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It Has Always Been Indoctrination

It’s just more obvious now…


  1. anonymous

    Well, if we are going to get the Greater Depression, and if the dollar loses all its values in hyper-inflation, and if we do get economic catastrophe, famine, civil disorder, etc., it may all just contain the solution to America’s problem.

    If America becomes unlivable, then the vast majority of immigrants will either go back to where they came from, or immigrate again.

    The parasites who infest gov’t bureaucracies, universities, corporate boardrooms, and all other organizations that provide no concrete benefits will have to become providers and producers, otherwise they will starve or become prey.

    The lower classes who live on welfare will have to work, or prey upon each other. The upper classes (corporations) who live on welfare will go bankrupt.

    The variety of deviants, sexual or social, will be too busy trying to survive to engage in their deviancy.

    Traditional values will once again prove exactly why they are valuable – because they help communities to survive and thrive. Hard work, thriftiness, self-control, monogamy, courage, sacrifice, foresight, prudence, piety, customs and manners, self-respect and shame, will all be necessary both for survival and to restart communities.

    The crap we’re seeing today will be swept away as it was in the Deluge.

    • Mike in Canada

      And this is where we have now got to…. the easy, inexpensive, non-violent solutions have now all been overtaken by time or other events. We are now left with the rest of the list, and this is a grim place to be.

      So mote it be. If that’s what it will take, bring it on and let’s get to work.

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