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Partly Cloudy With A 100% Chance Of Racism And Sheeeit

If you are like me, and most people of my age and older are, you check the weather. That is just what we do. I remember back in 1982 when we were one of the first families to have cable and one of the channels offered was The Weather Channel. It wasn’t uncommon in our home for the weather to be playing non-stop in the background for hours on end. Maybe it is just a Midwestern thing but we like to have our eye on what is coming.

So just this morning we had “Accuweather” open. I don’t check the weather at The Weather Channel’s website, they used to have a pop-up that covered the screen if you used an ad blocker. Anyway, my wife had opened up an article on the site with this provocative title:

Racial disparities are working against disaster recovery for people of color. Climate change could make it worse

Who knew that even the weather was racist!? CNN’s Lauren Lee did, a corpulent black woman who seems to spend most of her journalistic efforts writing about how White peepo are mean to black folk.

For some reason, Accuweather decided to pick up her piece so that normal people that just want to know what the chance of rain is today are exposed to yet another propaganda piece. I am surprised that they only looked at racism and climate change but failed to find a way to work trannies into the equation. Do better next time Lauren Lee!

From the article, emphasis mine:

A report by the EPA’s Office of Atmospheric Programs looked at four vulnerable social groups: people living on low-income, racial minorities, those with no high school diploma, and seniors over age 65. Of those four groups, the study found minorities are most likely to live in areas projected to be impacted by climate change.

Moreover, Black [sic] people are 40% more likely than non-African-Americans to live in areas with the highest projected increases in mortality rates due to changes in extreme temperatures.

Notice she slips in the word “projected” twice. When you dig into the report a little, something I will assume Lauren Lee did not bother to do, you will find all sorts of caveats and cautions about the uncertainty of their projections. The Appendix C comes right out and says it:

Likely. Potentially. Estimates. The whole thing is filled with so many vague assumptions and wild projections that it is meaningless. As the meteorological community can’t predict the weather tomorrow with much accuracy, you will pardon me for being skeptical of vague projections of increased mortality in a certain population group while not taking into account any other factors (like blacks being far more likely to be obese than other racial groups and that is a real risk factor, unlike “climate change”. Someone should tell Lauren Lee.)

When a tornado rips up a mostly White trailer park in Kansas, no one gives a shit but when some blacks lose their tin shacks it becomes another opportunity for bitching about “inequality”. The media could hardly be bothered to cover the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio until it was such a huge issue that they couldn’t ignore it any longer.

I won’t bother going through the rest of the article, it mostly serves as an advertisement for increased funding for “equity” based private disaster groups with names like “the Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management (I-DIEM)” that, like most “civil rights” organizations and black churches, serves mostly as a way for mildly intelligent blacks to loot the system while doing nothing for their constituents.

I will point out that the article ends with this whopper:

“There is no value in not directly preparing communities of color,” (Chauncia) Willis said. “The government already underserves them. Do they also need to be underserved by humanity?”

Yep, Chauncia Willis is claiming that blacks are underserved by the government. The group that is overwhelmingly disproportionately taking from other groups via government programs, from welfare to “education” to prisons, is somehow “underserved” by that same government. She said that no doubt with a completely straight face but based on her website she has found a niche for getting dem sweet, sweet gibs by focusing on “disaster inequity”.

What is worth noting is that blacks are always on message. No matter what happens, it is an opportunity for blacks to demand more money from White people. Tornado hits a black town? More money. Black youths rampage through Chicago? More money. This truly is a zero sum game and when one group wins, whether blacks or Jews or mestizos, another group or groups loses, always Whites and often Asians.

On the other hand, it is a struggle to get Whites to even recognize that there is a problem. Show them videos of a White woman being assaulted by blacks and they prefer to look away or make excuses. Every other group is engaged 24-7 in the racial cold-but-getting-hotter war except for us.

I’ll keep on banging this drum while I have a pulse: our commitment to the well-being and survival of our people must match that of other groups or we truly will go extinct.


  1. Anon

    There is nothing wrong with in-group preference for your own kind. What’s wrong is being so individualistic and/or antiracist, etc that at minimum you are “race-blind” saying shit like “one race the human race”, or the refrain of “not all X”, and at worst are the traitors who commit racial suicide, aiding in the genocide of their own people.
    “Fellow Whites” are also a plague and have been for thousands of years, sneaking in like parasites destroying those they settle among. Without all the deadweight we could flourish like we once had done (even if we have to pull back our borders to reorganize, like the Spanish on their peninsula fortifying and later retaking it all). We’ll not just achieve our former glory but once again go forth to the final frontier after dealing with more immediate problems.

    It’s more than ok to be White, it’s Great to be White.

    • Mike_C

      Well said. Though I’d say that Fellow Whites are not “also a plague” but rather the root of the plagues.

      Falstaff said: “I am not only witty in myself, but the cause that wit is in other men.” Something similar applies to subversion and destruction of societies. They are (wildly disproportionately) the cause of subversion in other people, not just subversive themselves. Marxism, Second-wave feminism, Freudian psychiatry, the list goes on and on.

  2. saoirse

    To indulge their pongoid fantasies even further, they’ll soon have them doing full-time weather reports for Wakanda, complete with the requisite race-baiting ‘editorials’ and gnashing of gold teeth.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    Reboot George Carlin’s Al Sleet, the Hippy Dippy Weatherman:

    “Tonight’s forecast…dark.”

    Women and minorities hardest hit.

  4. Michael Hendrix

    “If you are like me, and most people of my age and older are, you check the weather. That is just what we do.”

    And if, like me, you’re a lifelong (well, almost) Harley rider, you check it CONSTANTLY. 😉

    • Skeptic

      Not lifelong by any means, but yep. There’s nothing better than a nice leisurely ride on a two lane road on my Road King on a sunny day. And nothing worse than one on a rainy, windy day.

  5. Billybob

    As far as that no trannies thing.
    The face could go either way.
    Picture is cropped so you can’t see adams apple.

  6. lunastargazer

    I don’t remember seeing that black woman in Amory or the other town in MS who got hit hard by this last tornado. The one town was completely decimated. A town that is 78% black. And poor.

    A large church group came to Amory with bottled water, food and help. Guess the race? White! Not one black volunteer. Don’t tell me the SPLC, BLM or the NAACP doesn’t have the money or the resources to help these people, who could really use the help.

    I live about 30 minutes from the MS border. Most of those blacks are what I call full blood blacks. No race mixing there. They’re actually different than the American blacks in the cities. So if those 3 groups I mentioned above would have helped them, it would have made a world of difference.

    Nope, these blacks are not what they like or want. They want the thug ass degenerate baby mamma fat back blacks.

    • Arthur Sido

      After the earthquake in Haiti I went down with a mission group. Although the country is almost entirely black, the plane was full of White missionaries and two Haitians returning home. Where were the African-Americans going to help dey brethren? Nowhere in sight.

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