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Maybe Harsh But The Truth Always Is Harsh

There was a time when I would pull back from posting certain news stories because it wasn’t possible to talk about them without coming across as harsh or sounding like a bit of an asshole.

This story takes us back to the Dadeville, Alabama mass shooting. As you will recall, the shooting at a Sweet 16 party left 4 dead, including the brother of the girl celebrating her birthday, and 32 injured. Six people have been arrested and they all look as you expect.

Four of the yoofs were from Tuskegee and drove quite a distance to murder people. The McCullough brothers, Travis and Tyreese, are both minors but I expect are being charged as adults. One of the “victims”, Corbin Holston, is alleged to have shot first and been wearing a ski mask and was apparently killed in the exchange of gun fire. Another “victim”, one Marsiah Collins, was allegedly found with an unfired pistol in his waistband. So at least two of the victims were expecting or looking for trouble. They found it.

There are many stories about others wounded at the party and still recovering from their wounds but one caught my eye….

Teen in medically induced coma almost 2 weeks after Dadeville mass shooting

The teen in question is Cara Johns, a 16 year old girl.

From the GoFundMe set up in her name

She sounds like a nice girl….

Justin Johns described his daughter Cara Johns as a “very sweet girl.” She is only 16 years old, but her father said she is mature and responsible, holding two jobs while into cheerleading, gymnastics and swimming.

“I don’t understand why this happened. I’m saying it’s bad because it was senseless,” he said.

Johns said his daughter she was shot in the chest, stomach and head. She is fighting for her life in the coma with severe brain swelling.

The obvious question we should be asking: why was a 16 year old White girl at a party with thuggish blacks from miles around, a significant number who were carrying and looking for trouble like the “victim” who allegedly wore a ski mask and shot first? Someone, and first and foremost her father, should have told her:

If you hang around with bad people, it is likely bad things will happen to you.

I won’t speculate on motives and it doesn’t really matter now. What is without question is that if Cara Johns had been at a party with all White kids, she wouldn’t be on a ventilator with bullet wounds to her brain, chest and stomach. She was failed by a lot of people in her 16 years and now those failures might mean some pretty horrible consequences, assuming she ever wakes up. Her father was right, it was senseless but the really senseless part was her being somewhere that she should have been warned against being in the first place.

Maybe she was warned, maybe she wasn’t supposed to be there, but regardless Cara Johns becomes yet another White victim of black violent crime and her name won’t be remembered by anyone outside of her school and family while the name of a violent piece of shit criminal named George Floyd will be exalted as a hero of American history.

It is perhaps unkind or tasteless to bring this up while she fights for her life but how many more victims must there be before Whites start to figure out that your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime go up significantly when you are around blacks? I am afraid the answer will be far too high and that the body count resulting from the carnage of black on White violence will only increase in the years to come.


  1. Jay L

    I can understand you reluctance to write about this stuff, but I appreciate the fact that you do. I’d be lying if I said your work hasn’t caused a change in my personal perspective towards others outside my tribe, and for that I thank you.
    The truth is ugly, but hiding the truth doesn’t make it any less so. Keep up the good work Arthur.

  2. Moe Gibbs

    Brain-dead or not, I have exactly zero sympathy for the little coalie. Having deliberately placed herself in the line of fire, presumably to polish her virtue beacon for other clueless glory-seekers (and to poke a thumb in the eye of us race realists) she has earned her just reward. See? No racism here! They’re just like us!

    This is not some grotesque, tatted-up, daddy-hating feminist whale, at least from outward appearances. Really makes me wonder what in holy hell is wrong with young, White women who have all the advantages life could possibly offer and yet still lay down with feral mongrels. Is the trite, momentary approval of anonymous Internet strangers on r/GoodWhites worth your life, young lassie?

    Too late to answer that one now, but perhaps you will serve some noble purpose in your short time remaining, if only as dire warning to others.

  3. Anonymous White Male

    “It is perhaps unkind or tasteless to bring this up while she fights for her life but how many more victims must there be before Whites start to figure out that your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime go up significantly when you are around blacks? I am afraid the answer will be far too high and that the body count resulting from the carnage of black on White violence will only increase in the years to come.”

    Well, failing the Darwin Test helps clean the gene pool! It may be cruel but there are many, many cruel life lessons that need to be learned. Our fathers and grandfathers looked upon feral monkeyshines and called a spade a spade. Now you’re a raaaccciiiissssssttttttt for even using the word spade.

  4. Anon

    Burn the coal, pay the toll.
    She threw away her heritage, her genes to fuck some subhumans. She deserves the worst.

    That same girl would have reported you for hatespeech for even considering that nigs might not be the same as Whites. Fuck her.

  5. mike fink

    Slow learners take themselves right out of the gene pool. They will give the dindu something to play with while the rest of us get ourselves ready for the main event.

  6. Jeffrey Zoar

    I don’t blame her. She’s 16 and white female therefore not expected to score highly in life wisdom/street smarts, and on top of that, has no doubt received the message her whole life not to be ray-cis and that it’s good to be a coal burner. Every commercial on TV tells her that, all the mass media tell her that, she’s probably had teachers and other people of similar status tell her that, even in Alabama, so not only didn’t she know better, she probably had no means to know better. It’s not as if you could expect a young girl like her to discover Jared Taylor or the truth of race realism. She had probably lived a pretty sheltered life up until now with little to no opportunity to learn some of the harsher truths which society no longer teaches. On the contrary, society teaches lies.

