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Abort! Abort!

Oh it looked so promising for a little bit after the Dallas outdoor mall mass shooting until this happened…

The suspect in a deadly mall shooting in Allen, Texas, that left eight dead and several others injured Saturday has been identified by law enforcement sources, Fox News Digital has learned.

Records obtained by Fox News Digital indicate the suspect is 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia of Dallas, Texas.

Another migrant doing the jobs Americans won’t do. Watch for photos of this dude to get the ol’ George Zimmerman treatment to make Mauricio look as light skinned as possible. According to, the media is already painting this guy as a “White supremacist”. No, really. Emphasis mine.

The Washington Post, which also confirmed Garcia’s name, reported that the gunman “may have had white supremacist or neo-Nazi beliefs,” attributing that contention to “people familiar with the investigation.”

According to the Post, Garcia, who had “multiple weapons on him and in his nearby car,” was wearing a patch on his chest that “suggested the potential white supremacist leanings.” NBC News reported that the patch contained “a right-wing acronym.”

Garcia had an “extensive social media presence” that included “neo-Nazi and white supremacist-related posts and images that authorities believe he shared online,” according to a tweet from CNN reporter Josh Campbell.

Campbell reported that Garcia “had an insignia on his clothing that read ‘RWDS,’ which police believe stands for Right Wing Death Squad.”

May have had. Anonymous “sources”. Suggested. Potential. Leanings. Believe. You would get more confidence from a brand new weather girl in Dubuque, Iowa giving the forecast for July 7th, 2027.

A 33 year old mestizo guy named Mauricio Martinez Garcia that lived at home with his parents is really a White supremacist? That is pretty lame indeed but the people who read the Washington Post and watch CNN will eat that crap up.

Either way this guy will disappear in a hurry.

Oh, I just saw that Big Country has a far more through post up, check it out: New Shooter Info? Wind Up Toy? UPDATED 3 Names?


  1. TechieDude

    I’ll throw this out there.

    I live in DFW. Allen is about as huwhite as it gets.

    I’m guessing homey didn’t live there. I’m guessing south Dallas or Mesquite. Had to drive a ways to get there as that’s about as north a suburb as DFW gets.

    It was racisms against us honkies, I tell you what. No other reason whatsoever to hit that place.

    As for me? My .44 bulldog will be on my person whenever I leave home base.

    • 3g4me

      Allen is as brown and yellow as any other DFW ‘burb – which is very much non-White. Per Schooldigger website, one elementary school is 53% White; another is 27.8%. And regardless of who lives there, people from Dallas proper and elsewhere come to shop. Such as ‘victim’ of the shooting “Aishwarya Latikonda’ – a pajeet brought in two years ago to work for another pajeet. Or a Korean couple and son.

      None of these people are White, nor American – nor my concern. Their deaths are simply another easy way to manipulate the emotions of gullible White people.

  2. Frisky Time

    Tip of the hat for reporting it, might check out Bolshevik enemedia for the mental gymnastics and there is on barf bag left.
    Local Latrinos are saying…you ain’t shit, we are taking over your country now, looking forward to killing you.
    Had to stop wearing the Adidas joggers because it is a gang sign, thanks OBrandon and CPUSA.
    Keep calm and keep your head on a swivel with the safety off if you are comfortable with that.

  3. Anonymous

    “Tactical” gear = White supremacist
    AR “style” rifle = White supremacist

    It sure complicates matters when the trigga nigga has a name like “Mauricio”, and sports a couple of problematic gang tats, but we can deal with those later. First impressions are lasting impressions, so let’s focus on imprinting the scene with the proper, narrative-approved scare words, complete with capitalizations du jour: AR, tactical, nazi, white/Black.

    Oh, and don’t EVER forget: Women and minorities hardest hit.

  4. SirLawrence

    His Naturally Conservative gene just over-activated. It happens. Small price to pay for all this magic dirt.

    Luckily, there are 30MM more who just want to live next door to Nice White guys who aren’t rayciss and appreciate good tacos and well cropped lawns.

    They are just trying to divide us. Don’t buy into the hate.

    It might help to learn Spanis though. So you can get to know the cartel guys that will be running your suburb when things suddenly for no reason at all go all !caliente!

    You’ll likely fetch a way better price for your daughters. The best part? Mexicans have never fielded any tranny swimmers.

    • KDOG

      If you work on a construction site, it’s helpful to know Spanish if you want to talk to any workers besides plumbers or electricians, and I’m pretty far north.

  5. AZFloyd

    “Don’t buy into the hate.”

    Hating evil is not a sin. So I am supposed to take my genocide with a good attitude? With a smile on my face? Fuck off.

    • Lord of the Fleas

      FWIW, I read SirLawrence’s whole comment as sarcasm and snark, with not a serious word in it. (Other than the suggestion to learn Spanish – that actually might be practical.)

      So I’m thinking that your “fuck off” might be unjustified.

  6. D Beair

    Soo, the Elites, have proven their point: we lost, they won the possession of America.
    The biggest problem has ALWAYS BEEN THE BORDER (oh look over here, over there, anywhere.)
    I have been watching testimony by Mayorkas over the past year in both houses of Congress.
    Not one of the Congress critters could get a straight answer from this Commie ASSHOLE. And, there has been NO Republican that has called, seriously, for any consequences.
    Dudes, make all the flip comments you want, it is over.
    The 2022 election should have made it crystal; most people do not care.
    BCE and the rest believe there is a way out of this mess; they are lying to their egos.
    America may not be salvageable.

    Bear in Indy

    • Gryphon

      D Beair – I think that you are being too Harsh on BCE and the rest of us who believe that “there is a way out of this mess..” I’m certainly not “lying to my ego” in thinking that in spite of how Ugly it is (and has to be) going to get, that there is a way out of this. The Question is, what does it take to get sufficient numbers of Guns Engaged to correct the situation.

      “America” (as the Constitutional Republic) hasn’t been “Salvageable” since 1871; what follows will not likely be a Form of ‘government’ or Nation(s) that has ever been seen before, but unless those political entities Embrace Nationalism, and Act in the Interests of their People, there will not be a condition of Stability.

    • Meridian

      There IS a way out of this. We all know what that way is. Lets not make believe we don’t.
      It’s the hard choice, it’s the unspoken choice. It’s they way back to our Constitutional Republic as our founders created it. This is our land. We have to fight for it. Everyone of us who believes in what our country stood for have to take part in taking back our country our heritage. Always remember this, your actions should be subtle, slow and deliberate. We should do what we can, when we can. Quietly, under the cover of darkness and stealth. Anything you do is helpful. One individual at a time can make a difference. It will catch on. As someone said run silent run deep. Keep your mouths closed. No chest thumping, no victory laps, no bragging, no hinting, no nothing. Stay quiet, move quite.
      Do What You Can.


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