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I am starting to think this whole “democracy” thing wasn’t such a great idea.


  1. Mahtomedi

    Socrates, Plato and Aristotle all knew that democracy was a very bad idea. It’s a terrible deception. Book VIII of Plato’s Republic and Book V of Aristotle’s Politics discuss this.

    The comparison to where the Western world is now is striking. From the ridiculous level of people doting over their house pets to the enchantment of Alien immigration. They knew.

  2. George True

    I cringe inwardly and outwardly every time I hear any of our politicians of either party refer to our system of government as a “democracy”. Our founders created a Republic, albeit a very imperfect one, and unfortunately with no enforcement provisions spelled out against government officials who break the rules of our Republic. Consequently, they all break the rules with impunity and with no fear of ever being held accountable.

    Our nation would have been better off with the original Articles of Confederation rather than the Constitution, which served primarily to create a much more powerful central government.

  3. Gryphon

    IMO, a Constitutional Monarchy, having a Constitution that specifies the Right of the Citizens, and Duties of the Sovereign, is infinitely preferable to a “Democracy”. An Idiot King can be Removed, where in a Dumbocracy, you are stuck with Mob Rule by the Stupid, being taken advantage of by Criminals and (((parasites))). Look into the History of Honest Monarchs who ‘Removed the parasites’ from their Nations. The most Important Duty of a King is to know When to yell “Off with his Head” towards the Enemies of the Nation.

    Saudi Arabia doesn’t have a Problem with Groomers, Trannyfags, and usurious ‘bankers’.
    Jus’ Sayin’….

  4. Bread And Circus

    It’s been Mob Rule since at least the OJ Simpson trial.
    The Long March is the thanks we get for liberating you know who.

    “I hate America and everyone in it, it’s my life’s work to destroy it.”

    George Soros, 1979.

  5. Umglick Goyim

    When will I be getting my reparations from the jews for killing Jesus? They killed my Messiah whose real name is Y’shua, they have made my life extremely difficult, I demand reparations. And who will carry this demand to the world, I am not alone, all who are not jews deserve reparations for their satanic destruction of humanity.

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