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We Hate Whitey! Also We Have The Right To Unrestricted Access To Whitey!

It is hard to not see just how much blacks despise and resent White people (See: Weaponizing The 13%). However the flip side of that hatred, jealousy and resentment is that deep down, at least among the more intelligent segments of that demographic group, there is also an understanding that blacks are entirely reliant on Whites. It is an unspoken article of faith that despite hating Whitey, blacks also believe they have a sacred right to access to Whites.

You see this in the whole “White flight/gentrification” thing. When blacks began moving into mostly ethnic White enclaves in cities, bringing with them as they always do all manner of social ills, and Whites started moving to the suburbs, it was decried as “White flight” and evidence of White “racism”. When Whites moved back into some of these dilapidated neighborhoods, revitalizing the area and making it safer and more pleasant to live or visit? Well that was “gentrification” and also “racism”. Just deciding that you prefer to not live adjacent to people that hate you, around half unsure if your very existence is tolerable at all, gets you the Dilbert treatment.

Since blacks resent and hate Whites, you would think that black nationalism would be a bigger movement among them but that is not the case. I wrote about this back in 2019: Why Isn’t black Nationalism More Widespread?. My two reasons why blacks don’t seek their own nation state of New Wakanda (artwork by your humble proprietor and purveyor of spicy thought crimes)…

Sorry Doctor Samizdat, you have to move.

First, because they know they need us and second because of their bloodlust and desire to enact vengeance on people that generally have never harmed them other by simply existing.

First, most black American understand at an instinctive level that they need White people around. You don’t have to be an economist or expert at international relations like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to look at Africa, compare it to Europe and America and draw some conclusions like living in Africa minus the infrastructure tenuously held together and built by Whites would mean a return to subsistence level living. No internet, no cars or mass transportation, no roads, no water treatment, no semi-reliable electricity. White taxpayers subsidize black schools in America and White established and run companies provide blacks with employment. We built and sustain the infrastructure and pay for the very police protection that blacks decry but that keeps their neighborhoods from completely collapsing into violent anarchy. Deep down in places they don’t like to admit, most blacks understand that they need White people to form and sustain their communities because they don’t want to end up like Africa, Haiti or Detroit.

The second reason is one I find more ominous. Behind the reluctance to separate physically and politically is a sense of vengeance. This one is less open but just as real.

Most black Americans have been pounded with messages of anger, resentment and revenge for their entire life. This is especially true for younger, more intellectually inclined blacks. They read the same circle of writers that all invoke racism, slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynching, in an endless mantra. They mostly seem to really believe that White people who have never owned slaves, never discriminated against a black person and barely have any contact with blacks are still guilty of tangible harm toward the entire black community and that they deserve punishment, that “justice” demands an open-ended, relentless punishment for the past “sins” of Whites. Movies like Django Unchained and Twelve Years A Slave are pushed to constantly stir up anger toward Whites with over the top depictions of violence and in the case of Django violent revenge porn.

The second reason appeals more to the average 13%er but the first, the idea of being physically and politically separated from Whites, terrifies the black intellectual class.

That blacks have a sacred right of access to Whites and Whites have a blood-guilt obligation to allow that access is going to be an ongoing theme in the near future. Doctor Samizdat sent this news story to me:

Bill to give Jackson neighborhood ability to come off city water clears House

The city of Jackson, Mississippi’s woes in their water system run by Wakandan engineers is well known (see: Welcome To Johannesburg, Mississippi) and this bill will allow a small part of Jackson to come off of city water and back to existing wells. It is a little step but it signals that some neighborhoods in urban areas are trying to get away from the worst excesses of the generally mismanaged American city.

On a larger scale, I have written before about the swanky, mostly White Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead (Coming Apart Piece By Piece). It is the high dollar district but it is also part of the city of Atlanta and they want out.

Hotlanta is around 1/3 White and still nearly half black although the city was under 50% black in 2020 coming down from a high point of 67% black in 1990. Like most urban areas in America, Atlanta is suffering from violent crime, crappy schools and all manner of social ills. Buckhead dumps a huge amount of taxes into the city coffers and gets little in return. While Buckhead has a population of only around 100,000 people in a city with around half a million residents (or about 20% of the total), Buckhead pays a ton in taxes (from the above article, emphasis mine)

A split could be devastating for Atlanta financially. Buckhead isn’t small—it stretches over 24 square miles—and the proposed new city would take with it nearly 90,000 residents, about one-fifth of Atlanta’s current population. Atlanta would lose an estimated 38% of its tax revenue if Buckhead leaves, according to the Buckhead Community Improvement District. …..The BCC says it won’t harm Atlanta and will divert taxes only for police, roads, and parks. But its own math shows the neighborhood accounts for nearly 40% of property tax revenue generated for Atlanta. 

