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Big Night For 13%er Bidness

The weather is getting warmer and these mass shooting stories are going to get a lot more common.

The Dadeville, Alabama mass shooting is a big one if the initial reports are accurate with upwards of 20 people shot. Dadeville is a little town in Alabama and has a significant population of sideways Glock shooters…

The shooting occured during a “Sweet 16” birthday party and came after an “altercation”, the party being held at the Mahogany Masterpiece dance studio. I checked out their Facebook page and most of the photos of dance students looked like you would expect.

These two shootings were part of at least 9 mass shootings last night, as defined by the leftist Gun Violence Archive.

The GVA doesn’t report demographic information about these shootings, you can guess why. There is no mention of race at all.

Meanwhile Hey Jackass! is reporting that Chicongo is having a big week.

80 people shot, 19 of those killed, just this week. That is more than 11 people on average shot per day and more than two murdered every day.

Warming weather plus emboldened 13%ers equals lots of mass shootings.

Stay out of cities.


  1. MN Steel

    The only outliers here are the Waianae Hawaii shootout (in the Army we were told to stay away from there 20 years ago because the poi-eaters don’t like haoulies) and in Cyrus Minnesota, a town of under 300 amd average household income of $40k.

    Anyone else notice the tension keeps getting ratcheted up? Anyone else get wind and 3 inches of snow last night?

  2. Xzebek

    When zoo keepers aren’t allowed to keep the chimps under control, the chimps will run wild. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.
    Don’t rely on the cops or the courts. And if you have to defend yourself, don’t stay around to report it and “cooperate”. In this day and age, that doesn’t work.

  3. Anonymous

    How would you like to be that lone, chubby White ‘spergette on the edge of the strongly diverse group of prim muh d’onnas at the dance studio? I can just imagine how she is received at a Mahogany Masterpiece recital, glowing like a blindingly white beacon with a ‘kick me’ sign pinned to the backside of her overstuffed tutu. What sort of crazed liberal loon “parent” would subject her clearly special needs White daughter to such an environment? Shit like this makes me realize that we are not all going to make it through the days to come.

  4. Locustpost

    At some point one would think this level of black violence—80 people shot in a week in Chicago plus other violence—would break through to the average citizen. But it doesn’t. And if you say anything contrary to white men being mass shooters trope you get darting eyes from some and yelled at by others. In the meantime advertising and media is a constant drip of images supposed promoting and celebrating blackness.

  5. Yankee Terrier

    The powers that be will use the body count to keep doubling down on wrong, which suits their purpose anyway.Using numbers like that to take firearms away from the people who didn’t do it.The 13 percent is very valuable to that purpose.

  6. saoirse

    Sheeit! I just loves me some of dat black cultural enrich-ment!
    Optimistically their homicide rate increases exponentially so as to nullify their high niglet birth rate.

  7. Gryphon

    “Law Enforcement” now so obviously exists only to “Serve and Protect” the political class, the (((tribe))) (and their god-money) and their Pe(s)ts. Once things get too Chaotic, and the Po-Lice can no longer (or are Ordered to) keep the feral Apes in their ‘hoods, the Two-Way Range will not be safe for those that hold a Glock sideways….

  8. Danny

    Something tells me they will pin this on a white man or men. And then the cities will start burning. I honestly hope I’m wrong.

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