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They Never Learn

I’m a little behind the news, busy week, but the folks in Chicago decided to replace a leftist, African soft on crime mayor with….a leftist, African soft on crime mayor.

Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson is a Bernie Sanders acolyte and like most prominent 13%ers thinks that the way to reduce crime is to reduce the main disincentive to criminal behavior: the threat of incarceration. See: Brandon Johnson’s views on tolerance for violence and defunding police are absolutely clear. Here are his own words.

I don’t live in Chicago of course but it is only a few hours from us and it does border my state of Indiana, so we have and will continue to get bleed over from Chicongo crime while endlessly being blamed for Indiana guns becoming sentient, racist killing machines once they cross the border. It looks like Chicagoans are going to get what they asked for, good and hard. Serves them right, some people just never learn.


  1. Mike in Canada

    If there is one thing I truly enjoy, it is to see people get precisely what they ask for. Usually, they have no idea what they are talking about.

    This situation in IL is one such example.

    Thank you for your insights.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Meet the new negro, same as the old negro. At least this one is not as bug-eyed and butt-ugly as Lightfoot. It was genuinely painful seeing that hideous visage every Monday on Breitbart when checking the weekend death stats.

    Seriously, did the Chicagoons actually vote this cretin in, or are elections in this country so passé now that they are strictly for show, like in North Korea? If so, then yeah, Chicongo, wallow in it.

    • mike fink

      I heard on the radio that the winner carried the most crime ridden parts of the city by a long mile. It was closer or the other candidate won in better areas, for what that is worth.

    • Greg

      I think ballots should have a disclaimer like lottery tickets: “For amusement purposes only. Not to be taken seriously.” I will no longer give the election machine a vote to flip.

  3. saoirse

    “It looks like Chicagoans are going to get what they asked for, good and hard. Serves them right, some people just never learn”
    YEP! Let’s go nigger Brandon!!

  4. Jay L

    I had a visitor from our Chicago office out here about a month ago. I asked him how things were out there, as all we hear on the West coast is how horrible it is. His reply, without hesitation, was that “it’s probably worse than what you’re hearing”. I then asked if he thought things would get better when bugeyes was gone – “not likely” he says.

    It’s gonna be an exciting summer, I’ll bet!

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    Like I said back in our other thread about this after the primary, the only reason Vallas beat Lightfoot in the primary was that the woke left BLM vote was divided between numerous candidates, one of whom was Johnson. And as predicted they rallied to him for the general.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    I could be declared an honorary jew (not that I’d want to be, mind you) the way I’m over here grinning fiendishly and rubbing my hands together in anticipation of the show we are about to be treated to. They truly deserve every bit of pain that will be unleashed upon them.

    There is no fixing it, so let’s just go straight to maximum conflagration mode. Mrs. O’Learys cow had nothing on the shit afoot in chitown now. I imagine by mid summer I’ll be laughing hysterically with a full chubby, on witnessing the events taking place in shitcongodishu. is going to need a server upgrade and a dozen bonded DS3 lines just so they have the bandwith to keep up with the body count.

    I’m going to have Karnevil #9 by ELP and Welcome to the Jungle by GNR cued up for immediate playback.

  7. Danny

    “Gosh I don’t know … who should we install after Beetlejuice?”

    “Well there’s this white guy who’s pretty left-wing. I wonder if he’s serious about that idea of law and order?”

    “Yeah – that worries a lot of people. Let’s go ahead and install that black dude with the glasses.”

    “OK – sounds good.”

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