War against Russia? It is because they know that it was the Kievian Rus that Drove them Out of "Khazaria" and damned near succeeded in Genociding the lot of them. One reason that (((they))) are so Inbred (the Bald Spot is the tell- Semites have Thick Hair) is that Genetic Research has shown that the "Tribe" had been Cut Down to as few as 500 Breeding Females.
        "Missed it by That. Much."

  3. Jaybo

    Fake Christian Zionist Pastors? What are real Christian Zionist Pastors? He might want to read the Bible. It says God will deal with His people, we are to aid them if it is not contrary to our Lord’s will. That being said that Lord (Jesus of Nazareth) said if you don’t have a sword buy one, and if we are being forced to obey people and governments that are legislating rules that are contrary to God’s word we are to disobey, and fight. e.g. homosexuality and abortion

    You are embarassed to be white? WOW you better identify as something else

    • The Infant Phenomenon

      ” … the Bible. It says God will deal with His people [meaning the Jews], we are to aid them if it is not contrary to our Lord’s will. […]”

      It would be hard to find a statement that displays a more abysmal ignorance of Sacred Scripture than this one.

      I’d suggest that Jayboc read specific Scriptures to understand about the Jews, but he wouldn’t be able to grasp the meanings; nevertheless here’s one simple suggestion: Read the Gospel according to St John, and if you can’t see clearly how the definition of the word “Jew(s)” changes in that Gospel account (and you, Jaboc, can’t and won’t see it), then it’s pointless for me or anybody else who is knowledgeable about Sacred Scripture, to say more, so I’ll stop now.

  4. pyrrhus

    Israel has 3 walls and is ejecting anyone who is not to the liking of the Ashkenazi…Perhaps we should emulate our Greatest Ally…

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