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Where Da White Men At?

A sign of the degradation of our popular “culture” that is commonly remarked upon is the disappearance of straight White men from commercials, especially when coupled with a White woman, unless the White man is a buffoon or cad being corrected or sneered at by a powerful black wahman. Most couples in commercials feature a clean cut and well dressed black man with a woman who is White, Asian or sometimes mestizo. Common in second are obvious lesbian/faggot couples, but even then they are usually a mixed race couple. You know what else you don’t see much?

Black couples.

There are some but they seem to have taken a backseat to mixed race couples. My wife and I were talking about this and she noted that as offensive as in-your-face mixed black man/White woman couples in ads are to many White people, especially given how rare they are in real life (as opposed to single White women with mixed race babies), they are even more offensive to blacks. There isn’t much black women hate more than seeing a black man with a White woman. By objective standards, black women are the least sexually desirable racial group around. There is a reason that the White-on-black rape rate is so low that it doesn’t even register, while black men love to rape dem some White/Asian/mestizo women. black women are well aware of this and incredibly resentful of the fact that most black men seem to prefer White women. It isn’t a coincidence that so many black athletes and celebrities get White girlfriends as soon as they make it big, while you just don’t see famous Whites hooking up with black women.

We are told that the disappearing White men in commercials is the result of changing demographics and companies attempting to appeal to diverse consumers but that doesn’t ring true either. Look at the ads on TV featuring mixed race couples and ask how many of those products would appeal to blacks. During TV shows on networks that cater to older Whites, like The History Channel, you still see lots of mixed race couples. Honestly, how many blacks watch THC? Or as I have pointed out, lots of outdoor companies have black men modeling their gear when blacks are probably the least outdoorsy racial group other than Jews. Companies like Filson and Orvis have black men as models and I saw this on the landing page for L.L. Bean

A skinny black dude and a chubby White chick top left and a black couple bottom right. The top right guy is black, you can see his hands. As a consumer who has been an L.L. Bean customer for my entire life, I also can’t recall seeing any black people wearing their gear. The same with Filson and Orvis. Unlike The North Face, a once serious outdoor gear company turned into a fashion brand worn by people who never go outside, Filson and Orvis still cater to outdoorsmen who are almost uniformly White middle age men.

This raises an important question: why?

Why do companies apparently market to mixed race couples and to the nearly non-existent black hiking demographic?

Answer: They aren’t

These marketing efforts are mostly aimed at the people not shown in commercials: Whites.

Ad campaigns like these are intended to signal to White consumers: this brand is safe to buy from. Your average White normie is so steeped in racial self-hatred and ideas like “systemic racism” that it deeply impacts their consumer decisions. They have been taught to only buy from “non-racist” companies and here is the kicker:

They mostly don’t even know it.

The best marketing is marketing the target doesn’t even recognize. Product placement in movies worked so well because most people didn’t catch it. They just saw an actor lift a can of Coke and somewhere in their subconscious they noted that Actor X drinks Coke. I like Actor X. Therefore I should also drink Coke.

Whites are still by a wide margin the most critical consumer demographic. Do you really think these companies aren’t targeting White consumers?

The people running this massive psyop behind the scenes aren’t stupid. They are evil for sure but not dumb. What they do might not make sense to most people but most people don’t understand the end result They are after. When you figure that out and work your way back, all of this seeming insanity suddenly starts to make sense.


  1. Francis W. Porretto

    Don’t neglect the economics of the margin. Company X, seeking to increase its sales, looks to attract demographics it hasn’t penetrated, or has only penetrated shallowly, while striving to hold onto the ones that provide the bulk of its revenues. Add to that the ongoing attacks on companies that don’t feature blacks in their ads. A threatened boycott, even by a demographic that’s hardly represented in Company X’s sales, terrifies a lot of chief executives. There’s a lot going on here.

    • Anonymous White Male

      I would imagine there is some kind of subsidy from the federal government for putting “oppressed” and “marginalized” POC’s, trannies, and other LBGTUVWXYZ people in advertisements. My brother-in-law put his wife as the owner of his company so they could get a tax advantage for having a “woman owned business.” In the end, businessmen are merely whores that will do whatever they need to so they can make as much bank as possible.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is a fair point but like others have pointed out, many of these commercials are for products most blacks have never even considered and would never buy.

