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Wait, Who Are The Fascists Again?

Fascist. Literal Nazi. White supremacists. These are the terms used by Them to try to slander any non-self-loathing Whites with the goal of discounting anything we might say as irredeemably tainted by our ideology. It doesn’t matter to Them or Their audience that very few people can even define those terms or place them in their historical context, all that matters is that fascists are bad and people like me are fascists and therefore we are bad and nothing we say should be even considered. It is a pretty clever trick, engaging my arguments with counter-arguments takes effort and thought but rejecting my arguments because the person making them is flawed is easy.

Again, while almost no one can explain fascism or National Socialism, everyone knows that both are Bad. Meanwhile when a news story like this one drops, no one seems to recognize it for what it is…

In his annual letter to shareholders, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon suggested that the U.S. government and climate conscious corporations may have to seize citizen’s private property to enact climate initiatives while there still time to stave off climate disasters.

Dimon declared Tuesday that “governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations” may need to invoke “eminent domain” in order to get the “adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.”…

…He then mentioned that “governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations need to align” on policies to expedite climate solutions. Dimon added, “Massive global investment in clean energy technologies must be done and must continue to grow year-over-year.”…

…The CEO justified this potential government and corporate seizure of public property, saying that “we simply are not getting the adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.”

Emphasis in bold is mine, I will be coming back to those quotes.

I used to work for Chase back in the day (2005-2006) and they were already nutty, I remember having to put up a poster of some faggot for gay pride month or something back before that was even a thing. Dimon had just taken charge in 2005 and always struck me as a pretty shrewd guy, ruthless as hell but he knew how to run a bank. He also knows how to play the game and that is why Chase can be hugely profitable and yet escape notice from the loons.

Needless to say, when Jamie Dimon is talking about seizing private property for “investments”, he isn’t talking about his private property. The guy is reported to be a billionaire, worth nearly $2 billion, so you know he has a few homes scattered around the world. I am confident none of them are in places needed to “save the earth”, that will be restricted to farms in Nebraska. Like most of the ultra-wealthy he is a big Democrat party donor so he is of course on board with the “climate change” agenda, although never at the expense of the profits of his bank or himself. I am also sure he doesn’t believe a word of it but he plays along to help his bank stay in a favored position.

Back to the issue of Fascism/National Socialism. One of the key economic tenets of Fascism was a type of “third position”, a compromise between the excesses of unfettered capitalism and self-destructive Marxism. Most subscribing to this position would claim to reject both capitalism and Marxism/communism. In practice this meant a sort of cooperation between government and business with the stated goal of economic activity being the well-being of workers and the people in general, rather than profit for the sake of profit.

In contrast with Marxism, fascism was decidedly nationalistic and in the case of National Socialism had an ethnic component. It is also critical to remember that fascism and especially National Socialism arose in response to Marxism threatening the national independence of European states. The battle cry of “Workers of the world unite!” envisioned a world under a single Communist dictatorship and fascism was presented as an alternative. If you can actually look at fascism as a philosophy without getting entangled in Moustache Man Bad rhetoric, it has some appeal as we have all seen the disaster of unfettered crony capitalism.

What Jamie Dimon is proposing merges the worst aspects of Marxism and fascism in one ugly package, the government seizing private property with the assistance and cooperation of “private” companies to shrink the percentage of Americans that are even a little independent from Their influence and control. Fascism in a nationalistic setting makes some sense, it seeks to direct the economy to benefit all of the people in a given nation, but when divorced from nationalism it becomes just another means to achieving a global oligarchy.

This ties into a series of posts over the past few years, most recently Endless Distractions. Jamie Dimon doesn’t give a crap about “climate change” because he is too smart to believe it. What he does care about is being royalty among the peasants. The more private property leaving the hands of the dirt people, the more the ultra-rich feel even richer. What makes being rich awesome is not the stuff so much, it is feeling better than other people. The bigger the gap, the better you feel. No one will call Jamie Dimon a fascist because he is in the cloud people protected class but what he is proposing is far worse than the ugliest, most exaggerated aspects of the “bad guys” of the 20th century.


  1. saoirse

    They won’t take land through eminent domain confiscation, at least initially. They’ll buy what they want, then strong arm those that hold out.

    It could also be just another self-enrichment scam. “Cloud people” have been buying up immense parcels of land as have foreign ‘investors’ (especially the chinks) so they’ll be paid ten times over with our tax money. Nobody cares when it goes to the Ukranks, they’ll actually feel real good when it’s ‘invested’ back here in Murica.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Who has enough land to be worth seizing yet lacks the clout to fight it? Family farms. They are still able to print money at will so the owners will be compensated.

    They will economically cripple the west to build their useless climate wunderwaffen and it won’t be long either. There’s no stopping them now, there isn’t any meaningful resistance left.