As is the case around the country, the White population of Buckhead subsidizes the rest of Atlanta. Atlanta gets the wealth of Buckhead and Buckhead gets the crime of Atlanta. What a bargain! Just ask 77 year old Eleanor Bowles of Buckhead, a White woman who apparently interrupted a car theft in process by Atlanta resident Antonio Brown, and was stabbed to death (see: The ‘Burbs Aren’t Far Enough). Antonio Brown has been indicted for her murder, one of 170 murders in Atlanta last year, and it seems that Mr. Brown has quite the criminal history:

Related to the Bowles murder case, the Journal tracked Brown’s criminal record in Fulton County back to at least March 2019, when he was arrested on a shoplifting charge. Court and jail records show he was arrested again in January 2020 for allegedly carrying a concealed weapon, giving a false name and not having prescription drugs in an original container.

The newspaper found Brown was credited for serving 45 days in jail, ordered to complete 30 community service hours and was sentenced to 12 months on probation in February 2020. By August of that year, he was arrested again on charges of simple assault and aggravated assault. However, the aggravated assault charge was later dismissed, and he was again credited for time served for the lesser count. After serving more than a year behind bars, he was released on Sept. 2, 2021. Brown was charged with disorderly conduct on June 6, 2022.

This guy has been breaking the law since he could crawl and it was only a matter of time before he killed someone. A Buckhead resident lays it out for us:

Kelly Rodts, a Buckhead City supporter, told the committee last week that “Atlanta taxes us to the nines” but that city police have failed to stop both petty and violent crime.

“This violence has reached a tipping point, and that is why we are all here today,” Rodts said. “Buckhead is a target. We’re a target for criminals in the city, and Atlanta has not been able to protect us.”

Buckhead is a target because the residents are White and wealthy, attracting Atlanta criminals who are apparently let out of jail via a revolving door to commit more crimes. The people of Buckhead have had it and want to go their own way. No surprise, it won’t happen, at least not this year.

While the Fox News headline blames Democrats, the very first line of the story reads:

Ten Republican state lawmakers in Georgia joined with Democrat senators to sink a proposal to let an affluent, conservative neighborhood secede from Atlanta on Thursday.

“If we jerk the heart out of the city of Atlanta, which is Buckhead, I know our capital city will die,” said Sen. Frank Ginn, a Danielsville Republican who chairs the committee that sent the bill to the full Senate.

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp was a leading voice against the people of Buckhead being allowed to break away from Atlanta, deciding that Buckhead must remain shackled to the dying corpse of Atlanta. Kemp realizes that White conservative voters have little choice but to vote for him again, unless they want land-whale Stacey Abrams as governor, so he figures it is OK to screw the White people in Buckhead if it helps to keep the lid on violent crime in Atlanta.

While arguments about formal “reparations” continue, the fact is that blacks have been getting “reparations” from Whites for a century as we subsidize blacks while providing for them a society that would be impossible for them to create or sustain on their own. If anyone should be getting reparations, it is White people for all of the wealth we have pissed away over the last 100 years trying to integrate blacks into civil society. That policy proposal is unlikely to gain much traction.

Instead we are left with the weird schizophrenic nightmare that is modern America where our most neurotic, pampered and generally unpleasant demographic group are exalted and reminded daily that they are supposed to hate White people while at the same time quietly harboring intense resentment at their dependency on the largess of those same Whites. Little wonder they seem so angry and confused all the time.

The bad news for blacks? The supply of Whites to hold things together is shrinking and the people that are replacing us, from Asians to mestizos to Middle Easterners, even their own long lost African brethren, generally speaking can’t stand American blacks. When we are no longer numerous enough to subsidize blacks, who will? That is the question that ought to keep black “leaders” awake at night.


  1. Travis

    “Kemp realizes that White conservative voters have little choice but to vote for him again, unless they want land-whale Stacey Abrams as governor, so he figures it is OK to screw the White people in Buckhead if it helps to keep the lid on violent crime in Atlanta. ”

    Kemp is term limited out at two consecutive terms, there must be a four year term for someone else (hopefully not The Tank) before he can run again for governor.

    Atlanta is a shithole and will collapse if Buckhead goes and I think that’s why he opposed Buckhead leaving.

  2. 3g4me

    Obviously I would prefer all non-Whites cleansed from north America proper. However, even if there were to be a ‘Wakanda’ with rigorously policed borders, its boundaries would need to be different than those in your artwork. The counties in the northernmost quadrant of Arkansas are generally over 90% White. If one excludes the far northwest, where the despised Walmart along with Fayetteville has seeded a burgeoning pajeet breeding ground (and further east the town of Eureka a homo one), the rest of the Ozarks are populated by a very different people than the southern half of the state. Mountain people – genuine locals with roots going back centuries – are generally based, as well as thrifty, resourceful, and highly independent.

  3. saoirse

    LOL, gotta love it! Wealthy cucks and normies still desperately trying to hang on to their manicured fiefdoms by voting their way into a Yank version of Orania.
    Newsflash for Rex and Muffy: You’re choosing to stay on an island, who’s shores are rapidly eroding, surrounded by a sea of raw sewage and a tidal wave is coming in. I’d prefer you get swamped.

