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Chaos, Mayhem And Argy Bargy

When they aren’t killing each other, they are tearing cities apart. From Hey Jackass! regarding the mayhem in Chicago, you have to watch it on Youtube…

Malice and delight in destruction. Par for the course. The new mayor-elect of Chicongo, Brandon Johnson, wasted no time in blaming the violence on….White people for not providing “space” for the yoofs.

“In no way do I condone the destructive activity we saw in the Loop and lakefront this weekend. It is unacceptable and has no place in our city. However, it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities,” Johnson, a progressive who defeated moderate Democrat Paul Vallas earlier this month, said in a statement on Sunday.

“Our city must work together to create spaces for youth to gather safely and responsibly, under adult guidance and supervision, to ensure that every part of our city remains welcome for both residents and visitors.”

When he says “our city”, he means “White taxpayers”. It is odd that non-black yoofs who are “starved of opportunities” don’t turn to attacking tourists and smashing up cars. When I was a yoof we had zero to do in the boundaries of our very spacious school district and yet I don’t remember us rioting in the streets. I guess that is because of our “White privilege” or something.

Meanwhile in Missouri

Guess who? They blur out the yoofs but they are all pretty clearly black in this video.

Then in Compton, California.

Wild video shows large mob ransacking Arco gas station in Compton, residents express fear

As I have mentioned before, the once all black enclave of Compton is now mostly (over 70%) mestizo and only around a quarter black (less than 1% White). The people looting this store looked to be overwhelmingly mestizo, with a handful of blacks or darker skinned mestizos thrown in. What was really troubling….

Though Compton station deputies had been responding to various incidents through the night, LASD said they are “currently limited with their staffed personnel” and “couldn’t intervene with the giant takeover groups for safety concerns” and because they were “outnumbered.”

Yoofs are figuring out that if they show up in sufficient numbers, the cops will stand down and who could blame them? Do you want to tangle with a few dozen out of control black 17 year old kids who are adult sized and violent, outnumbered 20-1 or more? There is no upside and lots of downside, like being videoed smacking a black kid at best or getting beaten to death by “unruly juveniles”.

In Baltimore….

Baltimore Mayor Calls For Citywide Curfew After All Hell Breaks Out

The videos embedded at the link are the same you see all over, rampaging 13%er youths, screaming and capering around.

The country is ripping apart at the seams, encouraged and abetted by our Enemy we invited and welcomed in. The media can try to distract us with faggots dressed as women drinking shitty beer but people are seeing this and waking up. It’s too late to stop but it isn’t too late to get your shit in order, prepare to survive and to exact vengeance on Them.


  1. Steve S6

    “Our city must work together to create spaces for youth to gather…”
    Africa. It’s called Africa. Let’s go Brandon.

  2. Anonymous

    What’s in a name?

    There seems to be an epidemic of ‘Brandons’ lately, no? The newly elected mayor of Chicago, the clueless mayor of Baltimore, and, of course, the demented moron-in-chief soiling himself and the country at large from the former residence of duly-elected American presidents. It has become de rigueur to refer to petty, self-important, hectoring White women as ‘Karens’, of course, and it would seem that the name ‘Brandon’ has sprouted organically to refer to incompetent, clueless men in positions of power where they have no earthly reason to be.

    It is kind of an odd, White-sounding name for a homeboy from da skreets, though, so I have to wonder if those pols applied a little “lightener” to their actual names for the sake of political expediency. Maybe “Vote Shit’avious, muthafucka” came across as a less than effective campaign slogan.

  3. mike

    The dindu flashmobs are starting to approach critical mass, and without the element of any unfortunate police killings. It is almost like the “fighting season” starts with Spring Break and runs all the way to Autumn. There is increasing evidence that many of these youth rampages and attacks are racially motivated despite the best efforts of the media to hide that angle. A white Karen* was pulled off of her doorstep and had some race reality beaten into her thick head in that Chicago rampage. Lots of that sort of thing in evidence here on the rebel interwebs if not anywhere else.

    * I assume any white woman stupid enough to be living in Chicago among millions of dindu berserkers is a liberal and all that that implies.

    • mike

      Turns out the reality is even stranger. White woman was a youngin in her 20’s dating a dindu and they were in town at an air BNB on a pleasure trip. Mob clearly attacked and robbed them both due to her being white. Some passerby black women tried to rescue them by standing in front of a police car and pointing to the mugging. Cops drove around her and left. She assisted them in getting medical help and new shoes since those were stolen. At the police station, the cops took the crime report and mentioned that this would be a regular occurrence with the new progressive mayor and all. The black rescue woman said she was floored by this.

      Lessons? Sure there are;

      -Don’t date dindu’s
      -Stay out of the cities
      -The cops are cowards and will not help
      – Some blacks are decent seemingly normal people, yet they still harbor the Leftist philosophy and so no obvious cause and effect to their beliefs and actions.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Private armed security should be a big growth business in the USA for some time to come. Now that the police have been effectively discouraged from enforcing the law, and now that we have an environment in which nobody in their right mind wuold want to be a cop, that’s the next way of dealing with this.

    Today I was down at my local Wal Mart and saw a security guard cruising the lot. I am positive it’s the first time I’ve seen that in this town, at that Wal Mart. Maybe at any Wal Mart but I couldn’t swear to it. But I am sure it’s the first time I’ve seen it at this one.

    It won’t do a lot of good overall. South Africa also saw a big rise in private armed security subsequent to the end of apartheid. But it does help keep a lid on things in the places in which it is employed.

  5. LGC

    So the police withdrew EVEN THOUGH IT’S THEIR JOB and the PTB want me to give up my guns and self defense?

    Huh, I”m sure they only have the best in mind for me.

    This is going to end (or begin) in a pretty massive popoff when someone gets tired of taking it.

  6. saoirse

    What’s the fuss about? Let the shit destroy their shitholes and maim/murder as many shitlib/normie whites as necessary to bring them all down. As they used to say: Burn baby burn!
    White porkers have to decide whether that OT and fat pension are really worth it. The power elite that they so eagerly protected are now sacrificing the cops along with the citizenry that they harassed and beat on. So much for loyalty eh traitors?

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