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You Know Where This Is Going

Remember when whistleblowers shining light on the misdeeds of The Man were heroes for the Left? Yeah, good times. Not anymore kids, now when you expose the Deep State misdeeds like a 21 year old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman named Jack Teixeira recently did, you are an Enemy Of The State and deserving of hanging. What makes his crimes more heinous? Apparently according to the media, and they wouldn’t lie to us, this Jack Teixeira is an online “racist” and “gun enthusiast”.

This kid is apparently an E-3 in the Air National Guard but according to Fox News, he was cleared for some serious stuff.

Teixeira, who joined the Air National Guard in September 2019, held the highest level security clearance granted by the federal government for top secret information, according to an internal Department of Defense email reviewed by Fox News.

His security clearance and access to classified government systems have since been revoked, according to another internal government document.

Someone who actually knows about this stuff first hand can weigh in here but is an Air National Guard E-3 really given access to stuff that is this sensitive? This genius was sharing these documents in Discord so not a great plan but this kid is 21 years old and has only been in the Guard since 2019 yet he can apparently download top secret information to a flash drive or something?

He made the mistake of embarrassing Them so he is going down for a long time, assuming he doesn’t commit Epsteincide in prison. Tucker had a nice segment on this:

This is going to lead to a couple of responses.

First and foremost, it will be the latest pretext to clamp down on even mildly right-wing political beliefs in the military. We can trust a faggot or a dude that wears women’s clothing or a dog costume as his kink but if you hold any sort of traditional values? It might be time for you to leave the military.

Second, I expect the military to tighten controls on security clearances to keep the wrong sort of people from seeing behind the curtain. As you probably know, I have no experience in the military so maybe I am wrong here but there seems to be an awful lot of information accessible to people that might not be on board with the whole thing and that seems like something They would want to clamp down on. I am sure that they will use this as an excuse to be even less transparent with We The People.

The government and media, but I repeat myself, are working hand in glove to lie to you. If the media ever was acting as a watchdog to hold the government accountable, it hasn’t been doing so in my lifetime and now doesn’t even pretend. I am not sure what Jack Teixeira thought he was going to accomplish by posting classified docs on Discord but now he is going into a black hole and likely will never emerge. Meanwhile the real criminals in our society, like the people lying about Ukraine and indirectly causing the death of thousands, are going to go unpunished just as they always do.

Stop talking about real justice and the rule of law. Those things no longer exist, especially not for White men.


  1. saoirse

    Predictably, all over the corporate media and JewTube. Kid already has a Wikipedia page. Cop groupies whacking their little puds over the FBI robofags taking him down.
    Gamers don’t seem to be very adept at critical thinking. Exposing ZOG and bragging about it whilst being directly under it’s boot makes you a permanent dart board for all of ZOG’s operatives.
    Apparently his retired Master Sergeant daddy thought there was still some redeemable aspect remaining in the military and didn’t steer either of his sons away from enlisting in that travesty. Big mistake dad! Wonder if he’ll support the kid or disown him in favor of ‘muh cuntry right or wrong’.

  2. Bob Barker

    I don’t have military experience, so I had to look up what E-3 means. Private/Airman first class. Really? Someone that low has that kind of clearance? Yeah. I believe that one.

  3. Olguy

    Very very strange to say the least.

    And perhaps… very telling, on a number of Levels.

    The New “Yew Sssss.. Military”…opened up a number of vectors on This sort of thing, Security, Espionage and dare I say Vandalism with Deadly Consequences. (You just wait and see, calling it now)


    Unintended Consequences will get ya…

  4. anonymous

    An E-3 is soooo junior in rank that he does not even count yet. E-3’s have no specialty training, and basically can only be considered “trained” enough to actually have adapted to military life.

    E-3’s are the guys that mop, paint, load, unload, stand watch, and do all the grunt work. They are basically just bodies. Most E-3’s are still in their first posting out of boot camp.

    In some services, an E-1 is a guy still in boot camp. Graduating from boot camp automatically gets him a promotion to E-2. To get to E-3, he has to learn very basic skills that will make him useful in his first posting. The minimum time-in-grade required to go from E-2 to E-3 is only six months.

    And when defining very basic skills, keep in mind that the military has training videos for teaching people how to sweep an area with a broom.

  5. Gryphon

    The Leak is the Op- Nothing in it had real-time, Operational Value. It was done to facilitate the passage of ‘laws’ that will openly let the .gov to Censor/Arrest/Eliminate anyone publishing “Badthink” on the Internet. Complete Nullification of the First Amendment. You will see a Requirement that Blogs such as this one be “Registered” with Conditions of Criminal Penalties if you Publish anything that can be construed as “contradicting” the Official Narrative. It will also effectively Criminalize all ‘politically incorrect’ Speech, like Questioning (((their))) HOLY CAUSE(tm). I expect that doing ((( – ))) will also become Illegal “Hate Speech”.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    I find it laughable, the notion that this pissant reservist had TS clearance. Do come on now. The only way I can see that actually being the case is if he was chosen well in advance to he a patsy for precisely the operation that just took place, which would be cover for something (or someone) else we are intended not to notice.

    And all quite theatrical at that, done by scores of tacticool govt tit suckers and occurring under the watchful eye of state media. Produced in full high def, ahead of deadline to make the 6 o’clock network news, no less.