    There is plenty of blame to go around for why this happened but I don’t think she bears that much of it. She was just doing what she was taught to do.

    So if she ever pulls out of it I fully expect her to make a public statement of forgiveness. And go date another black guy

    • Arthur Sido

      That is kind of my take on it, at 16 you can’t vote and you shouldn’t be trusted to make decisions without a great deal of guidance that she apparently didn’t get

  7. Gryphon

    Arthur, it IS important to show these Facts, however ugly they are. Only by exposure to the Truth of the Racial (genetic) Differences between Humans (Whites) and proto-humans (Africans) will enough (White) People be able to see how “The World really Works”.

  8. Dr. Hollowpoint

    All she had to say was, “I’m so sorry Shaniqua but I’m unable to go to your birthday party because I need to relax so I have to be somewhere else.”

  9. SuperCamaroBird

    From Tuskegee? Why didn’t they fly over in a P-51 pulling moves that would have torn the wings right off?
    How could you not laugh at this Potemkin quasi-retarded society, so dumbed down as to be a danger to itself and others as part of the Great Society welfare plantation.
    Didn’t the small hats say that they hollow out and leave it a welfare colony, places that they really hate.
    Future historians will break out clown wigs bicycle horns when they review FUSA.

  10. Exile1981

    Reading lots of sources i found that she was invited last minute by the birthday girl to the party as they are both on the cheerleader team. Also looks like she just moved to that down in january… maybe she didnt know. But her parents should have told her what happens at these sorts of parties.

    I also noted the family of one shooter is claiming cops framed him… here we go.

  11. pyrrhus

    Two high school kids from the wealthy North Shore area of Chicago where we lived, a nearly all white/asian area, have been killed attending parties in Chicago on Saturday nights..gang bangers crashed the parties and gunfire erupted….Same question–why would their parents allow such insane behavior by their teens, and even lend them cars?

  12. Locustpost

    I blame the parents. She is a 16 year old girl. She was out late at night. Someone should be watching out for her and controlling her as a 16 year old lacks the maturity to do this for herself. Her parents and most particularly, her father failed her. I guess the failed parents will be condemned to taking care of a damaged kid for the rest of their lives. It’s a cruel fate that comes with failure.

  13. Xzebek

    I’m sure all of us here have been at stupid places, at stupid times, with stupid people doing stupid things. I know I have and fortunately for me, never suffered really bad consequences. Sadly, this girl wasn’t so lucky. Yes, she and her parents should have known better and it’s insane to go to a gathering where multiple chimps will be present. We all know that. As other commenters have said, she probably has been fed a line her whole life that the urban yoofs are just like her. She probably believed it. Sad how it turned out. These types of experiences should be used as object lessons to white kids everywhere.
    And speaking of career criminal George Floyd…he should be congratulated on another upcoming year of sobriety.

  14. Lunastargazer

    When I first moved to my small white town, you rarely saw a mudshark. Now they’re quite a few of them. Many of them are very pretty white girls. What’s wrong with their parents? It’s not like there is a shortage of good looking young white men. Is it drugs? Living in the fast lane?

    Everytime I see a white girl with her bantu lover, she’s the one driving. He doesn’t have a car and has probably had too many DUIs to have a DL. What happened to hot girls dating hot dudes? And believe me, many of these bantus are butt ugly. I mean hell, they’ve been beaten by the ugly stick. I don’t get it.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Rap featuring negros has been the cool “music” for going on 30 years. Thus, the negros are the hot dudes. The mainstreaming of rap and the widespread appearance of the mud shark happened simultaneously.

      Rock pretty much died after about 30 years as the cool music, jazz had been the cool music for 30 years or so before that, so we hopefully (careful what you wish for) are about due to see whatever replaces rap. But everybody in the music business is no doubt hell bent on continuing to promote negros so rap could have a longer run.

    • Washboard

      Weird how that works isn’t it? We had a couple of girls in my year at high school that liked black men, and once they started down that path, they were stuck. NONE of us would have anything to do with them ever again – we didn’t even want to sit with them in class. Instinctively, they were all considered soiled.

      Turn on the TV, Netflix, ads on YouTube, etc, etc, etc it’s always a white woman (in charge) with a black “man” and fugly mulatto sprogs. If there’s a white man, he’s always an incapable fool and she effortlessly fixes whatever the made-up problem is.

      My wife started watching “Handmaids Tale” – even in that asinine show, the fugly C-U-Next-Tuesday “heroine” was coal burning. My wife wouldn’t watch it when I was home – I’d rip it to shreds and she started watching it when I was at work. LOL! She KNEW just how stupid it is, but couldn’t stop herself !

      I think the solution for this behaviour is public shaming – it _nearly_ ALWAYS works with women. If it becomes public knowledge that so-and-so is a coal burner, and no man will touch her once he finds out – see how long it takes for their behaviour to change. Women will expose each other as coal burners.

    • Clown car driver

      It’s the tee vee and the social media. That’s all these kids are exposed to, awesome blacks, feetsball and bakkaball playas, rappers, awesome cool homos and trannys, on and on and on. Anyone who gives a kid a smartphone ought to be horsewhipped.

  15. jack

    > It’s not like there is a shortage of good looking young white men.

    Dunno, looks like the young white men are either gay/trans or at least very feminine… negroes still have more masculine men. What is a girl attracted to “toxic masculinity” supposed to do?

  16. Phil Morgan

    You can’t fix stupid. Her parents had the chance to raise her to avoid these black monsters, but didn’t intercede. Now both are paying the price for. hanging around with blacks in their personal lives!

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