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No Better Than Beasts

While I was in Florida, this story popped up of three murders, also in Florida…

Two of the three murdered teens in question, with one male still unidentified, are White girls, Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles, both 16…

Two yoofs have been arrested. Guess who?

Robert Le’Andrew Robinson, 17, and Christopher De’l Atkins, 12 years old. 12 years old and involved in a murder.

Read that again. Twelve years old and arrested in connection with a murder. Another yoof, 16 year old Tahj Brewton, was subsequently arrested over the weekend.

Brewton was arrested on his outstanding warrants for carjacking with a firearm, aggravated assault, grand theft of a motor vehicle, fleeing or attempting to elude a law enforcement officer and tampering with an electronic monitoring device, authorities said. Additional charges are forthcoming, they added.

These three 13%ers, Robert Le’Andrew Robinson, Christopher De’l Atkins and Tahj Brewton, allegedly murdered three other teens in cold blood. They are no better than beasts, devoid of even the basic humanity that might make one pause before killing three young people who made the mistake of getting entangled with them.

The three victims were “associates” of the three killers:

Sheriff Billy Woods revealed Friday that he believes all three victims were involved in burglaries and robberies, and both the victims and suspects were allegedly “associated with a gang.”

“Basically, in simple terms there is no honor among thieves,” the sheriff said at a press conference. “And at some point, these three individuals turned on our three victims and murdered them.”

Two 16 year old White girls who were involved with three black thugs, perhaps for the thrills or whatever reason, and learned too late a lethal lesson about dat gangsta style: the real gangstas don’t value your life. White girls never learn, like this local chick named Autumn Hayden…

Hayden a 21 year old who is now charged with aiding burglary, aiding robbery, and aiding battery after helping what I assume is her boyfriend, Cortes Antonio Morris, a 20 year old black man with that famous intelligent gleam to his eyes.

At least Autumn Hayden is just facing some jail time and isn’t dead like Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles. When you hang around with “people” like this, you are just asking for trouble.


  1. saoirse

    Nigger thugs definitely need to be exterminated, but I’ll enthusiastically root for them to take as many mud sharks and wiggers down as possible. I’d love to see them whack the white trash parents as well. Saves us the trouble and expense of culling our own herd!

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    Those two 12 year old perps look older than the 16 year old one. Having a hard time believing the numbers

    We’re looking at the miscegenated version of Beatlemania

      • Michael Hendrix

        True, it definitely isn’t. Another thing my Grandma used to say: “You made your bed, now lie in it.” Another of her pearls of wisdom, the one I liked best of all: “Wish in one hand, shit in the other. See which one gets full the quickest.”

        Child of the Depression; married at fifteen; a tough-as-nails old farmer who used to make us grandkids sit out on the front porch with her on hot summer afternoons shucking corn and shelling peas for dinner (s’cuse me, supper); a woman who could chase down a chicken, wring its neck, pluck it, chop it up, and have it frying in a cast-iron skillet faster than it took me to type this, she was a hell of a smart lady for sure.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    ‘Layla’ and ‘Camille’. I really have to wonder about a “White” parent who names their spawn ‘Layla’. Getting kind of a trailer park vibe here.

  4. KDOG

    My stepson, now 23, went through a wigger phase in his mid/late teens: pants falling down, underwear showing, speaking ebonics, listening to rap music and running the streets with some yoofs of a darker hue. Thank God he matured and grew out of it, and became a responsible young man who has held a decent job.

  5. Xzebek

    Arthur, there’s been a multiple shooting at a funeral home in DC today. From the description, sounds like chimps. Want to place a bet?

  6. Suburban Dude

    I quit trying to enlighten folks years ago, now i am so out of fucks to give to people who run afoul, willingly, of these Moon Crickets…

    Savage Diversity + Proximity = Genocide…

    I have nothing else to call it, I stand w/Dilbert….

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