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“Democrat Run Cities”: The Ultimate NormieCon Cope?

This meme came as part of a Friday meme collection from a Substack account I subscribe to.

This is quite a common narrative from the sort of people that read Breitbart for news, also showing up places like Fox News and other normiecon sites frequented by Boomers and younger conservatives that have yet to break the programming. It goes something like this: the explosion of violence in our large cities is the result of mismanagement by Democrat mayors.

There is more than a sliver of truth in this. Certainly the regime of mayors like Lori Lightfoot and various Soros funded DAs that let criminals out of prison as fast as cops can arrest them have encouraged thugs to be even more wanton than they naturally would be. But the important part to remember is this:

Democrat rule is downstream from demographic change.

If Detroit was still 84% White like it was in 1950, there wouldn’t be a Democrat mayor and there also wouldn’t be even a fraction of the violent crime. We know this for a fact. Exhibit A, the most infamous killing grounds in America: Chicago, Illinois. Chicago doesn’t have the most murders per capita because it is such a large city but it does have a shit-load of murders every year. Last year there were well over 700 murders in Chicago, the year before that over 850 and in 2020 just a couple shy of 800.

Those murders were not even distributed across the population as we can see from this chart courtesy of Hey Jackass!.

Out of the over 730 homicides in 2022, only 35 were “White/Other”. That means that less than 5% of murders in Chicago were “White/Other” and since we know two other things, that most murders are intraracial and that interracial violent crime is 90% black on White, that means that likely far less than 5% of murderers in Chicago were White and whatever the hell “Other” is, I assume some of those were Asians or Middle Easterners, perhaps mixed race.

Chicago is 31% White and with a population of around 2.7 million that works out to around 837,000 White people in Chicago. With 35 Whites/Others murdered in 2022, that means a murder rate of well under 5 per 100,000 people. That is approaching the point of being statistically irrelevant. The overall murder rate in Chicago was 18.26 in 2019 according to CBS news. By way of contrast, St. Louis had a murder rate of 64.54, Baltimore 58.27 and Birmingham, AL 50.62 while at the bottom of the CBS news list, Hampton, VA came in with a murder rate of 11.26.

The point? While Chicago has a Democrat mayor and hasn’t had a Republican mayor since William H. Thompson left office in 1931, it is a very safe city from a murder standpoint…as long as you are White or “Other”. If Chicago was 100% White, it would be a very safe city indeed. It is not and the reason it is not safe is not because the mayor is a Democrat but rather because 2/3 of the city is made up of non-Whites. This is true for every large city with a crime problem in America, regardless of the political affiliation of the mayor.

Normiecons cope using the “Democrat-run city” narrative because it provides them with one of the few remaining mechanisms to ignore the obvious: We don’t have a violent crime problem in America, we have a violent minority problem in America.

The question yet to be answered, although we can guess: what happens when the violent minorities become the majority?

When that happens in the very near future, blaming their violence on the mayor having a D behind their name won’t be enough to hide the truth.


  1. Anonymous

    Invoking the shibboleth of “Democrat-run” is akin to citing “good schools” as cover for why otherwise virtue-broadcasting GoodWhites choose to live in certain neighborhoods and not others. A school is just a pile of bricks and doesn’t come with any sort of intrinsic character defining it as “good” or “bad”, just like a city is not doomed by its simple existence to hosting citizens of a particular political persuasion. But we all know intuitively what makes a school “bad” and precisely what “Democrat-run” means, as far as a city’s demography, and by extension, its livability.

    We’re never going to find our way out of this mess until the majority stop dancing around the issue and name the cancer that is killing us.

  2. Gryphon

    Many of those “Democrat Mayors” are (and were) of the devolving Cities actually should have a (J) as their political affiliation. All of the Great Cities in Europe and the U.S. were Built by White Men, as a general thing, and in the Past, in Europe, many of those Cities had a policy (or even Law) to Expel and/or Prohibit persons of the (J) Party Affiliation from them.

    The Invasion of ‘africans’ that has Destroyed most American Cities is now happening in Europe, where millions of (actual) africans are being Imported by the millions every Year. And like the “Slave Trade” that imported africans to America, the (J) Party is in control of the operation.