    The most potent weapon remaining for Whites disabled from a century of predatory capitalism, christ-insanity/liberalism and social Marxism is voluntary segregation, on all fronts – a complete and militant divorce from the system……… and no Rex/Muff, if your last minute epiphany grants you freedom, you don’t get to run things in the new white nation just because your snotty demeanor decrees it!

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    Kemp winning with over 53% of the vote while neither Trump nor any of the R senatorial candidates could break 50 is one of those things that still doesn’t pass the smell test

    • Anon

      I’ve heard that SoS Brad Raffensberger is deeply unpopular, yet he ‘won’ with 52% of the vote. When I heard he won, my immediate thought was “Oh (“crap”)!! I bet they make him the next governor of Georgia!”
      Even Trump was stunned, I guess he thinks HE’S the only one they’ll cheat out of an election, how special.
      As long as there is electronic voting, it’s rigged.

  5. Anonymous White Male

    The Supreme Court has ruled that the right of association is logically included in the First Amendment. However, the left and right has opposed the right of disassociation when it pertains to Whites leaving the system. And the right of disassociation is more important, or at least as important. “Hey, Jack! Who’s going to pay me my 10%? Sure can’t be the jigaboos!”

  6. Xzebek

    I wish that there was a modern day Marcus Garvey who could get a back to Africa movement rolling. Maybe after black panther, the chimps might think the could get a wakanda going. I’d be happy to contribute, as long as it’s a permanent one way trip.
    The problem is that wherever we have substantial numbers of chimps that location will channel Haiti and the effect of the Haiti area will effect non chimp areas around it. Exactly what Arthur addresses about Buckhead.
    The other problem is the white guilt/white savior complex. I find both disgusting and self destructive. They are the biggest impediment to addressing the chimp issue in a way that will actually benefit European descended Americans.

  7. AZFloyd

    I grew up in Springdale, Arkansas. It went from 95%+ white to 1/3 mestizo. There are now shopping centers that look more like Nogales, Mexico than White America. The spics didnt assimilate, they brought Mexico with them. All because Americans think they are entitled to cheap chicken even if it is at the expense of the White man. May the Tysons and Waltons (Wal-Mart) burn in hell.

    Also, the Feds moved a large portion on inhabitants of the Marshall Islands to Rogers and Springdale. These are a literally retarded people unwilling to assimilate and who wear sandals when it 20 degrees out side. The Marshaleae aways seemed to have new, crisp $100.00 bills win they would come in to Kum & Go. Wonder where they got them.

    Eureka Springs is a faggot town.

    The hillbillies of Ozark Mountains like Harrison and such are based.

    Growing up, I attended Assembly of God, First Baptist, and Methodist Churches. These congregations are unrecognizable as they enable faggotry and the indefatigable alacrity with which they fellate The Tribe That Shall Not Be Named.

    One of the most idolatrous churches I have ever seen is in Rogers It has this huge stainless steel sculpture of the Three Crosses. When I saw it, I wondered how many poor Arkansasans could have been fed or housed from that idolatry.

    “– a complete and militant divorce from the system……… ”

    Amen. IMHO they should take every nigger and parachute them out of the back of C-5 Galaxy into Liberia.

  8. AZFloyd

    An anecdote combining the theme of access to Whites AND Northwest Arkansas.

    So, I was working as a night stocker at Wal-Mart Supercenter #1 in Rogers. I met a Mestizo (former) gangbanger from Los Angeles.

    So I asked him, “LA has concerts, museums, a night life. Why would you move to in the middle of no where, boring as fuck Rogers, Arkansas?”

    “exactly,” he responded, nodding his head.

    “what?,” I asked.

    He said, “It is peaceful here. It is peaceful and quiet and I no longer get anxiety when a car pulls down my street worrying about a drive-by.”

    Take that for whatever it might be worth.

  9. Anon

    Having been abandoned to predation by the government & the law enforcement, one wonders if/when the folks in Buckhead will either move elsewhere en masse or ‘go there’ & conclude they’ll have to take care of the problem themselves.
    “Thou Shalt Not Take The Law Unto Thine Own Hands! It Is Forbidden!”
    Seems to be the only option left. Be smart, Buckhead: no witnesses, no trace evidence, people disappear all the time.
    “If someone ever tries to kill you , you try to kill them right back.” Malcom Reynolds, Firefly

  10. ontoiran

    doesn’t everyone know by now that they’re on their own? no one has any duty or obligation to protect you no matter how much you pay in taxes. just ask scotus; they’ll back me up on this. that cracks me up; “but i’m a taxpayer” like that makes you special. the only thing that gets you is no jail time for not paying the danegeld. my advice is to A B C

  11. Bob

    I ain’t moving again, I just got out of SC because of the carpetbaggers stinking up the place. Move the undesirables to the north starting in Georgia & work the way up the east coast.

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