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Madness Begets Madness

Humanity has always had crazy people. The human mind is a complex, fragile and fickle organ we barely understand and in many people it works differently. In some it works very differently. Some with minds like that we call geniuses and others we call madmen. Think of how many words we have for madness: mad, crazy, insane, cuckoo, loony, on and on. In most ages we saw madness as a problem to be managed, either privately or in institutions. The goal was to keep the mad away from the not-mad as insane people are unpredictable and often dangerous. In our enlightened, modern age that has been flipped on it’s head and now the sane are seen as somehow dangerous and the mad are no longer controlled but encouraged in their madness

It is said for a reason that you get more of what you encourage. For example, by subsidizing immoral behavior in the form of having children out of wedlock, we got a huge increase in illegitimacy. The stigma was removed, the behavior was subsidized and being a single mother was exalted as being somehow even more noble than raising children in an intact family. As a result more children have been born to and raised by a single parent with each succeeding decade and with predictably awful results.

Everyone is somewhere on the road to madness. Some are only a single trigger away while others are deeply grounded in their sanity and would require a major catastrophe to push them over the edge. Society used to discourage moving toward insanity but what happens when society celebrates madness and castigates sanity? You get a lot more madness.

It was less than a decade ago in 2015 that Bruce Jenner decided he was a woman after being married three times with six children and started to call himself Caitlyn. Before that you really didn’t see trannies on TV being treated seriously but now Bruce Jenner is the voice of “sanity”, a transvestite that warns about the dangers of being too radical about transvestitism while wearing women’s panties.

You see trannies everywhere, even in the halls of government and definitely all over TV. That creepy fruitcake Dylan Mulvaney is a spokesperson for Bud Light, representing that all important trannie Bud Light connoisseur demographic. It is a poke in the eye for the type of guy that drinks Bud Light and thinks transvestites are ridiculous to have a scrawny dude who thinks he gets periods gushing about the favorite pisswater of rednecks and good ol’ boys.

The intended result is working. More disaffected youth are declaring themselves trans or non-binary or whatever. Even being a garden variety faggot isn’t good enough to give you some sort of identity, now they have to keep ratcheting up the degeneracy. At the same time, the trannies are becoming more militant and violent. Encouraging the already mentally ill to act out on their illness breeds violence as we saw recently in the Nashville school shooting. In the wake of that shooting, White House spokesnegress Karine Jean-Pierre just praised “trans” kids who “fight back” and Riley Gaines, a female athlete who speaks out about protecting women’s sports from men dressed as women competing against girls, was recently assaulted by a man in a dress.

The media is overtly encouraging this by using loaded terminology like “gender affirming care” and allowing activists to declare that any hesitancy to allow minors to be mutilated is putting their lives at risk. Because transvestite kids are drastically more likely to commit suicide, because by definition they are already mentally ill, it is reasoned that failing to go along with their mental illness means they are more likely to kill themselves. Not allowing an 11 year old girl to undergo a voluntary double mastectomy is literally killing her. Telling someone already unhinged that people are trying to kill them is invariably going to lead to a backlash and of course the problem comes from those unwilling to go along with the madness, not those encouraging the insanity.

Lots of people have pointed out how rapidly we went from “love is love” to “if you don’t let children make life altering decisions you are murdering them” at breathtaking speed. What is even more disturbing, if that isn’t disturbing enough, is contemplating what comes next. You know it won’t end with genital mutilation of healthy children and I suspect that pedophilia is next up for “normalization”.

The more they encourage madness, the more they get and we aren’t even close to the bottom of the cesspool yet.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Years ago, well before the current madness, Heineken made the inexplicable decision to go after the non-pale-male market, portraying clueless, klutzy White male rubes in contrast with mature, sophisticated gays, blacks and females in their ads. Inexplicable, because of how small the total market for beer is among gays and females (at least compared to White men). And no amount of fawning adulation is ever going to make a brutha reach for a green bottle.

    At the time, Budweiser was still respectful of their base market demographic, and even had some rather innovative ads (the Budweiser frogs were a hoot, until they milked that one dry). There was even a short-lived ad where the narrator suggested that a woman wear a Bud “light” on her head to get the “male attention she deserves”. Imagine floating that one past a focus group today.

    I hope that Anheuser-Busch, and Jack Daniels, get the Gillette treatment and go belly up for their commitment to ‘woke’. I, for one, have now added their products to my lengthy list of boycotted purveyors (not that I drank their swill before, but there is no question about it now). Get woke, become a joke, go broke.

    • mike fink

      “I hope that Anheuser-Busch, and Jack Daniels, get the Gillette treatment and go belly up ”

      The brand is synonymous with “Bar” and drinking culture to the extent that Budweiser signs and logos are everywhere when you are in most working class drinking establishments. The list of places you see it includes pool table lights, etched barback mirrors, bartop cozies, etc. It will take an effort for some of these places to shed all of that and replace it with something else. They certainly have to consider the risk that they will change to Miller labled products and then that company will do the same thing. I think the AB corporate counter attack will come after things die down a little, and they will have some pretty young things, (without male equipment) make the rounds on weekends with free bud bling. The backlash needs to be severe and you will know it is real if and when the trademark logos vanish.

