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A Nation Of Khadree Renfros

A new video from American Renaissance, looking at a career criminal named Khadree Renfro who recently went on a random violent crime spree, apparently attacking White men. Since Khadree is black and his victims are White, you can rightly assume this story got very little national media attention but if a White worker at McDonalds didn’t give a black landwhale enough ketchup packets, it would be wall to wall coverage.

We live in a nation full of black men like Khadree Renfro who live for violence and often intentionally target that violence toward Whites. It is one of the most significant news stories in our contemporary society and yet it gets virtually no coverage, while “law enforcement” seeks out mentally unhinged Whites to incite into committing “crimes” to reinforce the narrative of the danger of White supremacy. That is just how it goes living in an occupied country ruled by a hostile, alien elite.


  1. Xzebek

    They are incompatible with American culture. Any civilized culture actually. In general, they provide very little that is positive other than in certain athletic endeavors. And that benefit is far outweighed by the downside.
    I don’t see a viable answer to this in the short term. But with each passing day the niggerization of our culture continues. This benefits the PTB.

  2. Olguy

    The Simians have been givin a free pass by DemoKraut and RINO Politicians.
    The bery one “voted” for.

    13% crowd needs thinning.

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