      • Anonymous White Male

        That’s not important. Dey be representin’, yo!

        If they’re getting federal or NGO money for having chimps instead of Whitey, if its enough to cover the handful of Whites that won’t be buying their product in protest for having darkies shoved in their face, then they will also get asskiss points for being “progressive anti-racists”.

  2. TechieDude

    I don’t know about black couples not being in commercials.

    I’ve been hitting the ‘ice pilots’ series on amazon, which sends me over to freevee.

    Every gottdam commercial is blacks. More often than not a smiling intact black family frolicking over something or another. Something about as rare as can be.

    I see them so much, during every episode, I can practically name them.

    I don’t care about nigras eating tacos (el paso, McCormick)
    I don’t care about nigras eating ice cream
    I don’t care about a deaf nigra washing her hands with dove.
    I don’t care about nigra school girls (in a big, top 1% house) fixing themselves a pizza (digorno)
    I don’t care about a mystery meat woman and a nigress comparing wireless plans (spectrum)
    I don’t care about a chubby black woman donning her adult diaper so as not to have a leak on her hot date with an older white man. (hoofah…no hetero man should have to see that)

    What’s worse is the saturation. I’ll see those commercials over and over in a single episode. I think I saw the taco ones 4X last night, each one in the same 45 minute span. The McCormick one is especially interesting since it’s a black dude in the model of Ward Cleaver, welcoming his 4 kids at night (baby mama drop them off, all from the same woman?) and he cooks them up some tacos. Baby mama isn’t pictured.

    What’s funny is I see hard shell tacos depicted like that as a huWhite thing. I’ve never know blacks where that was a thing, and I don’t know a single mexican that eats hard taco shells. Go to any Mexican place around here (I live in Texas) tacos are served on soft tortillas.

    Regardless, I think this is just the white liberal marketing chick fantasy world. This is what they think and see. They very well may think that’s normal. If you are in that upper 5%, you run into well socialized blacks on the right hand side of that bell curve. For the most part, those folks (the ones I’ve met) aren’t any different than whites in how they act. They don’t see the vast majority on that left side of the curve.

    • 4hawks

      Jake from State Farm would say, ‘You don’t need to get that personal.’ I kid. Lol,a black Ward Cleaver. Eddie Haskell would not tolerate it.

    • Arthur Sido

      I don’t see a ton of TV, so I base my observation on what I see on the muted televisions at the gym. Certainly there are occasional black families, far more so than Whites, and as you say the families always look and act like White people rather than how they really behave.

  3. anon

    You old guys who still subject yourselves willingly to shit like amazon need to learn a few things.
    Adblockers, uBlock
    torrents, magnets
    Wearing a VPN
    Start looking them up and downloading the pertinent software, just be smart about it and beware of virus-laden traps.

    For fuck’s sake if you are still going to watch garbage at least do it in a way that cuts out the ads and cuts away the need for companies like Amazon.

  4. Anonymous White Male

    Orwellian social engineering. Provide a visual of blacks being just like Whites and then stupid White women will breed with them. I love the ones that show black families doing things that they would never do in reality, like camping out. Like you could get negroes to spend the night in the woods in a tent, or hiking a mountain trail. I know a lot of you are not Christian, but the Bible says that “A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.” Deuteronomy 23:2. In Hebrew, this does not mean an illegitimate child. It means a mongrel, a mixed breed individual. A procreation of man, not a creation of God. Lucifer and his followers know this and are trying to destroy God’s plan by wiping out the descendants of Adam. Making a mixed multitude of the various created races of God. There are some retarded libs that believe this is the plan of God, since if you left everything alone, eventually all races would breed into one “human race” just like God “planned it”. They are just stupid, not knowing that God commanded everything to breed “kind after kind”, a major component of his plan. The true rulers of this world know what they are doing, though, and will rely on the stupidity of mankind to bring their will about.

    • Arthur Sido

      An awful lot of Christian “leaders” seem incredibly eager to see their congregations turned into a uniform coffee with cream colored sea of humanity, even the mildest hint of caring about your own people gets you cancelled.

