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A Useful Video

I really like Pail Harrell videos, the dude can turn the most mundane topic into a 30 minute video without any problem. His delivery is deadpan and pretty funny if you get his sense of humor. He is also sharp and knowledgeable without being a pompous asshole about it. He has a new video(s) out a few days ago that I just noticed about his top 5 guns for a SHTF/WROL/TEOTWAWKI….

This is the “short” version, only 21 minutes long but there is also a longer version and by longer I mean over 2 hours. I will try to watch that one when I have that kind of time to invest. You can see the long version here: Top 5 Guns for TEOTWAWKI (Long Version)

I don’t think most regular readers will be surprised by anything he says, especially not the super secret genuine shooters that occasionally leave anonymous comments. These are good videos to share with normies. Paul makes some important points, as he usually does, like:

In a SHTF situation, a formerly law abiding person very likely will resort to theft and murder to get food.

In a SHTF situation, if you get in a gunfight you will almost certainly be outnumbered.

In a SHTF situation, you don’t need to just hold out until the cops arrive, you need to survive until it is over, and that probably means the bad guy(s) are dead or incapacitated.

I did a similar post a while back, This Should Be Your Baseline, and I mostly stick with that. Again, I assume most of my readers have a whole bunch of firearms in every category he is talking about but your normie friends and family probably don’t. Better they arm themselves now and get good with them rather than showing up at your place looking for a gun they don’t know how to use when the wheels come off.


  1. Seekret Shuter

    The first rule of super secret genuine shooters club is don’t talk about it!
    Arming your friends, now that is a true friend.
    Good on ya.

  2. Levi Garrett

    I’ve always thought Paul’s version of “ballistic gelatin” was funny but probably fairly accurate (pork chops, ribs, oranges, clothing, etc).

  3. Xzebek

    I like his videos as well. I frequently refer new gun owners and soon to be new gun owners to his videos. He is clear and informative.
    I can’t believe that there are still platform rules against showing certain magazines on videos. Idiocy!

  4. Brutus

    Paul Harrell lived through his own mini-SHTF. According to a news report that Paul described as “semi-accurate,” a belligerent tried to run his wife over with a vehicle and Paul had the presence of mind to get his AR and shoot the driver in time to save her. A leftist prosecutor tried him for murder, but he was vindicated.

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