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Eleeet Kollagez

UC-Berkeley held a “black only” commencement and it featured a lot of what you would expect….

I was surprised there wasn’t full on feces flinging.


  1. The Future

    A stench ridden hybrid of Planet of the Apes, Idiocracy, Wokanda in the new West South Africa FUSA.
    The Great Leap Banana will wipe it all out for good during the fourth term under Big Mike.
    That is the plan of the Long March.
    They (wink) weren’t kidding about countries we really hate get turned into hollowed out welfare colonies.

  2. Xzebek

    Regardless of the setting or occasion, chimps will act like chimps.
    Btw there was a shooting event at a Chicago beach. No fatalities reported and a 15 year old arrested for assault. Any bets on what he looks like? They probably won’t release his mug shot due to his age but I have a suspicion!

  3. George True

    Just yesterday there was a ‘Somali Cultural Night’ at a high school in Minneapolis that resulted in a huge melee replete with fights, stabbings, and shootings. It apparently took almost every extra cop citywide plus state troopers to get things under control.

    Import the third world, become the third world. My relatives in Minnesota now refer to the twin cities as Mogadishu-St Paul.

  4. Locust Post

    I attended the commencement at Clemson University a few weeks ago. Reflecting America today, it featured Historic White Americans, Chinese, Indians, African Blacks and Historic American Blacks. All the demographics were respectful of the occasion–there were a lot of graduates and several thousand family members in the arena–except for one tribe. The Historic Black American men often did weird, ceremony-stopping dances and mistral style antics on the stage. At times they blew referee whistles while they strutted and danced about. They stopped the cadence of the whole ceremony and the poor student following them was robbed of their time being honored. The audience was silent except for the dancer’s family who shouted with remote voices in corners of the assembled sea of diversity humanity. The larger assembly hated it. They were silent as the only way to protest because of….not being racist. None of the Historic Black Americans graduated with a diploma in any degree that required math. The audience vibe was “blacks being black and it is a crime to be racist and only blacks commit crimes”.

  5. Danny

    It’s interesting that the stage was very traditional. That is, it was devoid of objects that could be climbed, leapt upon, turned over or damaged in some way. Well perhaps those activities were reserved for the graduation parties you referenced.

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