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Hoosier Groomers

Even in a deep red state like Indiana we have degenerates trying to groom and molest kids like this outfit (HT: Not The Bee):

The innocuous sounding “Indiana Youth Group” is a grooming outfit trying to recruit new homos for the ranks. Remember that fags don’t reproduce, they recruit. Notice at the bottom of the post:

“Parents will be invited to participate in other activities offsite or encouraged to explore the city.”

Say what? That is basically stating: NO PARENTS ALLOWED, although they will amusingly be having activities for parents at the neighboring Trinity Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. I wandered over to their website and on the front page was an exciting announcement!

Welcome Rev’d Rebecca!

Beloved Trinity and St. Richard’s community —

I am overjoyed to announce that the Rev’d Rebecca Kirkpatrick has accepted the call to serve as Associate Rector for Children and Families at Trinity Episcopal Church and Chaplain to St. Richard’s Episcopal School, beginning in early June! She brings 15 years of experience in children’s ministry and Episcopal school chaplaincy in the Seattle area. To learn more about her, please read her letter below.

Well that sounds lovely, this gal will be in charge of teaching children! Here is the gal in question…

…and you can guess what is coming next…

Rev’d Rebecca and her wife Cara Kirkpatrick are parents to a beautiful 6-month-old named William.

I cannot for the life of me figure out why mainline Protestant denominations are dying out. So weird and really surprising that this “church” would partner with a groomer gang like “Indiana Youth Group”. I hope Rebecca Kilpatrick and her “wife” Cara have already started looking for a good therapist for their “son” William, because he will definitely need it.

Something else I found interesting, before I was blocked by these groomers on both of my Facebook accounts I noticed one of their likes came from this page:

The “Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking” likes a group that is grooming 12 year olds and banning parents from attending? There are endless examples of adult homosexuals, especially males, being molested by older men and starting them on the path to faggotry (George Takei, looking at you cupcake). This seems to be a quietly accepted right of passage for adult faggots but it is generally considered child rape when an underage kid is molested by an adult. I guess that sort of sexual assault isn’t the kind they want to end in Indiana but on the other hand they employ someone named Alexus Moore as their “Sexual Assault Response Program Coordinator” and she looks like the least likely person to ever be sexually assaulted (except perhaps by a warthog)

Where did I put my special bottle of eye bleach?

Back to the main story. I attended lots of youth events as a youth, from week long FFA summer camps to after-school activities and sure, parents usually didn’t come, but I don’t recall any events that a) were specifically sexual in nature and b) that specifically made a point of excluding parents.

What exactly is going on that parents of kids as young as 12 are prohibited from observing? I am not suggesting that they are actively molesting kids on site, although I am not ruling that out either, but they certainly are probably pushing the grooming boundaries to the point that even a parent who would willingly send their kid to this event might become uncomfortable with it. As an aside, a parent that does send their kid to an event like this should be arrested and lose custody.

Everything about this event screams grooming and yet it will be allowed to go on unimpeded even in a state like Indiana. As I said earlier today, there isn’t really a safe place to hide in America. They will find you and They will find your kids.


  1. Locustpost

    My friend has a 17 year old boy who he mistakenly sent to a fancy, expensive private grade school that specialized in lefty harm. When he was 15 the boy said he hated his white male privileged. A year later he said he was a girl. They took the kid to a head doctor expecting some questions about mental health. Instead, without asking a single question the doctor provided and prescribed huge doses of estrogen. Now the kid is a double mess. Doesn’t go to school or leave the house. My friend says it is like living with a woman who is having a period every day. Groomed and doomed by everyone around. My buddy is a failed parent because he didn’t stop it. The boy doesn’t have a bright future and soon will surely be physically castrated and have his cock turned inside out to make a fake vagina. We are living in a truly barbaric time.

    • pyrrhus

      And the parents of this boy didn’t notice that he had been prescribed estrogen? How did he hide that from them…Didn’t they question the “doctor” about what had gone one?

    • Mike_C

      I’m sorry for your friend and much more sorry for his son. I’m sure there are legit criticisms about how the parents let this go so far, but it feels like just piling on at this point so I’ll hold off. (And it’s possible that the parents are not allowed to “deny” the “essential medical” estrogen treatment to their son. THAT’s how fucked up things are now.)

      I hope for the best for the kid (but it doesn’t sound good). Hopefully at least other people can learn from this horrible situation.

      Most people have NO idea how badly the medical field is pozzed. (At least academic medicine, which are the vast majority of people on the standards and guideline committees and in charge of the professional organizations.)

      Right now there’s a battle going at some psychology journal because they accepted and published a paper suggesting that much of this recent wave of “gender dysphoria” is because of external influences (groomers, Hollywood, the infotainment complex). There are call for the authors to lose their jobs, and the journal editor to be removed.

      That’s just one example out of dozens every day. I just happened to read about that one randomly.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    There are laws on the books to prosecute everyone involved. But nobody, even in Indiana, seems real interested in applying them. More likely you will be prosecuted for carrying a torch. I’m not sure exactly when the folks in charge decided the social contract was no longer applicable, but they did, it isn’t, and that works both ways as far as I am concerned.

  3. lunastargazer

    The one thing I’ve noticed is that most of these mutants are obese and ugly. And misshapen. I was a teenager in the 70’s. I wouldn’t be caught dead without my makeup and hair done when I went out. And on the weekends? Dressed to the nines. Slim, trim, in good shape, nice clothes, hair and makeup. Hell if you’re going dancing you gotta look pretty to get someone to dance with you right?

    Now it’s the opposite. I see it on adverts. The uglier, fatter and more gross you look, the higher your status. I see it sometimes when I’m out in public, although not as bad as the orcs in advertisements and these so called tranny organizations. I think these outlets are for those who can’t get a date and need some sort of socializing.

  4. Bear in indy

    Lots of push back on this on from people in Indianapolis. The Indianapolis Airport Authority is part of the debacle. As one of the main sponsors of the event. 93 WIBC radio is all over it, as is the Daily Signal, totally a “screw you” to parents and the TAXPAYERS, as the Indianapolis International Airport is a Municipal corporation.
    As in the old days it was: “No Irish need apply.” Now it’s: ‘No parents need attend, your kid, is mine.’

    Bear in Indy

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