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Well, Well, Well

Will we see a new, more based Tucker Carlson on an uncensored platform? Let’s hope so, he often looked like he was reading a hostage note and he clearly was being fed corporate ordered lines at times. There are plenty of independent ways for him to stay on the air and be even more influential (and make more money). Meanwhile the last reason to pay attention to Fox News just went away.

Tucker is a sharp guy, I imagine he already saw this coming and had a plan. It will be interesting to see what happens and perhaps see an uncensored Tucker cutting loose.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Who settles for $800 million rather than go to trial and take their chances? That wasn’t a settlement, it was money laundering.

    • Arthur Sido

      The timing certainly seems suspicious that he leaves at around the same time, I would think you would want your money machine to stay on when you had to write a check for 800 mil

      • anonymous

        Plus, the settlement included an admission of wrongdoing.

        Lots of bad vibes here:

        First, settlements are always done to AVOID any admission of wrong-doing or fault.

        Second, large settlements are almost always undisclosed in order to avoid even the hint of culpability.

        Of course, voting irregularities most certainly pertain to “National Security,” so who knows what really the heck is going on. Only certain thing is that TJPTB do not want you aware of it.

    • Locust Post

      And it was a civil lawsuit, not a federal challenge that was settled. Fox news could have litigated for decades on the settlement amount and still had money left over and, in the event they lost, they could have drug their result for many more years. This is all phony. My bet is the regime got to Fox somehow, arranged a headline about a giant settlement that eliminated any court discovery about the machines while creating the impression through the settlement amount that the machines are truthful. Getting rid of Tucker was probably a side piece of the deal. I wonder what the regime had to give Fox to do this deal? They killed their star.

  2. Mike in FLA

    They just lost Bongino this past weekend as well. And yer correct – The last reason to watch Faux just went away.

    Y’all take care,

  3. Mean Boy

    Globalist Rupert and his son’s wives are not my comrades.
    The Karen squad of wives is the real reason why FAUX is done.
    They called the Stig Beal first for a reason and the Brandon campaign hearse parked out front of HQ was an omen.
    I almost feel bad for dullards who think that there is any opposition to the Long March to the global soviet.

  4. saoirse

    Cucker Carlson, Rupert Murdoch’s bitch, is unsurprisingly kicked to the curb. Normies and cucks are wetting their pants. Oh the inhumanity!

    “Will we see a new, more based Tucker Carlson on an uncensored platform?”
    ROFLMAO!!! Surely you jest!
    The only place you’ll ever hear the kind of things he should be saying is on a podcast, shortwave or streaming media platform, and he won’t ever go there because, like every other piece of shit conservative, he’s in it for the money not his race!!!!

    • saoirse

      He’ll just keep saying the same pseudo ‘based’ crap that he’s been saying. He’ll never go beyond the cuckold pale. He wants to keep the same enormous gutless deadbeat audience and make the same, or more money.

  5. AZFloyd

    “Will we see a new, more based Tucker Carlson on an uncensored platform?”

    No. Saoirse is correct. But I do think Tucker will go to a platform where he gets more viewers. But it’ll be the same milquetoast shyte.

    Locust is right, too. Fox lawyers could have dragged this out for years. I don’t know how much discovery Fox did but I would think they could have gone nosing around a lot of stuff including deposing engineers. No. I think TPTB got to Murdoch or his son.

    There are no uncensored platforms. Heck the only three places that have ever seen the JQ discussed is here, Unz, and Big Country.

    I have to say I was surprised when Bill Maher was called out the 13%ers for their indeftigable propensity for violence.

    • Sumguy

      “There are no uncensored platforms. Heck the only three places that have ever seen the JQ discussed is here, Unz, and Big Country.”

      Do you have parental controls turned on with your internet?

      Because I can list dozens of content creators, some with bigger audiences than this site, that discuss the JQ

      • Mike_C

        Please do — list some of your favorites that is.

        I’ll recommend Asha Logos on YT to start the ball rolling. He’s not fixated on the JQ, but certainly doesn’t mealymouth when it comes up.

        • Sumguy

          Occidental Dissent
          Political Cesspool
          Daily Stormer (
          The Occidental Observer

          These are just a few that come to mind. But I know there are others

          Some obsess with it. Some touch upon it in a more nuanced way. I prefer the nuanced approach.

        • saoirse

          If you have no problem with this site and/or Jared “The jews look white to me” Taylor “fixating” on niggers then you’ll have no problem with the sites that focus on the JQ below…..or will you? The first two were once linked to by Sido but no longer.

          Renegade Tribune
          National Vanguard
          Vanguard News Network
          Kevin Alfred Strom
          The West’s Darkest Hour

          John Kaminski
          Deana Spingola
          Heretical Press
          Inconvenient History
          Thomas Dalton
          David Duke
          White Biocentrism
          David Lane
          Winter Watch
          Carolyn Yeager
          Christopher Bollyn
          Michael Collins Piper
          What Really Happened

          Many more are available.

          • Gryphon

            Saoirse – Thanks for those Links- I have about half of them, and N-V is by far the one that dives into “history” regarding the zoos and their cucks/enablers. That site also raises the even more important “Question that cannot be Asked” – that of Why do White People from Northern Europe ‘worship’ yahweh, the ‘god’ of the north Afrikan sand-niggers? They have a lot of archived Articles of how That came about, and since I never fell for the ‘jeeezus narrative’, I find it both Entertaining and Disgusting how so many people who are (theoretically) Red-Pilled still cling to a Narrative that is Written and Presented by their Worst Enemies.

            • saoirse

              You’re very welcome!
              I would recommend that you copy-paste-print and download as many articles, essays and videos as possible – as soon as possible. So as to have a physical library, buy as many books as you can afford. Hard copies are treasures that can be passed down.
              The jew/shitlib juggernaut is very close to pulling the plug on every radical right site that’s still out there.

              Some additional sites are:
              Kirksville Today
              Lies Your Teacher Taught You
              Renegade Broadcasting
              Wear’s War
              Institute For Historical Review
              Ernst Zundel
              David Irving
              The Colchester Collection
              History Reviewed

              Plus the many video channels on Bitchute, Odysee, Gab etc.

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