  3. Gryphon

    “..governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations” may need to invoke “eminent domain”…
    Currently, only ‘Public Utility Companies’ are allowed (Sponsored by) the government to use ’eminent domain’ to Take someone’s Property. This is, like Roadbuilding, somewhat ‘justifiable’ as ‘for the Common Good”. I wonder what it will look like when some (foreign, (((owned))) ‘Non-government organization’ tries to Displace people from Rural Areas to try and pack them into “15-Minute Cities, where they will Own Nothing, Live in a Pod, Eat the Bugs, and Be Happy”.

    Wait, Wut? That’s Exactly what is going on in the Netherlands, small Farmers being Run Off their Land by the ‘government’ so that (((they))) can build a City for the Imprisonment and Enslavement of the People.. Wonder how that will ‘work’ in a Country that has More Guns and Ammo than all the Armies on the Planet…

    • saoirse

      Gryphon, regarding your last sentence:
      I would like to think that the owners of all that firepower would violently revolt but the overwhelming majority of them are civ nat conservative christian blowhards that have done nothing but posture, pray and pander for the last four decades. They’ve drawn enough lines in the sand to cause severe erosion of the sea shore!
      Perhaps they’ll become radicalized enough to actually aim and squeeze the trigger at human targets when their normalcy bias gets unceremoniously shattered, but they’re easily manipulated and will probably come after us Natzee heathens instead of the corporate gubment.

      • Gryphon

        Saorise – You are correct in the broader sense, but do you remember the “Bundy Ranch Incident” some Years ago? It was a Spontaneous Reaction to an Event that was exactly like this Article brings up – Corrupt ‘government officials’ attempted to Take the Land that Clive Bundy’s Family had Grazing Rights going back over a Century. The response escalated to the point that so many Thousands of Armed Citizens showed up that the ‘government’ had to Give Up, because Even If they had resorted to Drone-Bombing the Ranch (as several congresscritters demanded) the Armed Citizens would have kept on coming at them -“No More Wacos!” was the Mission Statement at the Time. Those weren’t “civnat conservative christian blowhards” but Determined Patriots who “Drew a Line” that the fedpigs (and their ‘leaders’) Dared Not Cross.

        It would seem quite likely that Eventually, some similar Incident is going to Happen, and the Next Time, these government maggots may well “Cross the Line” and then have to face a Nationwide, Sniping/Sabotage/Open Attacks on .gov at all levels. Remember, it only took ONE Sniper Team to nearly Shut Down the “Swamp” and its Suburbs. Multiply that by even as few as 1,000 “Teams” and the .gov starts to Crumble. The more Violently .gov responds, the More Individuals they Radicalize- that’s basic (un)Civil War Math.

        As for the current ‘lack of response’ to things like the Election Fraud, and the Coronascam/Biowar, is simply ‘The Lights are still On, there is Food (or some plastic facsimile) in the Stores, and Gas/Diesel is still available.’ You can add ‘fake fag Beer and Pron on the Internet’ if you want, but the Fact is most people won’t get Violent unless they are Pushed into It. And the judeo-communists are doing their Damnedest to make that Happen….

        • saoirse

          Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t the gubment thugs end up whacking one of the principle recalcitrants in an ambush after the main revolt died down?
          If so, was there any backlash by the others that previously stood down said thugs?
          You are correct; not until after the bread and circuses stop abruptly will there be any meaningful, aggressive reawakening!

          • Gryphon

            There was another “Incident” where Clive Bundy (and I think one of his Sons) were scammed into a fedgov ‘Entrapment’ ploy, where the fedpigs/paid ‘informants’ “Took Over” a Park Service Office in a remote Wilderness Area that was Closed for the Winter. Someone was Murdered in a Highway Ambush, by FBI and State Thugpigs. I think the whole thing didn’t ‘Blow Up’ because at the Time it was happening, I was seeing a lot of Evidence being posted that it was in fact and “Entrapment Ploy” and so Sensible People didn’t get involved.

            That is the Extreme Danger that the Internet poses to the Tyrants – They can’t do Anything now without their Involvement and Incitement being Revealed – You can see this with how Fast the bogus “Mass Shootings” get taken down and have to be ‘disappeared’ by the joomedia after 48-72 Hours.
            IMO, what really Terrifies them is how the Internet will allow the next legitimate “Spark” to Spread into full-on (un)Civil War against them.

  4. dave in pa.

    yup. like how they want to ban gas stoves and AC units but NOT private planes and boats ?
    it is all to make us suffer while they live the good life. you will not find them eating bugs and shit.
    if people ever wake up to this shit, those assholes are looking at a replay of the French hair cuts.
    food has always bein the choice of weapons against the people. read any good history book and find out.
    just look ay China. those poor people will eat anything.
    these are some power mad clowns in charge. they think they can get away with anything these days.

  5. Steiner Laughs

    Fascism is as Mussolini stated the merger of corporate and state.
    National Socialism is a hybrid form of socialism that actually worked due to the monoethnic nature of the population.
    Cradle to the grave social programs aren’t so hard to accept when there is no world shopping bazaar invade/invite madness going on and an never ending 1960’s LARP where Bull Connor (D) is waiting by the segregated fountain with a high pressure hose.

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