    Hell, next thing you know they’ll be telling us a flamboyant trolling faggot on a beer can is a woman. Oh, wait a minute…

  7. June J

    Former military with top secret clearance. As an E-3 I went through my initial tech schools. After promotion to E-4 my clearance was updated to TS due to the type of advanced schools I was attending. Upon graduating and going to the fleet my job as an E-4 required access to TS materials that would keep you awake at night. That was more than 30 years ago.
    So, no I don’t think it’s unreasonable for an E-3, depending upon his specialty and assignment to have access to TS materials.

    • Anon

      There are a lot of specialized AFSCs/MOSs that require clearance. It’s often compartmentalized, but sometimes you get to see interesting material on a broader scope as well which can give context on something going on.

      Completely unrelated to my own experience: cellphones are the devil in your pocket and will get you killed when things get worse. Learn to make do with low tech again if you all haven’t. There was a reason why couriers were still used in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Also, S2 Underground has a few good vids on airborne surveillance and intelligence gathering; watch and save them in case they get taken down. I may or may not have dabbled in that stuff in the past. Many police departments/agencies are already using such shit stateside, both airborne and on the ground.

  8. LGC

    Rule #1. never get into the van.

    Seriously there’s no law, there’s no justice, you are basically going to the GAE version of Kolyma (the gulag).

    Do not get into the van.

  9. BFYTW

    He’s a patsy. There’s no way in hell an E-3 in the National Guard has access to that level of classified info. They really do think we’re stupid. This was done so they can pass the “Restrict Act”. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a big ole dummy.

  10. DM

    Age has nothing to do with getting a security clearance in the military. It would seem that upon entry into the Air National Guard and specific AFSC this kid had a favorable background check with nothing derogatory found and the adjudicating authority granted him a TS. If he had lied on his SF86 or had some kind of criminal record outside minor traffic violations or serious financial issues say like being 19 years old and 100k+ in debt, he likely would not have been granted a clearance. A simple TS clearance (and there are even levels to that ) doesn’t just grant a person access to the nuclear codes. He would have had a “need to know” *AND* the appropriate TS clearance level to gain access to the information that he allegedly shared. Now, why a Massachusetts Air National Guardsman would have a need to know or even access to TS level products covering a wide range of intelligence on the Ukraine/Russia conflict is anyones guess. Imo he may have had the “clean background” to gain the clearance, he lacked the maturity to accept the responsibility that came with it. Now he will suffer the consequences of his actions. Everything else about this story is political bullshit.

  11. Anonymous

    I am not ‘boot’ and never was. But I’ve worked for a Big-Three defense contractor since undergrad days a century ago. And I’ve held a Secret-or-better clearance unbroken since my early 20s. As others have pointed out, age is no criterion, and frankly, with 30+ years in the biz, I honestly don’t know what IS the criteria for granting a security clearance. Every ten years, prompt, my re-cert comes up, and they make us fill out some lengthy form asking the most absurd questions (“Do you now, or have you ever, dealt in the trade, distribution or consumption of illegal drugs?” Like I am going to ‘fess up to that shite now in middle age…) The vetting for security clearances is nothing but a sad, silly joke, and anyone who assumes that some sooper-secret goobermint agency does ANY real investigation before granting it is delusional.

    One of my buds from way back in the day listed his father as “Phred Phlintstone” (no effin’ lie) and he was cleared (provisionally) to work on nuclear subs as a junior engineer for Sperry Marine. He never heard another word about it, and spent the next two decades on that project before it reached end-of-life and he moved on. Since I have no desire to drag anyone else into my background checks, I’ve claimed to be an orphan with no near relatives since the very start of my career. My father and surviving siblings would be rather surprised to learn that, but it has never caused me the least trouble in maintaining my clearance for, lo, these many years.

    The general assumption among me and my coworkers is that there never WILL be any ‘vetting’ done unless and until one is found guilty of a Code Blue or worse, at which point all those falsified documents and phony references will be dug up and discovered to be the bullshit that they always were. Every single day of my working life I could have run off with the goods and NOBODY would have had a clue until those secret PDFs were reprinted in the morning edition of the Chinese Spy News.

    Our “cyber security team” at Warlabs, Inc. is considered by those of us whom they lord it over as just one level above janitor at our facility, for very good reason. Failed cops, cop wanna-be’s, AA hires with badge fetishes – we got ’em all. As for “cyber”, any undergraduate script kiddie with a modem could run circles around them. Security, my arse.

  12. Sumguy


    Let me pipe in here with some mid-90s perspective on security clearances.

    I had to have a security clearance just to go to advanced individual training (school) for my MOS. No, it wasn’t “top secret”, but in order to be granted training access to the specific equipment I was going to work with, I had to already be cleared.

    I went to basic training with young men and (yes women) who were destined to serve at The Presidio, in San Francisco. I think this was for Military Intelligence training. Iirc they had to have top secret clearance for that branch of the army.

    Would having the clearance automatically grant them access to pentagon documents such as these? I doubt it. But sometimes junior enlisted people do serve on the staff of senior officers.

    Also, there’s really not a lot of fundamental difference between a 21 year old E-3 and a 22 year old 2nd Lt who just graduated college and their college ROTC, posted at his first assignment. Yet, other than having a college degree (and we ALL should understand this means nada) 2nd LTs right out of school are no different than lowly privates, and sometimes the privates are a little bit ahead of them in maturity, because officers are treated as privileged people of a higher social class (which no longer carries with it any traditional expectation of morals, and indeed softens and spoils them).

    Yet, a 2nd Lt could very easily be placed in a position of access to top secret war documents, and nobody here would really be questioning that….because we tend to still think more favorably of someone who has a college degree. (All the while, knowing that the women in the HR department at your work all have college degrees too)

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