  5. Carl SIlva

    Everything you said is true. Just some of my thoughts in response;

    No real outdoorsmen who hunt or fish but anything from LL Bean. The Hunting shoe/boot of theirs is a good cold weather stalking boot, but that or a quality wool coat are about all a self respecting outdoorsman would look at there. They used to have lifetime repairs on those boots too, but the new style clientele they cater to abused that service offering and they did away with it.

    People are not going to be able to look for, care about, or afford designer clothing for very much longer. These yuppified sellout companies will mostly dry up and blow away like old dog shit.

    The PTB who think most of us don’t see the slow motion white genocide they are pulling on us are in for a rude awakening. Slowly but surely ordinary whites are realizing what is being done to them. The Dindu will overplay the artificial advantage the system has given them. The stupid, the foolish, and the unlucky may pay the price, but the 13% terror is going to be subject to some new math.

    • Arthur Sido

      I should have qualified that, I haven’t bought anything from Beans in a long time but they used to sell decent stuff. Most outdoors companies are selling out, last time I was in a Cabelas the place was mostly “lifestyle” clothing rather than functional gear.

  6. Harbinger

    When they do depict those stronk, independent, don’t-need-no-man sassy black unicorns in ads, they are invariably young and thin with that goofy, wild afro that takes up 9 cubic meters of space. Exactly the opposite of what I see IRL. Virtually every black female over age 15 is actually hippo-sized and either wears a White-appropriated straight weave or rocks the same messy-ass Farina dreads that all those dead-eyed teenaged pickaninnies in the po-leece thugshots do.

    BTW, it’s not just TV and visual ads. I don’t watch many of those, and L.L. Bean’s catalogs go straight into the trash along with my business in my personal boycott for their wokeness. But I do listen to commercial radio from time to time, and even way down here in South Texas, where we are literally swarming with Mestizos, at least half of the voice characterizations on commercials are conspicuously black. Because, ya know, blacks are always in the market for insurance upgrades, faster Wifi and water softeners. They also shop compulsively at Spec’s Wine, Spirits & Finer Foods, if those ubiquitous radio spots tell me anything.

  7. Brother John

    I don’t see “normal,” well-adjusted, prosperous black couples on TV commercials, because that would be to reinforce what Cosby was doing 35 years ago, that being to counter the portrayal of every black family on TV as slum trash, a la “Good Times,” “What’s Happenin’,” etc. Nobody wants that, as it promotes “acting white.”

    I see mixed couples ALL the goddamn time, not to mention – as was said in the essay itself – white male buffoonery being sharply and sternly addressed by some minority.

  8. Max M Wiley

    Don’t get me wrong, I find your posts about blacks behaving badly and the differential news treatment useful as continual fact confirmation, but this is one of your best in a while.
    Excellent observations and deductions.
    The companies wouldn’t be doing it if it didn’t work. They are targeting the champagne liberal demographic primarily, and they know their audience. I think they figure that as long as they don’t go full Bud Lite, the moderately wealthy right will still buy quality products for their utility and ignore the messaging. Unfortunately, this is probably correct.

    • Greg

      Spot on MMW. I second the motion to thank Arthur for keeping me informed of the culture rot at large. I live in pretty much lily white flyover country, and do not watch ANY video media at all. I have a hard time listening to podcasts that I’d really like to (gimme a freakin’ transcript!). I would not otherwise know about these issues. As for junk mail catalogs, I say “send me more!” I manage to extract a few BTU’s from any and all of it with the woodstove.

    • anonymous

      The biggest fail on that Bud Light ad mess was not that they made their customers angry.

      Rather, it was that they made their customers actually embarrassed to order it.

      Major Fail!

  9. Xzebek

    It is all part of the attempted niggerization of society.
    Mixed race couples of the White/black variety are vanishingly rare- especially White men with black women. The forcing of these artificial circumstances as normal has nothing to do with reality.
    Very few White men find black women attractive in the main. Such is nature and the biological desire to pass on one’s genes with the sexually attractive.
    The goal of niggerization is to disregard this and force the belief that mixed race is normal and desirable. It isn’t.
    Niggerization will destroy all standards of heritage America and must be fought as a battle for survival.

