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Fair Is Fair

Normally when a news report of a mass shooting at an after prom house party comes out, the usual suspects are the killers but we have a unicorn sighting…

Police are saying Cameron Everest Brand, age 19, is the sole shooter that left two dead and four wounded. The one deceased I saw was De’Arreis Smith, a black guy. The shooting happened in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi near Biloxi, a town that is mostly (75%) White from what I read on Wikipedia. Apparently both of the people killed were from Hancock High School in Kiln, MS and the shooter is from Pass Christian…

Police are “still seeking a motive” so we will wait and see but a house party mass shooting with a non-black shooter is rare enough to warrant mention.


  1. Vince

    They’re learning. You can’t have all your mass shooters be of the blood. Every now and then a dolphin pokes it’s head up in a congress of apes

  2. Moe Gibbs

    All it takes is that one-in-ten White mass shooter to reinforce and perpetuate the stereotype that mass shooting is a “White thing”. If this froot loop didn’t yet do us the favor of taking himself out of the land of the living, for sure some-homebody in the joint will kindly accommodate us. What a punchable face this pencil neck has.

  3. Exile1981

    He had previous charges for illegal gun possession and donestic abuse back in 2022.

    Also I see the lgbt groups are out pushing the story he wasnt trans he was an incel. Seems someone wants out front on this.

  4. Xzebek

    Pretty poor marksmanship for a white boy. Only 2 killed and 4 wounded made me think chimp.
    Then I saw the picture and now I assume it was the limp wristed grip that accounted for it.

    • Michael Hendrix

      UNFAIR, you guys! A pistol just doesn’t respond in the hand like a penis does. And I think we have enough information by now to guess which tool “he” was most experienced with, and accustomed to.

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