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The Meaning Behind The Madness

These are troubling time for normies. The madness in our society is growing by leaps and bounds and each new madness seems to spawn an even worse madness. The more normie withdraws and capitulates, desperate to be left alone, the more They seem to come after him. This is true even for many of the red-pilled, understandably because the madness is so pervasive and seemingly without purpose. Why would people who screech about “the children” fight so hard to allow adult men to gyrate in front of or even grind on school aged children?

The simple answer is that they are told to and they will believe whatever They tell them to believe, no matter how ludicrous.

No one in power really takes Dylan Mulvaney or “Admiral” Richard “Rachel” Levine seriously. No one thinks that Mulvaney needs tampons or that Levine is really a woman because he dresses like one. At the same time that Dylan Mulvaney is mocking women, the people enabling Mulvaney are laughing at him behind closed doors. How could they not? I went to school with a boy who had a severe head injury and because kids are cruel we would laugh when he said stuff. He thought we were laughing with him but we were laughing at him. Nothing I am proud of but it is how kids often behave. Mulvaney sees the smiles and hears the false praise of his puppeteers and probably really thinks they are cheering him on, not realizing they are mocking him.

Or take black crime as another example. The same people clamoring about black lives mattering are also pushing to keep violent black criminals on the street instead of behind bars where they continue to victimize people, mostly their fellow blacks. While Whites, Asians, Jews, what have you, are frequently the victims of black criminals, most often black criminals hurt other black people. It seems to make no sense whatsoever.

Until you realize it is intentional.

This is a recurring theme that I bring up over and over because it is so important. The cascade of nonsense that is snowballing into a society wide collapse isn’t happening organically as the result of incompetence although there is plenty of that. The players pushing this behind the scenes, often very subtly, are chivvying the American people toward the cliff knowing that it will inevitably lead to a widespread collapse of the current order. Again the question, why would they do this? These people are evil but not crazy. They have a goal and in order to achieve that goal there needs to be something for them to rule over. They don’t care if billions die but what is the point of being elites if there is no one left to lord over?

This requires a little subtlety. How do you collapse society in a controlled implosion without getting your head on a spike?

You make things slowly more and more intolerable until people are ready to accept something, anything, different.

The path we are on only ends in one of two ways. Utter chaos or a form of authoritarianism. There isn’t a path forward that ends in a libertarian utopia or some Christian nationalist theocracy. You either get The Humungus from The Road Warrior or you get Hitler, and given a choice?

While I suspect that the average German rather enjoyed life in the Third Reich, at least for a time and other than Jews, in spite of the way it is portrayed in mass media, life in the Reich was infinitely better than life in the wastelands being chased by homo bikers with Mohawks.

This is I believe the tactic being employed. Keep pushing normies into a corner, convince them there is no alternative other than chaos and then bring out the strongman savior who will restore order. I suspect there is already somebody they have in mind for this role being carefully groomed to step into the spotlight and “save” us from the disaster his handlers created in the first place.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for a long time and it is very easy to get caught up in the day to day nonsense and lose sight of the big picture and therefore it is important to step back now and then to look at the big picture, tying the little pieces together into the greater whole. The events unfolding are not the product of stupidity and incompetence, although plenty of that is on display, nor is this simply a cyclical collapse. Rather it is a controlled implosion designed to create the conditions that will allow for a massive takeover of the world as the only plausible alternative to chaos.

We are headed toward one of two unpalatable outcomes if They have their way. What still remains to be seen is if the innate human tendency to throw a monkey wrench into the best laid plans will turn this thing in an unpredictable direction. There is a reason that the old joke goes “Then one day, for no reason whatsoever…”


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Seems like you are assuming a “right” authoritarian. If their goal was a left authoritarian, how would you notice the difference when he gets here? Seems like “he” is already here.

    Regardless, the system has been selecting for incompetence for a long time. It has been decades since there have been consequences for failure at the highest levels of western government. So I wouldn’t discount the role of incompetence in any of this.

    It also seems like you are assuming one group is in charge. I’m not sure that’s true. There are varying groups that would like to be in charge, and they kind of share power with each other, but I don’t think either their vision or their implementation is especially cohesive.

    • Brother John

      WTF is a “right authoritarian” if left/right doesn’t explicitly mean team sports and nothing else?

      The usual “left/right” nonsense puts Stalin at one end and Hitler at the other which conveniently leaves no room for the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, et al. It’s complete bollocks and intended as such, as with all gaslighting and incoherent propaganda.

      The only metric that makes any sense is the size of the individual in relation to the state. If the state is limited and the individual is free (within well known, well defined parameters approved society-wide), that’s right. If the individual acts only with the permission of the state — the direction in which we’ve been heading since at least 1933 — that’s LEFT. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, 0bama, the crop of idiots and traitors running DC — they’re ALL on the left.

  2. NA

    Our rulers are not happy with option #1 of Humungus or #2 Hitler, in part because our rulers enjoy issuing decrees and bossing around the deplorables (besides camps are not off the table). They’re busy enacting option #3: a continuation of what we’re already seeing, but with extra humiliation of the deplorables.