    • Arthur Sido

      I assume that White women shacking up with 13%ers are either suffering serious psychological issues or are trying to get back at daddy for not buying them a pony.

    • TechieDude

      I saw a funny one today as I was eating lunch and watching youtube –

      Black with Asian wife. Very rare. Used to see some from the military that came back with a Korean or Vietnamese wife but you don’t normally see that in the wild. I did see one black dude on a date with an Americanized Asian girl, and she was chastising him about taking her to a Chinese food place.

      I met one black dude that worked in Japan. Dude’s chubby, balding but keeps his hair long (sticks out funny). Nice enough dude. Saw him out the other day with the missus and didn’t realize he scored a Japanese wife. She looked older than him (At least 10 years, I’m thinking, since Japanese women go into their 50s still looking good). You could tell she once was smokin’ hot.

      All I could think of was how bad she had to fck up in the motherland to wind up with an American black.

    • Sumguy

      “Mixed race couples of the White/black variety are vanishingly rare”

      Hi. I do not know where you are from, but in the south, this is the opposite of the truth.

      Now I’m a southerner, and I’m proud of that fact. This isn’t a negative commentary about the south. All I’m saying is, segregation was in place for a reason.

      In communities on the margins where whites and blacks live in greater proximity and go to the same schools, there is an increasing demographic of white teenage and college age girls who date black boys. And it’s not just fat or lower class whites girls.

      This is especially true in areas where there is a noticeably significant middle class of blacks.

      What has happened, essentially, is that the black male has become idolized by these young girls. They’re often a star athlete on the football or basketball team. If not an “alpha” athlete, they’re exciting because they’re dangerous and taking the place of the “bad boy” white boy that no longer exists.

      There’s also the lack of white male pop culture stars. Black men are being pushed in movies. I keep seeing Kevin Hart all over the place. The only music outside of country music that girls listen to these days is rap. And the white girls who listen to more whitecentric stuff are all “emmo”, lesbian, or extreme feminist.

      This is absolutely a psyop: it’s a long game psyop that’s been going on longer than we realize.

      Just today I put on Roku Channel and pulled up an old show “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction”. You may remember “Commander Ryker” from Star Trek NG hosting it. Well the first season was actually hosted by James Brolin.

      Anyway, the show had like 5 segments of short stories with supernatural or unbelievable narratives. Some true (supposedly) and some fiction. It was a mid-90s show.

      First segment was a crazy white woman and her white husband experiencing scary visions. They go to a psychiatrist. She is an older black woman.
      The next segment is a white death row inmate who is in prison with a lot of other white death row inmates but a strange lack of black prisoners. His attorney is a black man. Next scene is a wealthy black man and his daughter waiting on a phone call from their successful musician/singer wife/mother. He answers the call with a small handheld cell phone (in 1996); something that only the wealthiest 1% would have conceivably had in 1996. Next scene is a white man cheating on his white wife. Her best friend is a black woman who sounds like a white Southern California sorority girl. The husband kills his wife, and the heroic black woman takes revenge by shooting him. Only the last, 5th story lacks any black characters.

      The more I watch old shows from this timeframe, the more I realize the millennial generation was being psyoped and prepped for what we’re seeing now.

      • AnotherGuy

        I agree with SumGuy. I live in Texas where there’s no shortage of mixed race marriages.
        What really gets me are the black men espousing BLM but are married to white women. Seems like if BLM really matters they would be perpetuating their race instead of diluting it.

  10. Gryphon

    It has been obvious for Years that (((advertising))) is about promoting commie/libtard political views, Not ‘selling products’. The concept of “Market Share” is meaningless when only a few (((corporations))) own the vast majority of businesses selling Goods that people need (like Food) so where and how the ‘Profit’ is made doesn’t matter, particularly to the (((banks))) and outfits like (((blackrock))) that own Stock (often ‘controlling interest’) in nearly every Company you by almost anything from.

  11. Michael Hendrix

    “Why do companies apparently market to mixed race couples and to the nearly non-existent black hiking demographic?”

    Because that’s how the brainwashing gets DONE, see. Like socialism itself, the only way it really works is if EVERYONE is brought inside the razor-wire fence.

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