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Dadeville Disappearance

Despite four dead and 32 injured, the highest number this year so far (injured doesn’t necessarily mean shot), the Dadeville, Alabama mass shooting seems to be quickly fading from the news. Nothing on the front page of CNN for “Dadeville” or “Alabama”. I wonder why…

ALEA said special agents with the State Bureau of Investigation arrested Wilson LaMar Hill Jr., 20, of Auburn around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. His arrest follows those of Ty Reik McCullough, 17, and Travis McCullough, 16, both of Tuskegee.

Each suspect is currently charged with four counts of reckless murder.

The McCullough’s are brothers from Tuskegee, Alabama apparently which is about 45 minutes from Dadeville. I guess they couldn’t find anyone local to shoot. All three boys look like lovely people.

Fire up the memory hole boys!


  1. saoirse

    If only there was a way to reverse the dead vs. injured numbers in these chimp outs…….and multiply them by ten thousand!

  2. Moe Gibbs

    I hope you young men know this will go on your PERMANENT RECORD, and may impact your future employment opportunities.

    There. That’ll turn ’em around.

    Have to say, ‘reckless murder’ is a new one on me. Doesn’t that seem to imply, conversely, that there is also ‘non-reckless’ i.e. ‘responsible’ or ‘circumspect’ murder? Or are we trying to say that this was just some frivolous fun nonsense, and tha boys didn’t really mean it?

    • Anonymous White Male

      They were all aspiring rappers turning their lives around and were just filming a rap video. The killings were accidental. Just like Alec Baldwin.

  3. Jon

    Place in order of which stays on the front page longest:
    4 dead and 32 injured blacks by black shooters
    4 dead and 32 injured blacks by white shooters
    4 dead and 32 injured whites by black shooters
    4 dead and 32 injured whites by whites shooters
    Defend your reasoning.

  4. Lunastargazer

    Dadeville is a dark town. You wouldn’t find me there. The fact they were out of towers doesn’t surprise me. I follow my local arrested report in my county. I’m seeing more and more out of town blacks getting busted for drugs. My area must be prime pickings and its a very white area. I’ve been here many years. Time to move.

    I’ve kept my new locale secret. No friends or family know the location. Thats the good thing of online billing. You could be anywhere. I’m using the secrets of JJ Lunas book, How to Disappear. All legal avenues at your disposal. This book is a must purchase.

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