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Kall Me Krazee

But this seems like a weird use for “Special Forces”.

What are Special Forces doing at the U.S. embassy in Kiev? I would think that guard duty isn’t really their best use. If I were a suspicious sort I might think that these “Special Forces” in Ukraine are actually being used in a capacity that is a lot more than chilling at the embassy, playing video games and binge watching Netflix.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Keep in mind that they wouldn’t have any problem ignoring and suppressing this if that’s what they wanted to do. They wouldn’t talk about it unless they wanted to talk about it.

  2. Steve johansen

    Long time listener – first time poster – veteran of operation deliberate force – you are so on track lol – love your writing, keep up the truth

  3. Mike_C

    It’s totally possible that the idiot spokescreatures for this idiot administration don’t know the difference between SOF and SF and said “SF” when they meant “SOF”. In fact, that’s probably the case. But whether green beanies are in the embassy? Haven’t a clue.

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