      • Arthur Sido

        I doubt the vast majority of bar drinkers will care enough, they will keep swilling that piss and watching sportsball. Maybe some grumbling but not enough to make a difference.

  2. Anonymous White Male

    Advertising isn’t advertising anymore. By that, I mean that the purpose of advertising should be to target a specific demographic that will buy your product and get them to spend money on it. Not to make political statements. But today, the political statement is all important. And the purpose of this is to create a culture that the powers that be want. A degenerate, miscegenated culture that is incapable of thought so as to be easily led. You can’t help but think in Biblical terms about this. Woe unto them that call good evil and evil good. Protestant Christians abrogated their responsibility to maintain society when they started believing in pseudo-Biblical teachings, like “the Rapture”. The Bible was not all about man’s relationship to God, but also man’s relationship to man. By abandoning their responsibility to maintain a healthy society, they accepted such Satanic teachings as “separation of Church and State”, the “Brotherhood of Mankind”, and “Love is Love”. But the biggest mistake was the lie that “The Law has been done away with!” Both the Messiah and Paul denied that the Law was done away with. That, however, is what most Christians believe now. Lucifer knows how to manipulate man. He knew he couldn’t corrupt mankind if we followed the Law. So, he introduced lies that tickled our ears, got us to violate the Law, and then brought curses upon the Land. God has now turned his back on the West. When you think about the stupidity that Christians believe in now, like “Love and Grace, Love and Grace, Love and Grace, and that’s all!”, or that America will be blessed if we bless the jews, you realize that we have been so deceived that we participate in our own destruction.

    • Arthur Sido

      Advertising and “entertainment” stopped being about making money a long time ago, They know most will keep buying their products anyway so They feel empowered to use those moving images to push a political agenda.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    This shit is going to burn out. How or when I am less certain, but raving insanity has a shelf life. Its proponents are very loud and very publicized, but also relatively few. It looks all pervasive, but that’s mostly stagecraft.

    I’m not saying the moral decline of the west will burn out. That’s entrenched and irreversible. I’m talking about this particular aspect of it, this transgender craze. It will die out. Maybe sooner than even I think.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Perhaps, but to be replaced by what, exactly? That is a question we probably don’t want an answer to. Given the principal animating characteristic of American culture is now a perpetual game of “top that, motherfuckers!” none of us probably wants to see what comes after the open worship of transfaggotry.

      But here’s something: police in a small Mississippi town have arrested a 19 year old girl for posting a video of herself having sex with her dog on social media. Now, it’s only been 3 days since butt light announced their new betesticled crossdresser as spokesfaggot (and shootable face, since cans are good for target practice), but I think we”ve already found a solid candidate to replace him, and the next big coporately marketable perversion. Before long we will be blithely saying “Trannies? That’s so 2Q 2023, man. It’s all about the dog hoes now.”

      And the most sickening part is that what I’ve written above should forever remain a pointed mocking of how screwed up this country has become. Yet in all likelihood, it will end up being too close to the truth to be truly funny.

  4. Yankee Terrier

    Great writing as always Arthur. This mass epidemic of mental illness is being pushed and orchestrated, no question. Oh in the late 1970s I was a flight instructor in southern California. Bruce Jenner was one of my students. How far that guy fell!! Be around the Hollywood beast, it can be contagious for the weak of soul.

  5. Gryphon

    The corporations that are pushing the (((perversions))) are Not Concerned with “Sales”. I tend to believe that they are being Pushed into marketing Perversions by the (((financial parasites))), from stockholders within, and banks from without. It wouldn’t surprise me that either the corporate (((owners))) plan to deliberately Bankrupt these companies (for their profit, of course) or, that the Banks will cover the Losses with no-interest ‘loans’.

    If nothing else, the Ubiquitous meme of “blaques are Cool, Whites are Dumb, and the Vile Presentation of Attractive White Women with apes in very nearly every Advertisement shows the (((agenda))) to Destroy America as a White Nation and Culture.

  6. saoirse

    Supposedly the poo-lice just uncovered a series of planned school shootings by a he-she, in Colorado this time. The guy’s sister turned him/it in.
    How many more homicidal freaks are out there is anyone’s guess but there’s about ten more weeks of school left for this year.

  7. Xzebek

    The mentally ill trans crowd, and their supporters need to be either beaten back into the pervert closet or otherwise removed from society by whatever means best works.

  8. Bear in Indy

    Just 3 of the 45 goals of the Communist party as read into the Congressional record:

    Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

    January 10, 1963

    Current Communist Goals

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    Watchwoman on the Wall

    Bear in Indy

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