  3. Anonymous White Male

    The normie way is to declare Republicans good, Democrats bad. There may actually be a handful of Republican Representatives that are newly elected and are trying to do what they believe is their Constitutional duty. That won’t last. They either take the bribes and get in on the skim, or they get no committee assignments, essentially get no positive press, and either give up because pounding their head against a wall hurts, or they are eliminated in the primaries because they won’t play the game. Republican vs. Democrat is merely a dialectic kabuki theater designed to convince people that the politicians you favor are basically good people trying their best to do an impossible job but nothing ever changes for the better due to forces beyond their control. In reality, it is a money laundering operation whose function is to borrow money into existence to fund endless boondoggles, impoverishing the nation into an unpayble debt owed to private central banks. If there were actual honest politicians, they would repudiate the debt and have the Treasury print the currency they need to operate and tax the excess out of existence. But, in today’s ‘Murrica, being honest means being suicidal and Hillaried with 37 stab wounds to their back, conveniently ruled suicide, as an example pour encourager les autres. There is no easy way out. It will take a large number of people to take this country back from those that have rightfully stolen it, and they will need guns. Lots of guns.


      Congresscritters’ net worth increases exponentially, far beyond their salaries, once they are in office. They are stealing from us, to put it plainly.

      Even local politicians get in on the grift. In my small town, there was a $10 million surplus or ‘rainy day fund’ that is either down to $3 million, or $1 million, depending who you talk to. Sewers reportedly not getting maintained as they should, despite hefty property taxes, as well as sewer taxes. Where is the money going?

    • saoirse

      There’s already an ample amount of guns. What’s in short supply are lots of people willing to ditch their pompous and grandiose morality (mostly christian based) and pull the trigger. Posturing with Murican flags and Tommy Tactical gear is the street theater of clowns hiding behind cops and playing by the rules of an already rigged game.

  4. Con Normies

    May all CPUSA cities burn to the ground and look like a 1000 bomber Arthur “Butcher” Harris raid just flew over.
    No mercy and no sympathy for the enemy.
    I hate commies to the point of intoxication.

  5. Xzebek

    The problem is chimps. They are inherently unrestrained and violent. At this point in history that is their nature. That fact must be accepted and responded to accordingly. Wishing it was not the case won’t change things. The chimps must either move or be removed .

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    You see the flip side of this from the left, pointing to “violent red states,” like Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi where in their fantasy depiction angry white trailer trash emboldened by slack gun laws turn the place into a shooting gallery.

    It’s the very same pretending not to see black crime, just the leftist way of doing it

  7. MN Steel

    One of my neighbors called Friday, the drainage ditch that runs through my land was dammed up by beavers and flooding a patch of his woods so he couldn’t get to firewood cutting.

    Being white, I felt shame for not noticing the dams on my land that backed the swamp up onto his dirt, and spent 6 hours yesterday in a mid-40s light rainfall peeling apart 3 small dams and a large dam near the lodge.

    I’m a 45-minute drive to a town big enough to have anything more than a Dollar General or a 3 aisle grocery store with a large hardware section.

    Only Duluth is following the path to destruction with the shitlib wrecking ball, anf the retards in the capitol voted on a Dindu Delivery Service straight from the Twin Shitties to Duluth, I guess only having 3.6% Shifty Looter and 2.4% Drunken Tacobender isn’t enough to virtue signal.

    People like me that will go out of their way to help the neighbors are still all over the rural areas, at least every place I’ve lived, and I have no clue why anyone would live in or next to a city. Also, beaver is helluva nutritious and will be a mainstay with the neighbors’ beef when things go sideways in a bit.

  8. Lunastargazer

    I’ve posted this online for a while now. We don’t have a race problem, we have a problem race. That usually clunks to the floor and no one responds. Why? Because the normies know it’s the truth.

  9. Max M Wiley

    Having the D behind the name is already not enough to hide the truth.
    Those of us who have watched certain cities turn into third world shitholes know that the demographics changed first, then the politics.

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