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Happy Mothers Day!

I don’t generally recognize Hallmark holidays but it doesn’t cost a dime to wish the mothers out there a happy day, most especially my own wife and the mother of my eight children who is spending the day with my four daughters, leaving me and the boys with a quiet house!


  1. saoirse

    Well said! Enjoy the moment of silence with your sons.

    To all the dindus out there: Yo Mama’s Day, every day!
    To the cholos: Tu Puta Madre’s Day!
    To the shitlibs: You either killed your kids, vaxxed them or are selfish and barren. Fuck you in spades!

  2. Sooper Sekret Shuter

    Esmerelda Villalobos at the Sack-N-Save has a cart full of babies.
    The mariachi ringtone was a nice touch.
    Whites never view a womb as an ATM or EBT card.
    Didn’t the Muslims have a quote about wombs as weapons?

  3. Xzebek

    Happy Mother’s day to all mothers who love and care for their children. My mother was wonderful. I wish that for all children.

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