    Option #3 is a noxious combination of a woke managerial elite, an increasingly invasive even if moderately incompetent corpo-gov surveillance state, advanced anti-Christian dogma with public Satanism celebrations, with weird pervert tranny/pedo stuff included and probably soon bestiality too, regular “public health” lockdowns, a radicalized red guard youth that knows straight white paleskins are the source of all evil, while Latisha the DMV clerk will recreate Wakanda if enough racial reparations are extracted, all organized under the rainbow flag.

    Those uppity deplorables can expect a bit of in-person reparations through arson or worse, with Soros-funded DAs looking the other way when the Antifa mobs deal out some badly needed street justice. Self-defense will be prosecuted as a hatecrime by the US DOJ. Comply, or else.

  3. Xzebek

    Perhaps the chaos of regional anarchy is another option. Not the anarchy of roving homo biker gangs in the outback (with or without Mohawks 🙂 ) but communities acting independently outside the control of whatever powers that be. The country is too large and too spread out for there to be much control. This won’t work in the large blue enclaves where you already don’t want to be. But in Northwest rural Montana or Indiana (and a host of other places) it will be easy to do. Think the Canton system in Switzerland. They can be mostly self sufficient and self protecting.
    And this option is much better than Humongous or Hitler.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    I think there is far more incompetence involved than many believe. The govt has been getting high on it’s own supply for a long time now. Stupid, self defeating bullshit like affirmative action, and now faggot worship, have left the system riven through with people who are not remotely capable of doing anything useful or constructive.

    Then there is the greed. Most of these screw ups lust after their sinecures for the pay and bennies of a govt tit-sucking job. The more sociopathic types enjoy bossing people around and making their lives miserable, of course. But most are still in it for the money and pension.

    Then you have the actual ruling class types. These people are all cheap, pathetic caricatures of leaders. Their kids are even worse. I have what I like to call the “four generation rule”. Take nearly any well known aristocratic family. Going back 3-4 generations from present day they generally had patriarchs who actually did useful and competent work in forming and running what became huge, successful corporations. But the progeny of those types (Henry Ford, the DuPont family, the Busch family of pisswater – and now transfaggot – beer fame, the pelosi’s, the bushes – just look at ¡El Jebbe!) to see how far a family can fall in a few generations. You are left with a bunch of losers.

    But now those storied family names of yore are held by the most useless, incapable, soft and physically repulsive bunch of fuckups imaginable. Hunter Biden? Yeah. That’s the standard being set here.

    Having it too easy for too long creates dysfunction. Furthermore, the damage is cumulative over multiple generations. One can see this across the entire society, though it’s worse in “high society” circles due to the combination of being a sort of closed loops system, along with too much money and not enough discipline making them self absorbed perverts with weird sexual kinks, and many other oddly pathological behaviors.

    These people are still a threat due to the influence and funding they have at their disposal. But they are no longer the great strategic thinkers, planners and executors of grandiose civic or corporate efforts their forebears were. They are bad jokes with myriad personal foibles and weird ass hangups, hampered by modern society’s innate attention deficit disorder and inability to think in big picture terms. They are, in simplistic terms, imbeciles disconnected from reality. As I said, they are still a threat, but they are not invincible, and can be effectively dealt with if we finally chose to do so. Their incompetence can most assuredly be used to our advantage.

  5. John Wilder

    The rank and file Leftists are just waiting for whatever upgrade chip that is going to be installed by Reddit or Vox or NPR. The folks in power? Yeah, to them it’s a game.

  6. Gryphon

    One thing that the (((parasites))) simply Do Not Understand, and CANNOT understand, is their entire dream of “Technotronic Slavery” of da goyim is predicated on a High-Functioning, High-Tech ‘society’. Data Centers are not Designed and built by 70-I.Q., mud-race “immigrants”. Neither are the Computers that fill them. Or the Powerplants and Lines that run them. Nothing of the “Beast System” that (((they))) envision can be Created and Run by anyone but White Men- the very People that (((they))) Hate and wish to Genocide.

    When you read about what creatures like ‘noel harrari’ and ‘klaus schwab’ have to say about (((their))) Program, you see people who have No Clue as to the Physical Side of Implementing “The Plan”. The Belief that “Money” and control of ‘politicians’ gives them the power to “Make it So” just by Their Word. The harder that life becomes for the ‘Deplorables’ who are capable of ‘making things Work’ becomes, the less likely the society, and the “System” can function at a High enough Level to do what (((they))) Wish.

    And that’s completely Neglecting what the Russians, Chinese, and the rest of the World is doing- and Could do, if pushed too far by globohomo, inc.- and I really have to Laugh at all the folks who say “If there is a Nuclear War, the (((elite))) have Bunkers to Hide in, and then they will Emerge to Take Over things again.” Ha. Ha.Ha. Lord Humongus will be waiting to make them his little bitches…

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